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Chapter 9: Troubleshooting; General Troubleshooting - Toshiba 40UL605U Owner's Manual

Integrated high definition lcd tv.
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General troubleshooting

Before calling a service technician, please check this
chapter for a possible cause of the problem and some
solutions you can try.
Black box on-screen
The closed caption feature is set to one of the Text
modes (T1, T2, T3, or T4). Set the closed caption
feature to Off ( page 46).
TV stops responding to controls
If the TV stops responding to the controls on
the remote control or TV control panel and you
cannot turn off the TV, please unplug the power
cord few seconds then re-plug to try again.
Other problems
If your TV's problem is not addressed in this
Troubleshooting section or the recommended
solution has not worked, use the Restore Factory
Defaults procedure ( page 37).
TV will not turn on
Make sure the power cord is plugged in, and then
The remote control batteries may be dead.
Replace the batteries or try the control panel
Picture problems
General picture problems
Check the antenna/cable connections ( Chapter
on the remote control or TV and
select a valid video input source ( page 38).
If no device is connected to a particular input
on the TV, no picture will display when you
select that particular input source. For device
connection details, see Chapter 2.
Antenna reception may be poor. Use a highly
directional outdoor antenna (if applicable).
The station may have broadcast difficulties. Try
another channel.
Adjust the picture qualities ( page 46).

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting

Noisy picture
If you are watching an analog channel (off-
air broadcast or Cable TV), you can set the
feature to reduce visible interference
in the TV picture ( page 63).
Video Input Selection problems
If the Input Selection window does not appear
when you press
on the remote control or
TV, press
a second time, which will change
to the next video input source and display the
Input Selection window.
Cannot view external signals or channel
3 or 4
If you cannot view signals from external devices
connected to VIDEO, ColorStream
HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4, PC or from channels 3 or 4,
make sure the Input Lock is set to Off ( page 52).
Poor color or no color
The station may have broadcast difficulties. Try
another channel.
Adjust the Tint and/or Color ( page 46).
Poor composite picture
If the TV is connected to an external A/V device
(e.g., DVD player, video game system, set-top
box, etc.) try using a ColorStream or HDMI video
connection instead.
Picture and sound are out of sync
As with all products that contain a digital display,
in rare instances, when viewing certain content
(e.g.. television broadcasts, video games, DVDs),
you may notice that the sound and picture are
slightly out of sync. This phenomenon can be
caused by various factors including, without
limitation, video processing within the TV, video
processing in an attached gaming system, and
video processing or different compression rates
used by broadcasters in their programming. You
may want to try one or more of the following
suggestions, which may help to reduce the effect
of this phenomenon:
If the TV is connected to an A/V receiver that
has a programmable audio delay feature, use
this feature to help synchronize the sound to
the picture.
If you notice this phenomenon only on
certain TV channels, please contact your
local broadcast, cable, or satellite provider to
inform them of this issue.
Scrolling text problem
When slow motion video is present the unit will
treat any scrolling text as Film and may cause a
slight jitter of the scrolling text. Turning Off the
Film Stabilization feature will correct this issue.
( page 63)


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