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Electrolux WDU4100 Instruction Book page 6

Waste disposal unit
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When using a gasket:
Insert the sink flange through the sink gasket into
sink opening. Do not rotate the sink flange, once it
is seated. From underneath the sink, place the fibre
gasket over the sink flange and screw the support
ring on to the sink flange.
There are arrows indicating the correct side to face
Do not overtighten, the sink flange will not move
when tightened securely.
Slip the mount ring over bottom end of the sink
flange and hold in place while installing cushion
mount flanged side down, so that the inside groove
'G' on cushion mount fits over the lip on the sink
flange. When the cushion mount is properly seated,
the mount ring can be pulled downward over the
outside of cushion mount and will rotate freely.
Lift the disposer into position so the two projections
'Y' on top of the disposer hopper fit into the two
slots 'Z' on the mount ring.
Turn the mount ring counter clockwise about one
quarter inch so that the hopper projections engage.
This will now support the disposer. Rotate the
mount ring (and disposer) counter clockwise until
the disposer waste outlet is in the desired position.
Connect the waste elbow to disposer and connect
to trap.
Test the installation for water leaks and be sure all
plumbing connections are tight. Make all connections
in accordance with current regulations.



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