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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide www.sprint.com ©2011 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Page 2

    Consejo: Para encontrar una guía para usuarios en español, por favor visita a www.sprint.com y haz clic en Support > Devices To find a User Guide in Spanish, please visit www.sprint.com and click Support > Devices – Sprint’s policies often do not Important Privacy Message apply to third-party applications.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Navigating Through the Onscreen Menus ..18 Home Screen Overview ....21 Your Device’s Screen Modes ....27 Tip: Looking for something? If you don’t see it in the headings Making and Answering Calls .

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    2C. Call Log ......68 Searching the Global Address List ... 77 2E.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    2I. Bluetooth ......104 Removing an Account ....141 Using Google Talk .

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Using Your Device With a Hearing Device . . . 170 Caring for the Battery ..... 172 Radio Frequency (RF) Energy ....172 Owner’s Record .

  • Page 7

    Introduction Your Device’s Menu ® This introduces you to Sprint service and The following table outlines your device’s main menu User Guide all the features of your new device. It’s divided into four structure. For more information about using your sections: device’s menus, see “Navigating Through the Onscreen Menus”...

  • Page 8: Manage Apps

    Notifications 1: Shortcuts Settings 1: Applications 2: Bookmark 1: Wireless & networks 3: Contact 4: Direct dial 5: Direct message 6: Directions & Navigation 1: Airplane mode (On/Off) 7: Latitude 8: Music playlist 2: Wi-Fi (On/Off) 9: Settings 10: Tablet Mode Extension 2: Widgets 3: Wi-Fi settings 1: Wi-Fi (On/Off)

  • Page 9

    2: Call settings 6: Audible touch tones (On/Off) 7: Audible selection (On/Off) 1: Voicemail service 8: Screen lock sounds (On/Off) 2: Voicemail settings 9: Haptic feedback (On/Off) 3: North American dialing (On/Off) 10: Hearing Aid (On/Off) 4: International dialing 4: Display 5: TTY mode 1: Brightness 1: TTY Off...

  • Page 10

    7: Install from SD card 8: Accounts & sync 8: Set password 1: Background data (On/Off) 9: Clear storage 2: Auto-sync (On/Off) 6: PC connection 9: Privacy 1: Default connection type 1: Back up my data (On/Off) 1: Charging only 2: Mass Storage 2: Automatic restore (On/Off) 3: Tethered mode...

  • Page 11

    2: User dictionary 2: Text-to-speech settings 3: Swype (settings) 1: Listen to an example 2: Always use my settings (On/Off) 3: Default Engine 4: Install voice data 1: Language 2: Audio feedback (On/Off) 5: Speech rate 6: Language 3: Vibrate on keypress (On/Off) 4: Enable tip indicator (On/Off) 7: Pico TTS 5: Word suggestion 6: Auto-spacing (On/Off)

  • Page 12

    1: Check Now 2: Scheduled Check (On/Off) 9: MEID 10: Service state 11: Roaming 12: Mobile network state 2: Update Kyocera software 13: SID 14: Wi-Fi MAC address 15: Bluetooth address 16: Up time 3: Update Profile 2: Battery use...

  • Page 13: Section 1: Getting Started

    Section 1 Getting Started...

  • Page 14: A. Setting Up Service, Setting Up Your Device

    Insert the top end of the battery into the opening on 1A. Setting Up Service the back of the device, making sure the connectors align. Gently press down to secure the Setting Up Your Device (page 2) battery. Activating Your Device (page 3) Position the back cover over the battery compartment, Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 4)

  • Page 15: Activating Your Device

    If your device is not yet activated, see the Activating Your Device following section “Activating Your Device” for more information. If you purchased your device at a Sprint Store , it is probably activated and ready to use. Make your first call. If you received your device in the mail, and it is for a new Press to access the Home screen and...

  • Page 16: Setting Up Your Voicemail

    Setting Up Your Voicemail Note: Your device will need to complete one hands-free activation attempt before you can continue. Your device automatically transfers all unanswered calls to override auto-activation and start Activate to your voicemail, even if your device is in use or turned the manual activation wizard.

  • Page 17: Sprint Account Passwords, Getting Help

    Sprint Account Passwords Data Services Password With your Sprint device, you may elect to set up an As a Sprint customer, you enjoy unlimited access to optional data services password to control access and your personal account information, your voicemail authorize Premium Service purchases.

  • Page 18: Sprint 411

    From Your Sprint Phone There is a per-call charge to use Sprint 411, and you will be billed for airtime. to check minute usage and account balance. to make a payment. Sprint Operator Services to access the Sprint Zone, Sprint Operator Services provides assistance when you where you can check your account, update your place collect calls or when you place calls billed to a device, watch video tutorials, or contact Sprint...

  • Page 19: Section 2: Your Device

    Section 2 Your Device...

  • Page 20: A. Device Basics, Your Device

    , and then tap Settings > System Update > Update Android Your Device (page 8) , or Update Kyocera software Update Profile Update PRL to search for and download available updates. Viewing the Display Screen (page 10) Turning Your Device On and Off (page 12)

  • Page 21: Key Functions

    (upper and lower) display all the Display Screens 15. Camera Lens information needed to operate your device. Use 16. Camera Flash finger gestures to navigate and interact with items 10. Headset Jack on the screen. 17. Speaker 11. microSD Card Slot ) return you to the Home screen.

  • Page 22: Viewing The Display Screen

    ) lets you turn the device on or Viewing the Display Screen Power Button off, or turn the screen backlight on or off. This button can be configured to end a call. ( See “Ending Calls Your device’s display screen provides information Using the Power Button”...

  • Page 23

    Status Bar Icons Status Bar Icons A chat is in progress. TTY mode is enabled. You have new voicemail messages. The total The battery is completely discharged. number of unread messages will appear above the icon. The battery is fully charged. (The less blue You have new Text/Multimedia messages.

  • Page 24: Turning Your Device On And Off

    Turning Your Device On and Off Turning Screen Lock On or Off To save your battery or prevent accidental touches, Turning Your Device On your device automatically turns off the display screen and lock the screen after the time specified for the Press and hold for approximately two screen timeout.

  • Page 25: Battery And Charger

    Sprint-approved or Kyocera-approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores or through Removing the Battery Kyocera; or call 1-866-866-7509 to order. They are also available at www.sprint.com Make sure the device is off so that you do not lose any stored numbers or messages.

  • Page 26

    See “Using the External Battery information you were just working on. Charger” below. Always use a Sprint-approved or Kyocera-approved battery charger, desktop charger, travel charger, or Using the External Battery Charger vehicle power adapter to charge your battery.

  • Page 27

    To charge the battery in the external charger: To use the battery charger as an external battery: Slide the switch on the charger to the DC OUT 5V Slide the switch on the charger to the DC IN 5V position. (The charge lamp turns green.) position.

