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Yamaha C6860 - DV DVD Changer Owner's Manual

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  • Page 2 iMPORTANTSAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS Grounding or Polm ization This product may be equipped _ ith a polarized alternating current line plug (a plug having one blade wld_ ¸than the origen). This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. This is a safety I_atuJ_. I]! you al_ unable to in_ert the plug fully into the outlet, try J_versing...
  • Page 3 Since hearing damage from loud sounds is often undetectable until it is too late, YAMAHA and the Electronic industries Association's Consumer Electronics Group recommend you to avoid prolonged exposure from excessive volume levels.
  • Page 4 YAMAHA will not be _sult in hazardous radiation exposure. held responsible Br" any damage resulting fiom use of this unit with a voltage other-than as specified.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Special VCD & SVCD features ......... Introduction Playback control (PBC) ..............Region codes ................Audio CDs ................Supplied accessories ............... Playing by discs ................... Notes on discs ................ Playing PIP3/JPEG/KodaI< picture CDs ......17 Cleaning discs ................Genel al operation ................
  • Page 6: Introduction

    introduction Thank you for purchasing this unit. This Do not use discs with tape, seals, or Owner's Manual explains the basic paste on their surface. Doing so may operation of this unit. damage this unit. Do not use discs affixed with labels printed by a commercially available label...
  • Page 7: Functional Overview

    Functional Overview ® l_ Disc tray 1441/_14 Searches backward.* Loads up to S discs in the disc tray. Moves to the previous chapter or tracl<. ,_2,,A (OPEN/CLOSE) (8- Front panel display Opens or closes the disc tray. Shows the current status of this unit.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    Functional Overview AUDIO (L/R) jacks (4) VIDEO - S VIDEO jack input jacks of you=" Connect to the audio Connect to the S-video input jack of your AV receiver. AV receiver or stereo system. _5) VIDEO OUT - VIDEO jack _2_ DiGiTAL - COAXIAL jack...
  • Page 9: Camera Angle

    Functional Overview STOP Stops playback. SUBTITLE Selects the subtitle language. _{8_ ANGLE Selects the DVD camera angle. GD CD C]DII _at_ _9s REPEAT Repeats the chapter, track, title, disc or all discs... _:J13" ,_Q) A-B Repeats a specific segment. :_fi_ Numeric buttons (0-9)
  • Page 10: Preparation

    Preparation You need to set "DiGiTAL OUTPUT" to "ALL" (see "DiGiTAL OUTPUT" on page 23), Never make or change connections with Notes: the power of this unit turned on. If the audio format of the digital output • Depending on the component you wish does not match the capabilities of your to connect,...
  • Page 11: Video Connections

    Preparation Component video jacks <A> Component video connections achieve If your AV receiver has video output jacks, higher fidelity color reproduction than connect your receiver and then your TV S-video connections by transmitting video so that you can use one TV for several signals on separate wires for luminance different video sources (LD, VCR, etc.) by (Y: green) and chrominance...
  • Page 12 Using remote control oo00 Point the remote control the remote control sensor, within approximately (20 ft) from the unit. Open the battery compartment. Insert the two suppled batteries (AA, R06, UM-3) following the indications (+/-) inside the compartment. Close the cover. Notes: Insert batteries correctly according to the polarity markings (+/-).
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting Started When "SCREEN SAVER" is set to "OFF" (see page 22): The background or the paused picture is Connect the AC power cord to an AC outlet. displayed for 30 minutes. Turn on your TV and AV receiver. This unit is set to the standby mode. Select the appropriate input source of the AV receiver connected...
  • Page 14 Setting an aspect ratio your Select this if the connected TV is a PAL system TV. It will change the video signals You canset the aspectratio of this unit of NTSC discs and output them in PAL match your TV. If the aspect ratio of your format.
  • Page 15: Setting The Osd Language

    Getting Started Setting the audio, subtitle and disc menu languages You can select your own preferred language settings. This unit automatically switches to your preferred language whenever you load a disc. If the selected language is not available on the disc, the default language of the disc will be used...
  • Page 16: Disc Operations

    Disc Operations IMPORTANT! To stop playback, press [] (STOP) on the front panel or STOP (1) on the remote If the inhibition icon (@ or X) control. appears on the TV screen when a • To play back a specific disc directly, button is pressed, the function that...
  • Page 17: Selecting A Tracwchapter

    Disc Operations Selecting a traddchapter • Press k_ / _lD_t or use the numeric buttons (0-9) to select a track/chapter number. Repeat During repeated playback of a track/ chapter', press _41 / _1_1 to replay the Repeating chapter/title/disc (DVD) same track/chapter. Each time you press REPEAT, the display changes as follows:...
  • Page 18: Repeating A Section Within A Chapter/Track

    Disc Operations Repeating a section within chapter/track While playing a disc, press A-B at the desired starting point. Using disc menu :2 Press A-IB again at the desired end point. Depending on the disc, a menu may appear • A and B can only be set within the same on the TV screen once you load the disc.
  • Page 19: Zooming In

    Disc Operations Zooming On-screen display (OSD) This function allows you to enlarge or The OSD menu shows disc playback lessen the picture on the TV screen and information (e.g., the title or chapter pan through the enlarged picture, number, elapsed playing time or audio/ subtitle language).
  • Page 20 Disc Operations Tide/Chapter/Track selection Repeat/Time display (DVD/VCD) (DVDIVCD) Press A/V to select [REPEAT] or [TIME Press AIr to select [TITLE] or DISP.]. [CHAPTER] (DVD) or [TRACK] (VCD). Press ENTER/OK to confirm Press ENTER/OK to confirm selection. selection. Press A/Y to highlight your selection, Select a title, chapter or track number ENTER/OK.
  • Page 21: Playback Control

