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S-Video Input - Haier LT15T1WW User Manual

Lcd tv receiver
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Connection Instructions
COMPONENT (If connected to SVIDEO,select the SV external
input source.)
3. Refer to the DVD player's manual for operating instructions.
Component Input ports
To get better picture quality, connect a DVD player to the component
input ports as shown below.


- To avoid picture noise (interference), leave an adequate distance between the
VCR and TV
Connection and use steps:
1.Read the user guide supplied with your AV devices and ensure that it has
S-Video connectors;
2.Make sure that the power of the LCD-TV and the AV device are off;
Connection Option 1
Set VCR output switch to 3 or 4 and then
tune TV to the same channel number.
Connection Option 2
1. Connect the audio and Svideo cables
from the VCR's output jacks to the TV
input jacks, as shown in the figure.
2. Insert a video tape into the VCR and
press PLAY on the VCR. (Refer to the
VCR owner s manual.)
.Turn on the power of the LCD-TV first ;
and then turn on the power of the AV
4.Press the TV/AV button to set the video
input mode of the LCD-TV to SVIDEO
mode .



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