  • Page 28: Extending Your Battery Life

    When you have finished charging, slide the switch Reduce your backlight on time. See “Changing the on the charger to the position to conserve Backlight Time Length” on page 52. DC IN 5V energy. Turn Bluetooth off when not in use. See “Turning Bluetooth On and Off”...

  • Page 29: Opening And Closing The Device

    Opening and Closing the Device To make a flat display screen: As you slide the device open, slide the upper Your device features dual touchscreens and allows you (right) display right until it lies flat. to work on two displays at the same time. The lower Close the gap between the two displays by display is located beneath the upper display and is pushing inward until you hear a click.

  • Page 30: Navigating Through The Onscreen Menus

    Navigating Through the Onscreen Drag Menus Tap and hold your finger before you start to move it. Do not release your finger until you have reached the There are different ways to navigate around the target position. device’s Home screen, menus, and application screens by using your finger.

  • Page 31: Rotate The Screen

    Pinch and Spread Rotate the Screen “Pinch” the screen using your thumb and forefinger to Your device is capable of automatically changing the zoom out or “spread” the screen to zoom in when orientation of some onscreen content. With this feature, viewing a picture or a Web page.

  • Page 32: Selecting Menu Items

    Selecting Menu Items Context Menus As you navigate through the menu, you activate menu Context menus (sometimes called “pop-up” menus) options by tapping the onscreen item. Select any contain tools that apply to a specific item on the option by tapping it. screen.

  • Page 33: Home Screen Overview

    Home Screen Overview : Allows users to enter text or Google Search Bar spoken keywords for a quick search on the device or on the Internet. The Home screen is the starting point for all the : Displays shortcut icons, features on your device.

  • Page 34: Using The Function Keys

    To display the extended screens: Using the Function Keys Flick your finger left or right across the Home Your device has three main keys on both the upper screen. and lower display screens and these can be used on The small dots you see on the lower left and right any screen for added convenience and usability: corner of the screen indicate the number of Home Key...

  • Page 35

    ) lets you change the current screen’s Search Wallpaper wallpaper image. Suitable images can be obtained You can launch a Google search directly from the from your picture gallery, live wallpapers, or preset Home screen. wallpapers. See “Changing the Wallpaper” on page From the Home screen, tap the Google search box or press to display the...

  • Page 36: Customizing Your Home Screen

    Enter the information you want to search. The determines whether you also Search history ● Voice Search icon changes into and, as you wish to include personalized search history type, matching information is displayed on the results in the list of matches. screen.

  • Page 37

    Music playlist, Settings, or Tablet Mode Extension. Removing an Item From the Home Screen (Most of these options will expand to allow you to Tap and hold the item you want to remove until it choose specific items.) vibrates. (The item becomes movable and the : Select to add a widget (a mini-version of Widgets applications tab changes to a trash can...

  • Page 38: Applications Launcher

    Creating a Folder Renaming a Folder You can create folders on the Home screen to hold Tap a folder to open it. application icons or shortcuts. Tap and hold the folder’s title bar to open the From the Home screen, press Rename folder window.

  • Page 39: Your Device's Screen Modes

    Your Device’s Screen Modes Switching Screen Modes With Simul-Task™ mode, you can run two different You can use your device’s screens in any of four applications at the same time, one in each display different modes: screen. Simul-Task works with many of your most commonly used applications: Browser, Contacts, Email, —...

  • Page 40

    To launch Simul-Task applications: To switch applications on the upper and lower screens: On the Home screen with both screens open, tap Touch both screens at the same time. the Launcher icon Tap the Swap icon , which is centered between Tap a compatible Simul-Task application ( the two screens.

  • Page 41

    To install and launch the utility: Applications Descriptions on your device’s Home screen. The following is a listing of the default applications may be available on the Home/Extended screens, the Follow the instructions to install the utility. Applications screen, or both. After the utility is installed, launch it by tapping again.

  • Page 42

    Application Icons Application Icons Contacts – Displays the Contacts tab listing your Google Search – Searches applications and contacts. contacts on your device, and the Internet using Google Search. – Allows you to open multiple Document Viewer HD Games – Provides access to Gameloft's file formats.

  • Page 43

    Application Icons Application Icons NASCAR – Launches the Web-based NASCAR Sprint Zone – Launches Sprint Zone, which Sprint Cup Mobile application. enables you to manage your account, download new apps, etc. – Launches Google Maps Navigation Navigation – Allows you to use Tablet Mode Extension to get directions.

  • Page 44: Using The Notifications Panel

    Using the Notifications Panel Tip: Compatible Simul-Task applications are indicated by next to the application icon. All these applications can be The Notifications panel indicates new message events run at the same time on separate screens. (data sync status, new messages, calendar events, call status, etc).

  • Page 45: Making And Answering Calls

    Making and Answering Calls To make a call by dialing: Press Home > Making Calls Enter a phone number using the phone keypad. (If you make a mistake while dialing, tap to erase Opening the Phone the numbers.) . (To make a call when you are roaming Press Home >...

  • Page 46: Answering Calls

    : to insert a wait pause. (See “Dialing and Answering a Roam Call With Roaming Guard Add wait Saving Phone Numbers with Pauses” on page 37.) Enabled Roaming Guard is an option that helps you manage your Answering Calls roaming charges when making or receiving calls while Make sure your device is on.

  • Page 47: Missed Call Notification, Calling Emergency Numbers

    Missed Call Notification To exit Emergency mode: to end a 911 call. When you do not answer an incoming call, appears on the status bar. Press , and then tap Menu Exit Emergency mode > To display a Missed Call entry from the Home screen: Enhanced 911 (E911) Information Drag the status bar down to open the Notifications panel.

  • Page 48: Saving A Phone Number

    In-Call Options to route the device’s audio through a Bluetooth connected Bluetooth device. Once you initiate a call, you will see the following WARNING: Because of higher volume levels, do not place onscreen options. Tap an option to select it. the device near your ear during speakerphone to toggle between turning the Mute On/Off...

  • Page 49: Finding A Phone Number

    Enter a phone number, and then press Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers with Menu > Add to contacts Pauses Create new contact or an existing contact. You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for Tap any field to enter the details. use with automated systems, such as voicemail or Enter all the necessary details and tap Done...

  • Page 50: Dialing From The Contacts List, Plus Code Dialing

    Press to save the On the screen, tap the tab. Menu > Add to contacts Phone Favorites number in your Contacts. Scroll through the list and tap Note: When dialing a number with a wait pause, tap If the Favorite has multiple phone numbers registered, the pop-up window.

  • Page 51: Displaying Your Phone Number, Entering Text Using The Onscreen Keyboards

    Displaying Your Phone Number to enter text using the Android Android keyboard keyboard. Press Home > Menu > Settings > Note: Swype is turned on by default on your device. . (Your phone number and About phone > Status Swype Keyboard Overview other information about your device and account will be displayed.) Entering Text Using the Onscreen...

