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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood KMD-D400 Instruction Manual

3 disc and 1 disc md auto changer
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Troubleshooting Guide

What might seem to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before
calling service, first check the following table for possible problems.
The disc control mode cannot
be selected.
The disc cannot be changed.
No sound can be heard, or the
volume is low.
The spectrum analyser is not
Nothing happens when the
buttons are pressed.
The MD cannot be inserted.
The MD does not load.
The MD loads but soon comes
out again.
A track will not play.
The system will not enter the
Menu mode.
No cable has been connected to the disc changer input
terminal on the unit.
Four MDs have been set in the main unit.
Attenuator is turned on.
The fader or balance settings are set all the way to one
5 minutes have elapsed since the panel dropped open.
The speaker input cable is not connected.
The fader setting has been adjusted to the rear side.
The analyser display level has been set too low.
The volume is too low.
The computer chip in the unit is not functioning normally.
There is already an MD loaded.
The insertion orientation of the MD is incorrect or the MD
is upside down.
Nothing is recorded on the MD.
Random play has been selected.
The system is not in MD play mode.
Connect the control cable to the disc changer input terminal
on the centre unit.
Remove the MD currently playing.
Turn off Attenuator.
Reset the fader or balance settings.
When 5 minutes have elapsed since the panel dropped
open, the disc will automatically stop playing.
Refer to the "Connections" section, and connect the cable.
Adjust the fader control on the centre unit to the centre
Adjust it to a higher level.
Raise the volume, or alternatively, adjust the analyser display
level to a higher level.
Press the reset button on the centre unit.
Eject the currently loaded MD and then load the new one.
Insert the MD in the proper orientation.
Switch the MD for one that is recorded.
Turn off random play.
If the main unit is not in MD play mode, it will not go into the
Menu mode.
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