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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux WDU4100 Instruction Book

Waste disposal unit
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Before any maintenance or cleaning is carried
out, you must DISCONNECT the appliance from
the electricity supply.
The disposer is self-cleaning, but you can flush it
by filling the sink with cold water, turning on the
disposer and removing the plug. While the water
is draining through the disposer, allow the tap to
continue running. When the sink is empty, your
disposer will be clean.
Removable splash guard
If you need to remove or replace the splash guard,
simply pull the guard out from the top. To replace
the guard, insert it into the flange.
Something Not Working?
Before contacting your local Electrolux Service Centre, we recommend that you do a few simple checks:
The disposer
• Bottle caps or similar objects
is noisy
• Check to see if the turntable
The disposer is
• If the turntable is rotating freely:
not running
• If reset button has not tripped
have fallen into the disposer
will rotate freely
Check the reset button, to see
if it has tripped
Do NOT operate the disposer without the
splash guard is in place.
• Turn off the disposer control switch, and
water, wait for cutting disc to stop, then
remove the object.
• Turn off the disposer control switch and water,
wait for cutting disc to stop, then remove
the object by using tongs or pliers to free it.
• This button may require resetting only
(depress the red button, until it clicks and
it clicks and remains depressed).
• Check plug top fuse and control switch fuse.
If the disposer is supplied from a 13 amp
socket, plug another appliance i.e. food mixer
etc. into the socket to check the supply. Also
your fuse box or circuit breaker. If the fuses
and supply are all intact, contact your local
Service Force Centre.



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