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Glass, China Or Plastic; Large Whole Bones; Metal, Such As Bottle Tops, Tin Cans Or; Rubber Items Or String - Electrolux WDU4100 Instruction Book

Waste disposal unit


Table of Contents
1 Turn on the tap
Remove drain plug and turn on a medium flow of
cold water. Keep the water running so that any
ground waste particles wash through the drain.
2 Starting up
When you press the control switch the disposer is
on and ready for use.
3 Add food waste
Put vegetable peelings, corn on the cob(s), rinds,
table scraps, seeds, pits, bones and coffee grounds
as well as cigarette and cigar butts and soft seafood
shells into the disposer ready to be shredded. Keep
the water running while shredding the waste food.
Helpful Hints
Use your disposer 'before' and
'after' meals:
While preparing food the vegetable peelings, meat
wrappings or salad trimmings can be put into the
waste disposer by turning on the cold water tap and
allowing the peelings etc. to run into the disposer.
Then switch on the disposer. When your meal is
over, scrape any food scraps remaining, directly into
the disposer.
How to speed up food waste disposal
• Cut or break up large bones, melon rinds,
grapefruit skins and corn cobs. Also fibrous
materials such as pineapple or vegetable stalks.
• Items such as large bones, fibrous husks such as
whole corn on the cob or pea pods, require
considerable cutting time. For this reason, you
may prefer to place them in your dustbin.
4 Run the disposer
Before turning the control switch off, let the water
and the disposer run for a further 15 seconds after
the shredding has stopped. This will help to flush all
the waste through the trap and drain.
Do NOT operate the disposer unless the
splash guard is in place.
How to use the disposer wisely
Your disposer is designed to handle normal food
waste, BUT it will not grind and dispose of items
such as:

• Glass, china or plastic

• Large whole bones

• Metal, such as bottle tops, tin cans
or aluminum foil

• Rubber items or string

• Wooden items

• Leather or cloth items

• Whole 'corn on the cob'

• Clam or oyster shells

• Drain cleaner

You MUST put any waste like this into your bin –
NOT in your waste disposer, as any of these may
cause severe damage to the appliance.


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