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Door Reversal - Electrolux EU 1327 T Instruction Booklet

Electrolux instruction booklet freezer eu 1327t
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Door reversal

Before carrying out the operations described below,
pull out the mains plug from the wall socket.
To carry out this reversal go through the following
1. Gently lay the appliance on its back with the top
held away from the floor by 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) of
2. Remove the bottom door hinge (5).
3. Remove the door (4) by opening it and pulling it
gently downwards to remove it from the top hinge
pin (2).
4. Unscrew the top hinge pin (2) from the top hinge (1)
and replace it in the opposite hole on the left hand
5. Unscrew the foot at the base (6) of the appliance
and refit it on the opposite side.
6. Refit the door and the bottom hinge (5) to the left
hand side.
7. Unscrew the handle (3). Refit it on the opposite side
after having pierced the plugs with a punch. Cover
the holes left open with the plugs contained in the
documentation pack.
When positioning the bottom hinge blade on the
reverse side, the securing screws will require a
degree of exersion when fitting.
It is therefore advisable to lubricate the screw tips
before starting this operation.
After completion of the door reversing
operation, check that the door gasket adheres
to the cabinet. If the ambient temperature is
cold (i.e. in Winter), the gasket may not fit
perfectly to the cabinet. In that case, wait for the
natural fitting of the gasket or accelerate this
process by heating up the part involved with a
normal hairdryer on a low setting.


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