  • Page 52: Entering Text Using Swype

    Entering Text Using Swype You can do the following with the Swype keyboard: : Tap to toggle between the Swype allows you to enter text by sliding your finger Text mode Alphabet keyboard and Number & from letter to letter rather than tapping on the keys. To Symbol keyboard.

  • Page 53: Entering Numbers And Symbols

    Enter text using the keyboard. Shift : Tap to toggle between the uppercase and lowercase text input. If you make a mistake, tap to erase a single To turn on Caps lock, double tap this character. Tap and hold to erase an entire key.

  • Page 54: Android Keyboard Overview

    Entering Text Using the Android Keyboard You can do the following with the Android keyboard: : Tap to toggle between lower Shift When entering text, you can choose to use the Android case, upper case, and Caps lock. keyboard. To switch from the Swype keyboard to Indicates the first letter will be entered in Android keyboard, tap and hold a text entry field, and upper case, but succeeding characters...

  • Page 55: Abc Mode

    Entering Numbers and Symbols Input options : Tap to select input method or Android keyboard settings. In Number & Symbol mode, you can enter only numbers and symbols from the onscreen keyboard. While in this mode, the text mode key displays ABC Mode To enter numbers: In ABC mode, you can enter only letters from the...

  • Page 56: Swype Settings

    Using Landscape Mode : Tap to select Swype language. Language : Tap to turn on sounds from Audio feedback For added convenience, you can switch to landscape Swype. mode by rotating the device 90º to the left Vibrate on keypress : Tap to activate vibration when (counterclockwise).

  • Page 57: Android Keyboard Settings

    Android Keyboard Settings : Tap to select the Voice Input option Voice input from “ ,” “ ,” On main keyboard On symbols keyboard Press Home > Menu > Settings > or “ .” Language & keyboard > Android keyboard Input languages : Tap to select the input languages –...

  • Page 58

    To turn on voice input: Editing Text Press Home > Menu > Settings > You can edit the text you enter in text fields and use Language & keyboard > Android keyboard > menu commands to cut, copy, and paste text, within or Voice input across most applications.

  • Page 59

    Tap the selected text to display the options menu. To copy a URL: . The selected text is then copied Copy To copy a URL, tap and hold the URL to display the to the clipboard. options menu. Tap the text field in the same or other application. Copy link URL Copy page url Place the cursor in the text field where you want to...

  • Page 60: Creating A Google Account

    Creating a Google Account Signing Into Your Google Account Launch the application that requires a Google You will need a Google account to access several account (such as Android Market or Gmail). device features such as Gmail, Google Maps™, Google Next >...

  • Page 61: B. Settings, Sound Settings

    Sound Settings 2B. Settings Ringer Types Ringer types help you identify incoming calls and messages. You can assign ringer types to voice calls Sound Settings (page 49) and notifications. Display Settings (page 52) Selecting Ringer Types for Voice Calls Location Settings (page 53) Adding and Synchronizing Accounts (page 54) Press Home...

  • Page 62

    Selecting Ringer Types for Notifications Adjusting the Volume Settings Press Home > Menu > Settings > Adjust your device’s volume settings to suit your needs Sound > Notification ringtone and your environment. Tap a ringtone from the available list. The ringtone Press Home >...

  • Page 63: Silent Mode

    Vibrate Settings Silent Mode To set your device to vibrate instead of making any The silent mode option allows you to mute all sounds (except for media and alarm sounds). sounds: To activate silent mode: Press the volume button down in standby mode until the device vibrates.

  • Page 64: Display Settings

    Display Settings Setting Auto Backlight Press Home > Menu > Settings > Display Window Animation to automatically adjust the Auto backlight screen backlight to the ambient light conditions. This feature lets you set the amount of animation used in onscreen transitions. Changing the Backlight Time Length Press Home...

  • Page 65: Location Settings

    Display Language . Adjust the hour and minute by Set time tapping + or -. Tap the icon to change You can choose to display your device’s onscreen the value. Tap when finished. menus in English or in Spanish. to toggle between 12-hour Use 24-hour format Press Home...

  • Page 66: Adding And Synchronizing Accounts

    To enable your device’s Location feature via wireless Adding and Synchronizing networks: Accounts Press Home > Menu > Settings > Location & security. Accounts & sync menu lets you add and manage . (A check mark indicates Use wireless networks your accounts and synchronizes the calendar or this feature is enabled.) contacts on your device.

  • Page 67

    . Your device then communicates with - Indicates that none of an account’s Sign in the Google servers to confirm your information. information is configured to sync automatically Your new Google account then appears within the with your device. Manage accounts area of the screen.

  • Page 68: Synchronizing Your Corporate Account

    Synchronizing Your Corporate Account To configure the Corporate account settings: Press Home > Menu > Settings > You can synchronize your device with your company’s Accounts & sync Microsoft Exchange Server to let you access your within the Corporate account field to reveal device’s Exchange Server account’s email, contacts, the account’s synchronization settings screen.

  • Page 69

    configures the frequency synchronizes your exchange Inbox check frequency Sync calendar which the device queries the remote server for calendar entries between your device and the new email changes. Choose from: remote exchange server. A check mark indicates Automatic (Push) Never Every 5 minutes the feature is enabled.

  • Page 70: Call Settings

    Call Settings Press Home > Menu > Settings > Call settings Clear the check box. Your device allows you to configure call settings such North American dialing as Plus Code Dialing, other international dialing International dialing options, and TTY configuration. Use the onscreen keyboard to delete the previous Using Plus Code Dialing While in the value.

  • Page 71: Airplane Mode

    To configure the Internet calling setting: Airplane Mode Press Home > Menu > Settings > Call settings > Use Internet calling Airplane mode allows you to use many of your device’s applications when you are in an airplane or in any Select an option from the following: other area where making or receiving calls or data is to use Internet calling for all calls...

  • Page 72: Tty Use With Sprint Service

    TTY Use With Sprint Service The TTY icon ( ) will appear on the status bar when your device is in TTY mode. A TTY (also known as a TDD or Text Telephone) is a To access the state Telecommunications Relay telecommunications device that allows people who are Service (TRS) for assistance with TTY calls: deaf, hard of hearing, or who have speech or language...

  • Page 73: Function, Security Settings

    Using the Hearing Device Security Settings Compatibility Function Your Device’s Lock Feature Your device has been tested and rated for hearing You can increase your device’s security by creating a device compatibility. To use this function effectively, set screen unlock pattern, PIN, or password (disabled by option to Hearing Aid default).

  • Page 74

    When you have connected at least four dots in a The next time you turn on your device or wake up the vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction, lift your screen, you’re prompted to draw your unlock pattern or finger from the screen. to enter your PIN or password to unlock the screen.

  • Page 75

    Configuring the Screen Lock Settings To change the screen lock pattern, PIN, or password: Press Home > Menu > Settings > After an unlock pattern, PIN, or password is created, Location & security > Change screen lock additional options are available in the Location & security menu.

