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HP Integrity rx4610 Installation Manual

Installation guide for the intel server control.
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Installation Guide
for the
Server Control
HP Part Number A6153-96006
Printed in June 2001


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  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    Installation Guide for the ® Intel Server Control HP Part Number A6153-96006 Printed in June 2001...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 System Requirements ..................1 Client Workstation....................1 Managed Server ....................2 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC ................. 3 Preparing the System ..................4 Client Workstation ..................4 Managed Servers ..................5 Installing the Software ..................6 Interactive Installation Process ..............6 Silent Installation Process ................

  • Page 5: System Requirements

    1 System Requirements ISC consists of console software and instrumentation software. You install and run console software on the system from which you are going to monitor and control other servers referred to as managed servers. A managed server is an ®...

  • Page 6: Managed Server

    Also, Itanium - based platforms running Microsoft Windows 64-bit Advanced Server do not support the integration of either the Hewlett-Packard OpenView Network Node Manager Console or the Computer Associates Unicenter The Next Generation. The ISC Stand-alone Console can monitor and control managed servers without a †...

  • Page 7: Installing And Upgrading Isc

    2 Installing and Upgrading ISC The ISC installation process is designed to enable you to install the software over several machines at once. The process also allows you to choose which ISC features you want to include as part of the installation. For the latest ISC installation information, refer to the README.TXT and ERRATA.TXT files that reside on the Resource CD.

  • Page 8: Preparing The System

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC System Resource CD Console Console Windows 2002 Console 32-bit Version for Itanium -based Windows NT of Windows 2000 platforms Console Windows NT Network Managed Managed Managed Managed Managed Server Server Server Server Server Windows 2002 Windows 2002 Windows 2002 Windows 2002...

  • Page 9: Managed Servers

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC Table 3. Client Workstation Preparation Operating System Conditions Windows NT 4.0 • Supported client console for DPC only. server or workstation, • You must be connected as a user with Enterprise Edition administrator rights. •...

  • Page 10: Installing The Software

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC Operating System Condition c. Use the arrow keys to select Event Log Configuration and press the <Enter> key. d. Ensure that the Events Logging option is set to Enabled. e. Press the <F10> key to save your settings. f.

  • Page 11: Silent Installation Process

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC 7. After adding all the systems to the list, click OK to return to the screen with your list of systems and their respective default paths. You can edit individual paths by right-clicking on a system and supplying a new path in the subsequent dialog box.

  • Page 12

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC Command-line Syntax Use the following command-line syntax when invoking setup.exe: Setup.exe /silent:textfile [[/username:username] [/password:password]] \ [/log:logfile] Where: A user-supplied file that specifies the systems on which to textfile install ISC. You must supply this text file during a silent installation.

  • Page 13

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC When the silent installation process is complete, a dialog box appears that provides status about each of the systems on which you attempted to install ISC. For example, Figure 2 could appear after successfully installing ISC on a single system: Figure 2.

  • Page 14: Upgrading Isc

    Chapter 2 Installing and Upgrading ISC The password for the username that has administrative password rights for the associated system on which ISC is being installed. Supplying a password is optional. If you do not supply one in the text file, the installation program looks for a password in the command line.

  • Page 15: Uninstalling Isc

    3 Uninstalling ISC CAUTION Remote install/uninstall does not work in this release of the software. Please download the latest release from the HP web site at You can uninstall ISC from single systems one of two ways: 1. The Operating system’s Add/Remove Program applet from the Control Panel 2.

  • Page 16

    Chapter 3 Uninstalling ISC 4. Click Next in the Welcome Screen to continue. 5. Select the system from which you want to remove ISC. You can select a remote system or the local system. However, you are limited to removing ISC from a single system.

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