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Haier LT15T1WW User Manual page 23

Lcd tv receiver
Hide thumbs


Cancel mode
This feature allows the TV picture to be displayed while next
page to be searched is entered and found. Only the top
teletext line is displayed until the page is found. Press the
button to hide the teletext information. Either press the
button or the Text button to exit the cancel display mode.
Language change
Pressing the
button will change the Teletext characters
between Eastern and Western.
Pressing the
button will stop the teletext page automa-
tically updating. This feature is very useful where there are
several teletext pages or data on the same page number.
Pressing the
button changes between full screen top
half bottom half full screen. This feature is very useful as it
magnifies the image making the characters easier to read.
Pressing the
button will reveal hidden text. This feature
is used to reveal information such as answers to Teletext
on-line interactive puzzles.
Subcode / Time
By entering its 4-digit number to enter a secondary page;While
in normal TV mode only, pressing the button
teletext time in the top right hand corner for a few seconds.
Switch teletext on/off
Press the
button on the remote control to turn teletext
Fast text coloured buttons
Fast text automatically displays the four most commonly
used pages that the broadcaster thinks that you may want
to choose next. Press the same coloured button on the
remote control as the coloured link at the bottom of the
teletext page to go directly to that page.
Pressing the
button will get the teletext decoder to
automatically search for the subtitle page.
will display the



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