  • Page 76: Pc Connection Settings

    Setting Security Storage PC Connection Settings This feature allows applications to access secure certificates. You can set your device’s PC connection mode when connected to the USB port of a computer. Press Home > Menu > Settings > Location & security > Set password Press Home >...

  • Page 77: Application Settings

    Application Settings to display currently running applications. Running Tip: When viewing the Downloaded , or On SD card tab, press Menu and tap Sort by size Sort by name Application Settings allows you to manage applications switch the order of the list. installed on the device.

  • Page 78: Privacy Settings

    To view and control currently running services: : to enable debug mode when USB debugging USB is connected. Read the disclaimer and tap Press Home > Menu > Settings > to confirm. Applications > Running services : to prevent the screen from going into Stay awake Tap an available service to manage it further.

  • Page 79: Eco Mode

    Restoring Your Settings Eco Mode Check this option to restore your settings and other Eco Mode allows you to conserve battery power when data when you install an application. using your device. Press Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy Press Home >...

  • Page 80: C. Call Log, Viewing The Call Log

    Tip: Drag the status bar down to reveal the Notifications panel to see a missed call notification. See “Missed Call 2C. Call Log Notification” on page 35. Note: The call log records only calls that occur while the device is turned on. If a call is received while your Viewing the Call Log (page 68) device is turned off, it will not be included in the call log.

  • Page 81: Call Log Options, Making A Call From The Call Log

    Call Log Options Making a Call From the Call Log Tap a call log entry to open the overview page From the call log, tap adjacent to the entry you where the call details are displayed at the top and would like to call.

  • Page 82: Editing A Call Log Number, Erasing The Call Log

    Editing a Call Log Number Erasing the Call Log If you need to make a call from the call log and you You can delete either an individual or all current entries need to edit the number before dialing, you can add from your call log list.

  • Page 83: D. Contacts, Displaying The Contacts List

    Displaying the Contacts List 2D. Contacts Press Home > > Contacts Your device automatically sorts the Contacts entries alphabetically. Displaying the Contacts List (page 71) Adding a New Contacts Entry (page 72) Contacts Entry Options (page 73) Editing a Contacts Entry (page 73) Adding a Number to a Contacts Entry (page 73) Editing a Contacts Entry’s Number (page 74) Assigning a Ringer Type for an Entry (page 74)

  • Page 84: Adding A New Contacts Entry

    Adding a New Contacts Entry To add more fields, tap the button. To Add field remove a field, tap the button. Remove field To change the field label, tap the button Field label Press Home > > Contacts > Menu >...

  • Page 85: Contacts Entry Options, Editing A Contacts Entry

    Contacts Entry Options Editing a Contacts Entry Tap and hold a Contacts entry for the following From the Contacts list, tap and hold the entry you options: want to edit, and tap Edit contact to display the contact’s overview View contact Tap the field you wish to edit, and then add or edit page.

  • Page 86: Editing A Contacts Entry's Number, Assigning A Ringer Type For An Entry

    Editing a Contacts Entry’s Number Assigning a Picture to an Entry From the Contacts list, tap and hold the entry you Assign a picture to display each time a certain contact want to edit, and tap Edit contact calls you. Tap an existing phone number field.

  • Page 87: Finding Contacts Entries, Deleting Entries, Adding Entries To Your Favorites, Import And Export Contacts

    Finding Contacts Entries Import and Export Contacts From the Contacts list, press Menu > Search Importing Entries From the Memory Card: Enter the contact's name. As you type, contacts with From the Contacts list, press Menu > matching names appear below the search box. Import/Export >...

  • Page 88: Synchronizing And Displaying Contacts

    Synchronizing and Displaying Tap the check box to select the Sync Contacts feature. (A check mark indicates this feature is Contacts enabled.) Note: The process of updating your Contacts tab can take Synchronizing Contacts several minutes. If after 10-20 minutes, your list has not been updated, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  • Page 89: Searching The Global Address List

    Searching the Global Address List You can search the global address list (GAL) stored on your company’s Exchange server. From the Contacts screen, press Menu > Search GAL Enter at least three letters of a contact’s name and . (All Contacts entries matching the entered letters will be displayed.) Tap an entry from the list.

  • Page 90: E. Calendar & Tools, Calendar

    Note: If you have not already signed into your Google and Corporate accounts via your device, you may be asked 2E. Calendar & Tools to do so before you can access the Calendar. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue. To change your calendar view: Calendar (page 78) Press and tap...

  • Page 91: Adding An Event To The Calendar, Event Reminders

    Adding an Event to the Calendar Select a recurrence cycle for the event by tapping field. Repetition On the Calendar screen, tap a day to which you Select a reminder time by tapping the Reminders would like to add an event and press Menu >...

  • Page 92: Changing Calendar Settings, Viewing Events

    Changing Calendar Settings to set the amount to Amount to synchronize synchronize between your device and exchange From the Calendar screen, press Menu > server. Choose from 2weeks 1 month 3 months More > Settings , or 6 months Choose from the following options: Press to return to the calendar.

  • Page 93

    Press for further Hiding Declined Events Menu > Show extra options options. Press Home > > Calendar Show me as : Select your status to display as Busy Available Press Menu > More > Settings > . (A check mark indicates this Hide declined events : Select your privacy setting from Privacy...

  • Page 94: Clock

    To synchronize calendar events and show or hide them: Clock In any Calendar view, press Menu > More > Calendars The Clock application functions as a desk clock that shows the date, time, and weather information. You can Tap the button to the right of the name of an also use it to turn your device into an alarm clock.

  • Page 95: Setting An Alarm

    Tap the Dimmer icon to dim the screen. Setting an Alarm To return to the Home screen, tap the Home tab Press Home > > Clock at the bottom of the Clock screen. Tap the Alarms tab on the bottom of the screen. To play a slideshow of the pictures in your Gallery albums: Tap the Slideshow tab at the bottom of the...

  • Page 96: Changing Alarm Settings

    Tap an existing alarm to change the settings or tap Changing Alarm Settings to add a new one. Add alarm at the bottom of the Clock screen. Tip: From the Alarms screen, you can also create a new From the Alarms screen, press Menu >...

  • Page 97: Calculator, Document Viewer

    Calculator Document Viewer Your device comes with a built-in calculator. Document Viewer allows you to launch a file if the associated application is already on your device. Press Home > > Calculator Accessing Document Viewer Press Home > > Document Viewer Opening Files in Document Viewer Press Home...

  • Page 98: Updating Your Device

    Tap the desired account field to open an account’s synchronization settings screen. to automatically Update Kyocera software download and install any available updates. You Tap the types of data you wish to synchronize. may be required to power your device off and (A check mark indicates the feature is enabled.

