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14) Set Brightness is cut-off(0.06FL) and Contrast to
Max position.
15) Set SUB-CONTRAST Max 127(7F) (decimal) position.
16) Set B-DRIVE to 90(5A); LG CDT at DRIVE of the
alignment program. (TECO CDT: B-DRIVE 100(64))
17-1) Adjust R-DRIVE and G-DRIVE command to white
± 0.003 and y=0.298 ± 0.003 at Full-
balance x=0.283
White on the White Balance Meter with PC arrow keys.
17-2) Display color 15,0 window pattern 5Box 50x50mm at
mode 8.
18) Adjust SUB-CONTRAST command to 50
B/Raster 0.06FL.
19) Display color 15,0 full white patten at Mode 8.
20) Set Brightness and Contrast to Max position.
± 1FL of the luminance at B/Raster 0.06FL.
22) Adjust ABL to 33
23) After push the "ENTER" key, and "COMMAND
Y(Yes)" command.
24) Exit from the program.
5. Input EDID Data.
6. Adjustment for Focus.
± 1FL at
ABL command.
- 11 -
1) Display color 15,0 cross hatch pattern at Mode 8.
Write EDID command and confirm
"EDID Write OK!!" message of monitor.
3) Exit from the alignment program.
4) Power switch OFF/ON for EDID data save.
1) Set the Brightness and Contrast to max position.
2) Display cross hatch with quadrant text pattern in full
screen at Mode 8.
3) Adjust two Focus control on the FBT that focus
should be the best condition.


Table of Contents

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