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Select The Tv Channel You Want; Picture Mode; Program Swap; Program Scan - Haier LT15T1WW User Manual

Lcd tv receiver
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Basic Operating Instructions

Select the TV Channel You Want

You can use the number keys on the remote control to directly select TV
The LCD-TV can store up to 100 channels , and you can press the keys on the
remote control or on the panel to make a selection.
1. if you want to choose any channel from 0 to 9, please press the
is indicated on the screen and then press the relevant key on the
remote control. for example: if you want to choose channel 8, just press the
Key number 8.
2.If you want to choose a channel bigger than 9, please press the
is indicated on the screen. Enter the two digits of the channel
number you want to watch.. for example: select channel 16
Note: if you want to choose one digit channel in this condition, you should press
0 first and then one digit number key.

Picture Mode

Press P.STD button on the remote control for menu display . For desired mode as

Program Swap

Suppose the channel number you used just now is 8 and the channel number you
are using is 18 (as shown in the figure).
If you want to return to the last watched program channel 8, you can simply press the
SWAP button.
If you want to return to channel 18, press the button again. Through this function, you
can easily change between the channel you are using and the channel you used last time.

Program Scan

1 Press the SCAN button to scan through all the memorized TV channels. The scan will
pause for about 2 seconds on each channel.
2 If you want to stop the function during auto scanning, simply press the SCAN button


Table of Contents

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