  • Page 99: F. Voice Services, Automatic Speech Recognition (asr)

    The device prompts you to say a command from the list displayed on the screen. To complete your task, 2F. Voice Services simply follow the onscreen prompts or tap an onscreen option. If the application does not recognize the number, name, or application name, it will find the most likely Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) (page 87) matches and display a list.

  • Page 100: Google Voice Recognition Settings, Voice Dialer

    Opening an Application With the Voice Dialer Google Voice Recognition Settings Press Press Home > > Voice Dialer Home > Menu > Settings > Voice input & output > Voice recognizer settings When prompted to speak, say “ Open [application to set the language used when Language name].”...

  • Page 101: Voice Search, Text-to-speech

    Voice Search Text-to-Speech Voice Search allows you to find information on the web Your device can convert text into speech in some as well as items and information on your device by downloaded applications. You may select the language speaking your search terms. you hear or adjust its speed.

  • Page 102: G. Microsd Card, Your Device's Microsd Card And Adapter

    Removing the microSD Card 2G. microSD Card When you need to remove the microSD card while the device is turned on, you must unmount the card first to avoid damaging it or corrupting stored data. Press Home > Menu > Settings >...

  • Page 103: Microsd Adapter

    microSD Adapter Note: You can easily damage the microSD card and its adapter by improper operation. Please be careful when The supplied microSD adapter allows you to use inserting, removing, or handling it. microSD cards in other SD-compatible devices, like remove a microSD card while files are being DO NOT computers, cameras, and printers.

  • Page 104: Microsd Card Settings

    Write Protection Press Home > Menu > Settings > Storage The microSD adapter has a built-in Write Protection Review the available information. lock to prevent accidental overwriting or removal of The storage capacity page is divided into two your data when the microSD card and adapter are sections: SD card Internal storage...

  • Page 105: Usb Drive

    Use the Device’s microSD Card as a Copy files from the device’s storage card to a folder on your computer or computer desktop. USB Drive After copying the files, unmount the removable disk (that is, the connected device) as required by To transfer music, pictures, and other files from your your computer’s operating system to safely remove computer to your device’s microSD card, you need to...

  • Page 106: Important Connection Information

    Important Connection Information Your device supports Windows XP/Vista/7. Other operating systems may not be compatible. To avoid loss of data, DO NOT remove the micro- USB cable, the microSD card, or the battery while files are being accessed or transferred. DO NOT use your computer to change or edit folder or file names on the microSD card, and do not attempt to transfer large amounts of data from the...

  • Page 107: H. Camera, Taking Pictures

    Using the device’s display screen as a viewfinder, aim the camera lens at your subject. 2H. Camera Tap the shutter button to take the picture. (Your device automatically saves the picture to the DCIM folder on the microSD card.) Taking Pictures (page 95) Camera Viewfinder Recording Videos (page 100) When you open the camera, the viewfinder opens in...

  • Page 108: Camera Viewfinder Icons

    With both screens open, you will find the following Camera Viewfinder Icons controls: In the camera viewfinder, icons show the current setting. Tap the icon for the settings you want to change. The settings open over the screen. Settings Tap to open a scrolling list of settings. (See Viewfinder on the upper screen.

  • Page 109: Picture Options

    Picture Options to rotate the picture counterclockwise. Rotate Left ● to rotate the picture clockwise. Rotate Right ● From the camera mode, press Menu > to select all images and videos in the Select All Gallery folder. Tap and hold the picture to select it and display the to cancel all selection.

  • Page 110

    Edit Image Function to open the stamps palette. (Flick the Stamp palette left to show more stamps.) Tap a stamp to With this feature you can draw with your finger, insert select it, and then tap the area of the picture text, and add stamps to transform your pictures.

  • Page 111: Changing Camera Settings

    Playing a Slideshow Note: Focus mode Auto exposure Select ISO White balance are not available when a particular Press Home > > Gallery Scene mode is selected. From the Camera gallery (or other image folder), to select the ISO level from: Select ISO ISO Auto tap a picture to open it.

  • Page 112: Recording Videos

    Recording Videos Previewing Videos Press Home > > Gallery In addition to taking pictures, you can record, view, and From the Camera album (or other image folder), share videos with your device’s built-in video camera. tap a video clip to play. Press to activate Home...

  • Page 113: Video Options

    Video Options Changing Camcorder Settings From the camcorder mode, press Menu > In the video viewfinder, tap the settings icon open a scrolling list of settings: Gallery to add a color effect to the picture. Color effect Tap and hold the video clip to select it and display Choose from: , or None...

  • Page 114: Opening Gallery

    Opening Gallery If you select an album and slide open the device, the thumbnail images in your selected album will be displayed in the lower display. You can use Gallery to view pictures and play videos that you’ve taken with your device’s camera, downloaded, or copied onto your microSD card.

  • Page 115: Gallery Options

    Gallery Options The Gallery options are available by pressing Menu to edit, share, and perform other operations to the images in your Gallery. See “Picture Options” on page 97 and “Video Options” on page 101 for details. Additional options may also be available: on the top right to activate camera mode.

  • Page 116: I. Bluetooth, Turning Bluetooth On And Off

    Bluetooth operates in three modes: : Bluetooth is turned on. Your device can detect 2I. Bluetooth other Bluetooth devices but other devices cannot detect your device. : Bluetooth is turned on. Your device can Discoverable detect other Bluetooth devices and other devices Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 104) can also detect your device for 120 seconds.

  • Page 117: Using The Bluetooth Settings Menu, Pairing Bluetooth Devices

    To turn Bluetooth off: Set your Bluetooth options: Device name , and Discoverable Scan for devices Press Home > Menu > Settings > Device name and rename your device for Wireless & networks Bluetooth. Tap to save. Clear the check box to deactivate Bluetooth to make your device visible, Discoverable...

  • Page 118

    To pair your device with another Bluetooth device: Note: Pairing between two Bluetooth devices is a one-time process. Once a pairing has been created, the devices Verify your Bluetooth is active. will continue to recognize their partnership and From the Bluetooth settings page, tap Discoverable exchange information without having to re-enter a Your device must be visible to successfully pair...

  • Page 119: Sending Items Via Bluetooth

    Sending Items via Bluetooth To send pictures or videos: Press Home > > Gallery Depending on your paired devices’ settings and Tap an album to open it and view its contents. capabilities, you may be able to send pictures, Tap and hold the picture or video to share. (A Contacts information, or other items using a Bluetooth check mark appears at the upper right corner of connection.

  • Page 121: Section 3: Sprint Service

    Section 3 Sprint Service...

  • Page 122: A. Sprint Service: The Basics, Voicemail

    Always use a password to protect against unauthorized access. 3A. Sprint Service: Press to access the phone keypad. Home > The Basics Tap and hold Follow the system prompts to: Voicemail (page 110) Create your password. Messaging (page 112) Record your name announcement. Caller ID (page 116) Record your greeting.

