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Whirlpool AKR 317/IX Instructions page 2

70cm stainless steel 5 burner gas hob with triple crown wok burner akr 317/ix


This operation must be performed by a qualified technician.
The electrical connections must comply
with local regulations.
The earthing of this appliance is
compulsory by law.
Do not use an extension cord.
IMPORTANT: the data relevant to the voltage and power absorption are indicated on the rating plate.
After having cleaned the perimeter surface,
apply the supplied gasket to the hob as shown
in the figure.
Position the hob in the worktop opening made respecting the dimensions indicated in the Instruction.
NOTE: the power supply cable must be long enough to permit its upward extraction.
To secure the hob, use the brackets (A) provided with it. Fit the brackets into the relevant bores shown by the arrow and
fasten them by means of their screws in accordance with the thickness of the worktop (see the following figures).
Top 20 mm
This operation must be performed by a qualified technician.
If the appliance is intended to operate with a different gas from the gas type stated on the rating plate and information label
on the top of the hob, change the injectors.
Remove the information label and keep it with the instructions booklet.
Use pressure regulators suitable for the gas pressure indicated in the Instruction.
The gas nozzles must be changed by After Sales Service or a qualified technician.
Nozzles not supplied with the appliance must be ordered from After Sales Service.
Adjust the minimum setting of the taps.
NOTE: when liquid petroleum gas is used (G30/G31), the minimum gas setting screw must be tightened as far as it will
IMPORTANT: should you experience difficulty in turning the burners knobs, please contact the After Sales Service for
the replacement of the burner tap if found to be faulty.
Top 30-50 mm
REPLACING THE INJECTORS (see the injector table in the Instruction)
Remove grids (A).
Extract burners (B).
Using a socket spanner of the appropriate size unscrew
the injector (C), unscrew the injector to be replaced.
Replace it with the injector suitable for the new type of
Re-assemble the injector in (D).
If you have a multiple crown burner use side spanner to
replace the injector (E).
Before installing the hob, remember to affix the gas
calibration plate supplied with the injectors in such a way
that it covers the existing information relating to gas
To ensure that the minimum setting is correctly adjusted, remove the knob and
proceed as follows:
tighten screw to reduce the flame height (-);
loosen screw to increase the flame height (+).
The adjustment must be performed with the tap in minimum gas setting position (small
flame) .
The primary air of the burners does not need to be adjusted.
At this stage, light up the burners and turn the knobs from max position
minimum position
to check flame stability.
Upon completion of adjustment, reseal using sealing wax or an equivalent material.
Provision for ventilation
The room in which the appliance is installed must have an air supply to current B.S. 5440 - Part 2 standards.
All rooms require a permanent vent in addition to the openable window.
If there are other fuel burning appliances in the same room B.S. 5440 - Part 2 should be consulted to determine the air vent
If the appliance is installed in a cellar or basement, it is advisable to provide an air vent of 65 cm, irrespective of the room
Gas Safety Regulations
The law requires that all gas appliances are installed by competent persons in accordance with the current gas safety
regulations. Failure to install appliances correctly may lead to prosecution.
It is in your own interest, and that of safety, to ensure that the law is complied with. The hob should be installed in accordance
with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, the Building Regulations issued by the Department of the
Environment and the Building Standard (Scotland) (Consolidation) Regulations, issued by the Scottish Development
In the G.B., CORGI registered installers work to safe standards of practice.
Before calling the After-Sales Service, make sure you can give the following information:
type of fault or problem;
exact model (written on the label affixed to the instruction/warranty);
service number that follows the word SERVICE on the rating plate under the hob and
on the label affixed to instruction/warranty;
your complete address and phone number.
If any repairs are required, please contact an authorised After-Sales Service, as indicated in
the warranty.



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