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Troubleshooting Guide; After Sales Service - Whirlpool WD 142 IX Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in plate-warmer drawer wd 142 ix
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If the dishes or food are not warm enough,
make sure:
• the appliance is on
• the right temperature has been set
• the heat openings are not covered by large
dishes or soup-plates
• the dishes have been warmed for a long enough
Before calling the Customer Care Centre:
1. Try to solve the problem on your own,
according to the points described in
"Troubleshooting Guide".
2. Switch the appliance off and then on again it to
see if the problem has been eliminated.
For the following problems, contact the
Customer Care Centre.
If the dishes are not warmed, make sure:
• the main power switch is on;
• the power cable is not disconnected or
If the dishes become too hot:
• the temperature controller may be faulty.
The On/Off switch does not light up when the
appliance is switched on:
• the switch control light is faulty.
If the fault persists after the above checks,
contact the Customer Care Centre.
Always specify:
• a brief description of the fault;
• the type and exact model of the warming
• the Service number (number after the word
Service on the rating plate), located on the
outer right edge of the drawer slide. The
service number is also indicated on the
guarantee booklet;
• your full address;
• your telephone number.
Different factors affect the warming time, e.g.:
- the material and thickness of the dishes, the
load amount and its arrangement, temperature
- Optimum dish warming times are subjective.
Therefore we suggest that trials are conducted
with your crockery to discover these timings.
If any repairs are required, contact an the
Customer Care Centre (to guarantee the use of
original spare parts and correct repair).
Failure to comply with these instructions may
compromise the safety and quality of the
• This drawer is designed to come into
contact with food products and complies
with European Directive 89/109/EEC.
• This appliance is designed for use only as
an appliance for warming or keeping
cooked food or dishes warm.
Any other use (e.g. for room heating) is
considered improper and therefore
potentially dangerous.
• This appliance has been designed,
manufactured and marketed in compliance
- Safety objectives of the "Low Voltage"
Directive 2006/95/CE (which replaces
73/23/CEE and subsequent amendments);
- The protection requirements of "EMC"
Directive 2004/108/EEC;
- the requirements of Directive 93/68/EEC.


Table of Contents