  • Page 123: New Voicemail Message Alerts, Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages

    New Voicemail Message Alerts Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages When you receive a new voicemail message, the You can manually retrieve your messages directly from voicemail icon will appear on the status bar. your wireless device or from any other touchtone phone.

  • Page 124: Messaging

    Messaging Composing Messages Press Home > > Messaging > With messaging, you can send and receive instant New message messages between your device and another Enter the phone number or email address of the messaging-ready device. recipient in the field using the onscreen There are two types of messaging, Text Messaging keyboard.

  • Page 125

    To access more features, press for the : Opens the camcorder application. Menu Capture video following options: Shoot a video, and tap to use this video in your message. to add a subject to the message. Add subject : Opens the window.

  • Page 126: Messaging Settings

    To view and play a multimedia message: When prompted to confirm, tap Delete To delete all message threads: Press Home > > Messaging From the Messaging screen, tap a multimedia On the All messages screen, press Menu > message to open its contents. Delete all threads While the message is open, tap to play the file.

  • Page 127

    : Sets the maximum number of : Allows you to select a ringer to Text message limit Select ringtone text messages that can be stored on the device. sound when a new message is received. Tap this (The default is 200 per conversation.) option, and then select a ringtone that is specific to new text and multimedia messages.

  • Page 128: Caller Id, Call Waiting

    Caller ID Call Waiting Caller ID allows people to identify a caller before When you’re on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to answering the device by displaying the number of the incoming calls by beeping. Your device’s screen incoming call. If you do not want your number informs you that another call is coming in and displays displayed when you make a call, follow these steps.

  • Page 129: Making A 3-way Call, Call Forwarding

    Making a 3-Way Call Call Forwarding With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the Call Forwarding lets you forward all your incoming calls same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime to another phone number – even when your device is rates will be charged for each of the two calls.

  • Page 130: Roaming

    Roaming Checking for Voicemail Messages While Roaming Roaming Icon When you are roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network, you may not receive on-phone notification of Your display screen always lets you know when you’re new voicemail messages. Callers can still leave off the Nationwide Sprint Network.

  • Page 131: Enabling Roaming, Roaming Guard

    Enabling Roaming to allow voice International voice ● communication on international roaming You can enable roaming on voice or data, domestic or systems. internationally, separately. to allow data communication International data ● From the Home screen, press Menu > on international roaming systems. Settings >...

  • Page 132

    Tip: If you prefer not to use the roaming guards feature, tap Never Ask check box while the alert dialog is displayed. You will not be notified of your roaming status until you enable it again. To place roaming calls with a roaming guard on: On the screen, tap the area code + the Phone...

  • Page 133: B. Web And Data Services, Getting Started With Data Services

    Getting Started With Data Services 3B. Web and Data Services With your Sprint service, you are ready to start enjoying the advantages of data services. This section will help you learn the basics of using your data services, including managing your user name, launching a data Getting Started With Data Services (page 121) connection, and navigating the Web with your device.

  • Page 134: Launching A Web Connection, Data Connection Status And Indicators, Navigating The Web

    Launching a Web Connection If you do not see an indicator, your device does not have a current data connection. To launch a Press . (Your data Home > > Browser connection, see “Launching a Web Connection” on connection starts and you see the SprintWeb page 122.

  • Page 135

    Scrolling To zoom in: As with other parts of your device’s menu, you’ll have to Place your thumb and index finger on the screen drag up and down to see everything on some and expand them outward (spread) to zoom in. websites.

  • Page 136: Browser Menu

    Viewing in Tablet Mode or in Optimized Mode Browser Menu You can choose to view the display in Tablet (full- The browser menu offers additional options to expand screen) mode or in Optimized (dual-screen) mode with your use of the Web on your device. both screens open.

  • Page 137

    : Provides additional browser options: : Displays a record of your browsing More History history. Web pages. Add bookmark Allows you to save favorite : Searches the current Web page for Find on page a word. Enter a descriptive name for the new bookmark : Selects text from the current Web page.

  • Page 138

    Creating a New Home Page Selecting Text on a Web Page From any open Web page, press Menu > Scroll to the area of the Bookmarks Web page containing the text you want to Tap either Most visited History select. Tap and hold an entry from the list to display an Tap and hold the screen onscreen pop-up menu.

  • Page 139

    Navigate to the area and pages may not display properly. Clear the check Page content settings select from one of the following page settings: box to disable this function. Text size : Adjusts the current onscreen text size. Enable plug-ins : Enables browser plugins for the Options include: , or...

  • Page 140

    : Clears the browser navigation Navigate to the area and select Clear history Security settings history. Tap to complete the process. from one of the following privacy settings: Accept cookies : Allows sites, that require cookies, Remember passwords : Stores user names and to save and read cookies from your device.

  • Page 141: Wi-fi

    Setting Search Engine Wi-Fi From any open Web page, press to open Menu About Wi-Fi the browser menu. Wi-Fi is a term used for certain types of wireless local More > Settings > Set search engine area networks (WLAN). These device types use an Select the search engine you want to use as your 802.

  • Page 142

    To turn Wi-Fi off: Note: Some Wi-Fi routers will require you to enter a security key from your Web browser after a connection is Press Home > Menu > Settings > established. Wireless & networks to deactivate Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi To manually add your new network connection: Note: The use of wireless data connections such as Wi-Fi Add Wi-Fi network...

  • Page 143: Sprint Hotspot

    To manually scan for a Wi-Fi network: Sprint Hotspot Press Home > Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings Sprint Hotspot turns your device into a wireless router and shares your device’s data connection with one or Press Menu >...

  • Page 144

    Launch your Web browser to confirm you have an Note: Using both data services and Sprint Hotspot drains Internet connection. your device’s battery at a much faster rate than when using any other feature combination. The best way to Configure Sprint Hotspot keep using the device as a hotspot is to have it connected to a power supply.

  • Page 145: Email

    Tethered mode Email You can tether your device to your computer with a Your device’s email applications let you access and USB cable to share your device’s Internet connection manage multiple email accounts simultaneously from with your computer. one convenient location. Press Home >...

  • Page 146: Creating And Sending Email, Viewing And Replying To Email

    Enter the for the email To add an attachment, press Email address Password Menu > account and then tap , and choose from the following Next Add attachment options: Enter the , and tap Account name Your name : Select photos from Gallery. Done Pictures : Select videos from Gallery.

  • Page 147: Configuring Email Settings

    Viewing and Managing Your Email Inbox : Allows you to create an email signature Signature for your outgoing email messages. Press Home > > Email Inbox check frequency : Tap to select the time interval used by your device to check your new Tap the email account you want to view.

  • Page 148: Gmail

    Gmail To refresh your Gmail messages: Press to send or receive new Menu > Refresh Gmail is Google’s Web-based email service. Gmail email and synchronize your email with your Gmail comes preconfigured on your device. You can Web account. synchronize your Gmail account on your device with Creating and Sending Gmail your Gmail account on the Web.

