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Cisco catalyst blade switch 3020 for hp getting started guide
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Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 for HP Getting Started Guide [Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series] - Cisco Systems
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Caution Do not connect the switch module to any device other than the PC or workstation being used to configure it.
Step 7 Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on the PC or workstation. Verify that the port status LEDs on both connected Ethernet ports are green.
Step 8 Wait approximately 30 seconds after the port LEDs turn green, and launch a web browser on your PC or workstation.
Step 9 Enter the IP address and press Enter.
The Express Setup home page appears.
Step 10 Go to
"Completing the Express Setup Fields" section
to finish setting up the switch module using the Express Setup screen of the Device Manager.
Using the Onboard Administrator to Assign an IP Address to the Switch Module fa0 Interface
For the switch module to obtain an IP address for the fa0 interface through the Onboard Administrator, these conditions must be met:
The blade server is powered on and connected to the network.
Basic configuration of the Onboard Administrator is completed, and you have the username and password for the Onboard Administrator.
A DHCP server is configured on the network segment to which the blade server is connected, or the Onboard Administrator is configured to run as a DHCP server.



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