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Setting Up Your Computer; Necessary To Know Before Setup; Select Location; Open Package - Acer Aspire T310 User Manual

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Setting up your computer

Aspire T310 is a versatile, high-power system, supporting Intel® Socket
478 CPUs. The computer uses Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) and
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) design. This improves system
efficiency and helps the system support varied multimedia and
software applications.
Your Aspire T310 has standard I/O (Input/Output) interfaces such as a
serial port, parallel port, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, the system
includes six USB ports, two microphone ports and stereo line-out jacks
(one at front and one at rear panel) and a stereo line-in Jack. The
system can accommodate extra peripheral equipment through those I/
O ports.
Your system can also support an optional high-speed fax/data modem
or an additional LAN (local area network) card.
Furthermore, the system is compatible with Windows® XP Home,
Windows® XP Professional operating systems.

Necessary to know before Setup

Prior to setting up your Aspire T310 System:
Select a location

Open package

Select location

Selecting the optimum location for your computer:
Don't place the system too close to other electrical equipment.
Don't place the system in high traffic areas or where the power
cord or other cords may be stepped on.
Avoid placing the system in any location that is excessively dusty or
Open package
Open the package carefully and keep all packing materials for later


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