  • Page 149

    Tap the field to enter the recipient’s email Accessing Gmail Messages address. To send to multiple recipients, separate When new messages are received, a new Gmail the email addresses with commas and add as message icon appears on the status bar if the many recipients as you want.

  • Page 150: Configuring Gmail Settings

    Replying to the Sender Replying to All Recipients From the , tap a Gmail message to open and Inbox From the , tap a Gmail message to open and Inbox view it. view it. > Type your reply message. to send the message. Deleting Gmail Messages From the , tap a Gmail message to open and...

  • Page 151: Corporate Email

    to select which screen is shown after Corporate Email Auto-advance you delete or archive an email message. Choose from: Newer conversation Older conversation , or Email application ( ) also provides access to Conversation list your Microsoft Exchange server via your device. If your to choose the text size.

  • Page 152

    : enter your network Domain\Username Note: You can have multiple corporate email accounts active domain\login username. on your device. Password : your previously entered password. (Usually, this field will be already filled in, so you Opening Corporate Email won't need to re-enter your password.) Press Home >...

  • Page 153: Removing An Account

    To delete an email message: Note: To send a carbon copy (Cc) or a blind carbon copy (Bcc) of the current email to other recipients, press Tap and hold an email (from your inbox list) and and tap Menu Add Cc/Bcc. select Delete from the onscreen context menu.

  • Page 154: Using Google Talk

    Using Google Talk Adding New Friends You can add only people who have a Google account. is the instant messaging program provided Google Talk On the friends list screen, press Menu > by Google. Google Talk lets you chat with other people Add friend that also have a Google account.

  • Page 155: Managing Your Friends

    Tap the status that you want from the menu. Managing Your Friends Tap the text box below the online status icon, and Friends on the friends list screen are sorted according then type your desired status message. to their online status and are listed alphabetically. Done on the onscreen keyboard.

  • Page 156: Signing Out, Mobile Indicators, Google Talk Settings

    On the blocked friends list, tap the name of the Signing Out friend you want to unblock. On the friends list screen, press Menu > to confirm. to sign out from Google Talk. Sign out Mobile Indicators Google Talk Settings Checking Friends’...

  • Page 157: Using Android Market

    : Select if you want the device to Using Android Market Select ringtone ring when a new instant message is received. On the ringtone menu, tap a ringtone to play the tone Android Market provides direct access to a large briefly, and then tap to confirm selection.

  • Page 158: Installing Applications, Finding Applications

    Browse apps by categories. First, tap Apps , and then tap a category. Under a Tap to search Android Market. Games category, you can filter the apps by Top paid , or Top free Just in Search for an app. Tap the search icon while on the Android Market home screen, enter the Tap a category to open it.

  • Page 159: Uninstalling Applications

    When installation is complete, will appear on Reinstalling a Google Application the status bar. If the Android operating system is ever updated, any On the Android Market screen, press Menu > applications you’ve installed on the device will be My apps erased.

  • Page 160: Applications

    Applications NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Press Home > > NASCAR You can access a wide variety of applications in many If prompted, read the permission check disclaimer, different categories with your device and data service. make a selection and tap .

  • Page 161: Sprint Football Live

    to customize your NASCAR experience displays a list of selectable content My Driver FanZone by following specific drivers. Information includes available to Sprint subscribers. driver-specific stats and NASCAR RSS feeds. You Settings and Help displays help information for can also get additional stats, review other driver usage of the NASCAR application and features.

  • Page 162: Data Services Faqs

    Sprint Zone Data Services FAQs Sprint Zone is a free application which helps you How do I sign in for the first time? manage your account, get tips and tricks for your You are automatically signed in to access data services device, find recommended apps, and more.

  • Page 163

    When is my data connection dormant? If your device receives no data for 10 seconds, the connection goes dormant. When the connection is dormant, you can make and receive voice calls. (The connection may become active again quickly.) If your device receives no data for an extended period, the connection will terminate.

  • Page 164: C. Entertainment: Tv And Music

    3C. Entertainment: TV and Music Your Sprint TV Channel Options The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of accessible channels. Subscription options include TV (page 152) comprehensive basic packages as well as a full menu Music (page 155) of “a la carte” channels. Visit www.sprint.com/tvguide VueQue (page 158) for more information on channels and pricing.

  • Page 165

    Watching TV TV FAQs Will I know if I’m receiving an incoming call while Press Home > > Sprint TV & Movies I’m viewing or listening to a media clip? Depending on your settings, your device may Yes. All incoming calls will stop the Sprint TV app. prompt you to accept a data connection.

  • Page 166

    Are the videos that I’m viewing “live” videos? How can I cancel service if I decide I don’t want it? It depends on the content provider. Some of the To cancel your Sprint TV service, visit channels available through Sprint TV stream live and sign on to with your www.sprint.com...

  • Page 167: Music

    Music Playlist button Music plays digital audio files saved on the storage card. Shuffle button To play audio files which are not saved in the storage card, copy the files to the storage card first. See “Use Repeat button the Device’s microSD Card as a USB Drive” on page 93 for more details on copying files.

  • Page 168: Using Playlists

    Using Playlists Removing Music From Playlists Open the Music library and tap Playlists Create a playlist to organize your music. Tap the playlist that contains the music you want to Creating Playlists remove. Open the Music library and browse for the music Tap and hold a selection and tap that you want to add to the playlist.

  • Page 169: Backing Up Your Downloaded Music Files, Setting Music As A Ringtone, Deleting Music

    Deleting Playlists Backing Up Your Downloaded Music Files Open the Music library and browse for the playlist Sprint recommends you back up your downloaded that you want to delete. music files to your computer. Although the downloaded files can only be played on your device and on your Tap and hold the playlist.

  • Page 170: Vueque

    VueQue Searching for Videos On the VueQue screen, tap at the upper right YouTube™ is a video sharing application on which users of the screen to open the search box. can upload and share videos. This application is used to Enter a keyword to search, and then tap again.

  • Page 171

    Watching Videos in Optimized Mode If you slide open the device while playing a video, VueQue enters the buffer mode. In the buffer mode, a video will be played on the upper screen, and the library screen appears on the lower screen. The Library screen displays the following: Related videos : videos related to the currently played...

  • Page 172: D. Gps Navigation, Gps Services, Telenav Gps Navigator

    Using Wireless Networks 3D. GPS Navigation This additional location feature uses open Wi-Fi and mobile network connections to assist in providing additional location accuracy. Press Home > Menu > Settings > GPS Services (page 160) Location & security > Use wireless networks TeleNav GPS Navigator (page 160) Since this feature is based on Google’s location Google Maps (page 162)

  • Page 173: Using Telenav Gps Navigator

    Registering TeleNav GPS Navigator lets you view maps and get traffic Maps & Traffic information for your current location or for any Before you can use TeleNav GPS Navigator, your other location (same categories as Drive To device and service must be registered. provides access to additional features Local Apps such as Movies, Weather, and more.

