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Before you call for service..,
go corn
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money!l Review the charts on the following
pages, or visit You may not need to call for service,
Error Hessoges
Possible Causes
What To Do
You havepressedthe
= Press theSTART/RESET
padonlywhenyouwantto restartthe
indicatorlight flashing START/RESET
pad whilethe
dishwasheris running.This will
cancel the cgcle, T he light will stop
flashing after the dishwasherdrains
(about 90 seconds}.
Dishwasher B EEPS
Thisisa reminder that gour
• Close and latchthedoorafteropeningit mid-cgde
onceeverg30 secondsdishwasherdoorhasbeen left
open during operation. It will
continue beepinguntil gou close
the door°
Possible Causes
What To Do
Dishes and fla_/care
Lowinletwater temperature
• Hakesureinletwater temperature iscorrect(seepage8),Turnon
not clean
the hotwaterfaucetnearest t hedishwasher, letrun untilthewater
temperature stopsrisingThenstartthe dishwasher and turnoff
the faucet,Thisinsures theentedngwaterishot,
Water pressure istemporarilg law • Turn on a faucet tswatercomingoutmoreslowlythan usual?
Ifso,waituntitpressure isnormal b eforeusingyourdLshwasher.
Air gapor disposer isdogged
• Cleontheair gapor flushthedisposer.
• Hakesurelarge dishware doesnotblockthedetergent d ispenser
or thewash arms,See theLoading thedishwasher rockssection
Noair gapor highdrain loop
• Verifgthat gou havean air gapor a highdrainloop.Refer t o
the Installation Instructions
onglasses and
Extremely hardwater
Overloading the dishwasher
aid or damppowderdetergent
Rinse agentdispenser empty
Toolittle detergent
Cloudiness on
Combinatbn of softwaterand
too muchdetergent
thedishwasher exceeds 1 50°F
Sudsin the tub
• UseJet-Dry_ or Cascade CrystalCIeoPrinseagentsto remove spotsand
prevent n ewfilm buildup,
• Toremove stubborn spotsand pre-existing f ilmfrom glassware:
1 Remove nitmetalutensils from thedishwasher,
2 Donot odddetergent
3 Select t he POTS & PANS or HEAWWASH cycle,
# Startthedishwasher a ndallowto runfor !8 to 22 minutesDishwasher
wilt nowbeinthemain wash
S Openthedoorand pour2 cups (500ml)of whitevinegarintothe
bottomof thedishwasher.
6 Close thedoorand allowto complete thecgde If vinegarrinsedoesn't
work< Repeat a sabove,except u se1/4cup{60ml}of citricacidcrLJstOIs
• Thisiscalledetchingandis permanentToprevent t his from happening,
usetess detergent i f gou havesoftwater+ Washglassware in theshortest
cgcle that w_ll g et themclean.
• Thiscould b eetchingLowerthewaterheatertemperature
• Useonlgautomaticdishwasher detergents to ovoidsudsing,
Cascade _ andElectn_soP Automatic Dishwoshing D etergents
havebeenapproved forusein all GE dish, r ashers.
• Toremove sudsfrom thetub,openthe dishwasher and let
sudsdissipateCtose andlatchthedishwasher, Pumpoutwater
bg touchingtheSTART/R_ET p odonce;then30 seconds later,
touch theSTART/RESET
podagain Repeat i f necessorg,
• Atwagswipeuprinseagentspills immediately
Rinse agentwas spiUed


Table of Contents

Table of Contents