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Epson Stylus Pro 7890 Limited Warranty page 4

Preferred limited warranty program for the epson 24- and 44-inch wide format printers
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Limited Warranty Program for the Epson Stylus
Pro 24- and 44-inch Wide Format Printers
If you purchased a one-year extended service plan, in order to qualify for a one-year
renewal of that service the Total Prints counter on the printer must be at 9000 pages
or less. The information on the Total Prints counter can be obtained from the printer
Control Panel by pressing the Menu button: Menu > Printer Status > Total Prints.
Even if the total number of prints on the printer does not exceed the specified 9000
pages, Epson may still at its discretion not allow renewal based on the printer's
service and usage history.
Purchase After the One-Year Warranty Period
Epson may at its discretion allow you to purchase our one-year extended service
plan after expiration of your printer's original warranty period, subject to the
conditions described below. No renewal is available after that one year of extended
In order to qualify for purchase of our one-year plan after expiration of the warranty:
• The printer must be no more than two years old based on initial shipment data
from Epson's warehouse.
• The Total Prints counter on the printer must be at 9000 pages or less. See above
(under "Purchase During the One-Year Warranty Period") for how to check this.
• At your expense, maintenance service (or, if the printer is currently malfunctioning,
then a time and material repair) must be performed by an Epson Authorized
Customer Care Center, to be sure that the printer is in good working condition
and meets Epson's field repair specifications. The one-year Preferred Plus Service
and Support Plan must be purchased within 30 days of this service or repair.
You can obtain detailed terms and pricing information, and purchase a one- or two-
year Preferred Plus Service and Support Plan, from your participating Epson Stylus
Pro dealer or from the Epson Store



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