  • Page 174: Google Maps

    Google Maps Zooming In or Out on a Map Tap the magnification icons to zoom in or out on Use this application to find directions, location the map. information, business addresses, etc., all right from your – or – device. Determine your current location with or without GPS, get driving and transit directions, get phone Pinch the screen to zoom out and spread to zoom numbers and addresses for local businesses.

  • Page 175: Finding Your Current Location

    Navigating the Map Finding Your Current Location Swipe your finger on the screen to view other Note: Don’t forget to set your location sources. areas of the map. On the Google Maps screen, tap the My Location icon . A blinking blue arrow indicates your current location on the map.

  • Page 176: Getting Directions, Finding Places

    On the Google Maps menu, tap the Layers icon Getting Directions the top right of the screen, and then tap one or more of On the Google Maps screen, press Menu > the following options: Directions : Add this layer to view real-time traffic Traffic conditions with roads marked in color-coded lines Do one of the following:...

  • Page 177: Places, Google Navigation

    Places Google Navigation Your device show you nearby businesses and points of Another Google Maps navigation application is interest, such as grocery stores, gas stations, Wi-Fi available on your device. It uses your current location hotspots, malls, and hospitals. (provided by GPS communication to your device) to provide various location-based services.

  • Page 179: Information

    Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...

  • Page 180: A. Important Safety Information, General Precautions, Maintaining Safe Use Of And Access To

    General Precautions 4A. Important Safety There are several simple guidelines to operating your device Information properly and maintaining safe, satisfactory service. To maximize performance, do not touch the top and bottom portions of your device where the internal antennas are General Precautions (page 168) located while using the phone.

  • Page 181: Your Device

    Using Your Device Near Other Electronic Devices Maintaining Safe Use of and Access Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio to Your Device frequency (RF) signals. However, RF signals from wireless phones may affect inadequately shielded electronic equipment. Do Not Rely on Your Device for Emergency Calls RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions.

  • Page 182: Using Your Device With A Hearing Device

    Turning Off Your Device in Dangerous Areas Using Your Device With a To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your device Hearing Device off when in a blasting area or in other areas with signs indicating two-way radios should be turned off. Construction crews often use remote-control RF devices to set off explosives.

  • Page 183

    out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to Thus, if you pair an M3 hearing aid with an M3 phone, you will evaluate it for your personal needs. have a combined rating of six for “excellent use.” This is synonymous for T ratings.

  • Page 184: Caring For The Battery, Radio Frequency (rf) Energy

    Caring for the Battery It’s best to replace the battery when it no longer provides acceptable performance. It can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs replacing. Protecting Your Battery Don’t store the battery in high temperature areas for long The guidelines listed below help you get the most out of your periods of time.

  • Page 185

    Knowing Radio Frequency Safety For more information about RF exposure, visit the FCC website The design of your device complies with updated NCRP www.fcc.gov standards described below. Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for Wireless In 1991–92, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Phones (IEEE) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) joined in updating ANSI’s 1982 standard for safety levels with...

  • Page 186: Fcc Radio Frequency Emission, Fcc Notice

    The highest reported SAR values of the Echo™ are: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This Cellular CDMA mode (Part 22) equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency Head: 0.65 W/kg; Body-worn: 0.58 W/kg energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the PCS mode (Part 24) instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio...

  • Page 187: Owner's Record, User Guide Proprietary Notice

    Owner’s Record The model number, regulatory number, and serial number are located on a nameplate inside the battery compartment. Record the serial number in the space provided below. This will be helpful if you need to contact us about your device in the future.

  • Page 188: B. Manufacturer's Warranty, Manufacturer's Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty Kyocera Communications, Inc. (“KCI”) offers you, the original purchaser who has purchased the enclosed subscriber unit (“Product”) only from an authorized dealer in the United States, Manufacturer’s Warranty (page 176) a limited warranty that the Product, including accessories in the Product’s package, will be free from defects in material or...

  • Page 189

    (iii) the any Product in which the operating system has been unlocked battery has been used in equipment other than the Kyocera (allowing installation of a third party operating system); or (xiv) device for which it is specified.

  • Page 190

    This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from State to State. To obtain warranty service, contact Kyocera Communications, Inc. Attention : Customer Services for Wireless Products Phone : 1-800-349-4478 Web : http://www.kyocera-wireless.com...

  • Page 191: C. End User License Agreement, End User License Agreement

    Software not expressly granted in this PROVIDED WITH YOUR KYOCERA DEVICE. THE SOFTWARE Agreement are retained by Kyocera or its suppliers or licensors. AND SERVICES PROVIDED WITH YOUR KYOCERA DEVICE You are not permitted to, in any way, distribute the Software or...

  • Page 192


  • Page 193

    Termination: This License Agreement will automatically navigation or communication systems or use in risky or terminate without notice from or action by Kyocera if you fail to dangerous situations or environments. comply with any term hereof. Consent to Use of Data:...

  • Page 194

    Google, Inc. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kyocera Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

  • Page 195: Index

    Index Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 87 Calculator 85 Calendar 78–82 Backlight 52 Adding Events 79 Calendar View 78 Battery 13–16 Accounts Changing Settings 80 Capacity 13 Google Account 48 Editing an Event 80 Charging 14 Synchronizing 54 Erasing an Event 81 Disposal 172 Activation 3 Event Reminders 79...

  • Page 196

    Camera 95–103 Document Viewer 85 see also Pictures Data Services 121–151 Camera Viewfinder 95 see also Web Email 133 Options 97 FAQs 150 Configuring Settings 135 Settings 99 Launching the Web 122 Corporate Email 139 Taking Pictures 95 Password 5 Create and Send 134 Clock 82 Sprint Hotspot 131...

  • Page 197

    Location Settings 53 Multimedia Messaging 112 Gallery 102 Locking Your Device 62 Composing 112 Opening 114 Options 103 Replying to 114 Gmail 136 Making Calls 33 Music 155–157 Google Maps 162 Menu i Backing Up Music Files 157 Google Navigation 165 Navigation 18 Creating Playlists 156 Messaging...

  • Page 198

    Roaming 118–120 Sprint Service Phone (illus.) 8 Roam Mode 118 Account Passwords 5 Roaming Guard 119 Activation 3 Phone Number Operator Services 6 Finding 37 Sprint 411 6 Safety Information 168–175 Saving 36 Sprint TV 152 Pictures Saving a Phone Number 36 Sprint Zone 150 Assigning to Contacts 97 Screen Lock 61...

  • Page 199

    Unlocking Your Device 62 Wallpaper 25 Updating Your Device 86 Warranty 176–178 Web 121–129 see also Data Services Vibrate 51 Bookmarks 125 Videos Browser Menu 124 Options 101 Launching 122 Recording 100 Navigating 122 Settings 101 User Name 121 Voice Dialing 87 Zooming Out and In 123 Voicemail Wi-Fi 129–131...

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