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Tuning Menu Options Continued - Haier LT15T1WW User Manual

Lcd tv receiver
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Menu Operations

Tuning Menu Options Continued

SOUND SYSTEM : Select the TV standard system from DK,I,L/L',BG
SKIP : If you want skip a channel , press V+/V- to select ON , and this
channel will be skip next time when you press P+/P- . But you can press
digits button to select the channel . If you want to restore the channel , select OFF.
AFC : Auto frequence control . Select ON to improve the image quality .
FINE TUNE :Press P+/P- to select FINE TUNE item in menu . Then , press V+/V-
button to adjust and improve the image quality .
EXCHANGE : Press V+ to display the menu as follows:
Press P+/- to select the item and then V+/- to adjust the channel and V+
to confirm.( For example: press P+/- to select FROM item, and then press
V+/- to adjust the channel number to 1; then Press P+/- to select TO item,
and V+/- to adjust the channel number to 9; press P+/- to select EXCHANGE item,
and then V+ to confirm. The two channels will be exchanged)
MANUAL SEARCH : Press V+ to start to search the channel . The following menu
will display on the screen:
Press V+/- to select UP or DOWN, and then press MENU to confirm.
(If you select DOWN, the search will search the lower frequency channel and UP
will search the higher frequency channel)
2. AUTO SEARCH : Auto search and save the channel .Press the V+ button to
start to search the channel and the following menu will appears on the screen:
Press V+/- to select YES or NO, and menu to confirm.
You could press MENU to stop the search.
NOTE: If you want to search the channels in L or L
system to L in OSD
TO :
system, you need to set the sound


Table of Contents

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