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The Control Panel; Indicator Lights; Audible Signals - Electrolux ESL 6115 Instruction Book

Electrolux dishwasher instruction book
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The control panel

"Programme selection/cancel" button:
selection of a washing programme occurs by the means of this
button, press it until the indicator light corresponding to the
desired washing programme illuminates (see "Washing
programmes" chart). The end of programme indicator light
Once the washing programme has been set, close the
dishwasher's door, the programme will start automatically.
With this button it is also possible to:
- cancel a washing programme in progress,
- set the level of the water softener (see specific paragraph),
- deactivate/activate the audible signals.
"Delay start" button:
washing programme to be delayed by 3 hours; the
corresponding indicator light turns on.

Indicator lights:

have the following meanings:
End of
illuminates when the washing programme
has ended.
It also has added functions of visual
signalling as:
- the setting of the water softener,
- deactivation/activation of the audible
- intervention of an alarm due to
the malfunction of the machine.
refilling indicator light: illuminates when the
salt has run out.
Rinse aid
refilling indicator light: illuminates on when
the rinse aid has run out.
On/Off button
Delay start button
this option allows the start of the
Washing programmes
Programme selection/cancel button

Audible signals

Audible signals have been introduced to help indicate which
operations the dishwasher is performing.
- end of washing programme,
- the setting of the water softener,
- malfunction of the machine.
Deactivation/activation of the audible signals
Factory setting: audible signals activated.
1. With the dishwasher switched off, press the On/Off button.
The end of programme indicator light flashes (setting
In case salt and/or rinse aid refilling is necessary the
corresponding indicator lights illuminate.
If one of the washing programme indicator lights is on, this
means that a washing programme has been set.
The setting must be cancelled: press for about 3 seconds
the programme selection/cancel button; the indicator
light of the set programme turns off and the end of
programme indicator light flashes, indicating that the set
programme has been cancelled and that the machine is
now in setting mode.
2. Press and keep pressed the programme selection/cancel
button until the programme indicator light 1 illuminates and
programme indicator light 2 flashes.
Press the programme selection/cancel button again, the
programme indicator light 1 starts flashing and the
programme indicator light 2 turns on with a fixed light to
indicate that you have activated the function for the
deactivation/activation of the audible signals.
The constant illumination of the end of programme
indicator light means that the audible signals are activated.
3. To deactivate the audible signals, press the programme
selection/cancel button again, the end of programme
indicator light turns off indicating that the audible signals are
5. To memorise the operation, switch off the machine by
pressing the On/Off button or wait for about 60 seconds,
after which the machine will automatically return to setting
To activate again the audible signals simply follow the above
operations until the end of programme indicator light
Indicator lights
Programme indicator lights

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