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Step 3: Discharge The Battery - HP Pavilion HDX9000 - Entertainment Notebook PC User Manual

Power management
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Step 3: Discharge the battery

The computer must remain on while the battery is being discharged. The battery can discharge whether
or not you are using the computer, but the battery will discharge faster while you are using it.
If you plan to leave the computer unattended during the discharge, save your information before
beginning the discharge procedure.
If you use the computer occasionally during the discharge procedure and have set energy-saving
timeouts, expect the following performance from the system during the discharge process:
The monitor will not turn off automatically.
Hard drive speed will not decrease automatically when the computer is idle.
System-initiated Hibernation will not occur.
To discharge a battery:
Unplug the computer from its external power source, but do not turn off the computer.
Run the computer on battery power until the battery is discharged. The battery light begins to blink
when the battery has discharged to a low battery level. When the battery is discharged, the battery
light turns off and the computer shuts down.
Chapter 2 Using battery power



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