    Disc Operations Audio Changing the audio language and/or format Playing by discs Press AUDIO repeatedly to select an Load a disc. audio language. -_ Playback starts automatically. -_ The TV screen displays the current Subtitles playback status and the number •...
  • Page 22: Picture Cds

    Disc Operations During playback, can: • Press k_l_l / I_k to select another track/file in the current folder. Press PAUSE (ll) to pause playback. Note: It may not be possible to play certain MP3/ JPEG discs due to the configuration and characteristics of the discs or the recording conditions.
  • Page 23: Scan Effect

    Disc Operations Scan effect • Press ANGLE repeatedly to choose a scan effect. Various scan effects appear in the top left corner of the TV screen. Playing music and JPEG pictures simultaneously Load a disc chat contains both music and picture data.
  • Page 24: Setup Menu

    Setup Menu UNLOCK Setup is carried out on the TV screen, enabling you to customize this unit to suit Select this to unlock the disc and allow your own particular requirements. future playback. Press A/T to select a setting, and then press ENTER/OK to confirm your selection.
  • Page 25 Setup Menu Press ENTER/OK to confirm your Program: Disc selection. You can play back discs in the desired order by programming the discs to be played. You can store up to 5 discs. In "GENERAL SETUP PAGE", press A/T to highlight [PROGRAM], and then press to select [FDS].
  • Page 26: Osd Language

    Setup Menu To start program playback Sleep timer • Use _I_IAI'V to highlight [START] This feature automatically sets this unit to the program menu and then press standby mode after a certain elapsed ENTER/OK. period. Playback starts for the selected tracks In "GENERAL SETUP PAGE", press A/_'...
  • Page 27: Setting The Analog Output

    Setup Menu ONLY Setting analog output Select this only if your receiver is not Set the analog output to match the capable of decoding multi-channel audio playback capability of this unit. signals. In "AUDIO SETUP PAGE", press A/_ Note: highlight [ANALOG OUTPUT], and then If'your receiver cannot decode DTS, no sound...
  • Page 28: Cd Upsampling

    Setup Menu upsarnpEng Select this to level out the volume, This Use this feature to convert your music CD feature is only available for movies with the to a higher sampling rate using Dolby Digital mode. sophisticated digital signal processing for better sound quality.
  • Page 29: Settiug The Tv Display

    Setup Menu Setting display Set the aspect ratio of this unit to match your TV. The format you select must be available on the disc. ©therwise, the TV display setting will not affect the picture during playback. In "VIDEO SETUP PAGE", press A/V to highlight [TV DISPLAY], and then...
  • Page 30: Progressive

    OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. O___N_N This unk is compatible with the complete line of Select this to enable the progressive scan YAMAHA products, including the pl_)jectors function. 1200, LPX 510 and the plasma monitor PDM 4220. Select this to disable the progressive scan function.
  • Page 31: The Black Level

    Setup Menu If you selected [PERSONAL] in step 1, Selecting black level proceed to steps 4-7: If you set the TV type to NTSC, set the The "PERSONAL PICTURE SETUP" black level shift to ON to improve menu appears. color contrast during playback.
  • Page 32: Video

    Setup Menu Select this to enable the closed caption function. Press STOP twice to stop playback (if necessary), and then press SETUP. Press _l / _ to select the "Preference Select this to disable the closed caption function. Setup" icon. Press ENTEWOK to confirm your Press A/Y...
  • Page 33: Hp3/Jpeg Menu

    Setup Menu In "PREFERENCE PAGE", press A/T (Playback control) highlight [PARENTAL], and then press i_. You can turn on or off PBC. This feature is available only on Video CD 2.0 with the playback control (PBC) feature. For details, see "Playback control (PBC)"...
  • Page 34: The Password

    Setup Menu Use the numeric buttons (0-9) to enter Changing password your old six-digit password. The same password is used for both When doingthis for thefirsttime, enter Parental Control and Disc Lock. Enter "000 000". your six-digit password when prompted •...
  • Page 35: Code

    Language Code These codes can be used to select other languages. This does not affect options in "AUDIO", "SUBTITLE" or "DISC MENU". Abkhazian 6566 German 6869 Afar 6565 Gikuyu; Kikuyu 7573 Afrikaans 6570 Greek, 6976 Albanian 8381 Guarani 7178 Amharic 6577 Gujarati 7185...
  • Page 36 Language Code These codes can be used to select other languages. This does not affect options in "AUDIO", "SUBTITLE" or "DISC MENU". Maori 7773 Sotho, Southem 8384 Marathi 7782 South Ndebele 7882 Marshallese 7772 Spanish; Castilian 6983 Moldavian 7779 Sundanese 8385 Swahili 8387...
  • Page 37 YAMAHA dealer or service center. No power Check if the ACE Dwer cor'a is D[¥DDe...
  • Page 38 Troubleshooting No audio at digital output Check tne a@_al connec_ ons au are pla/in£ a DTS source cnecKtnat 'our recewer can aecc Je DTS a-d "DIGITAL OUT D JT" is set to "ALL _age 23) ,ou are pla/Jn£ a HPEG-2 sou_c_ cnecKtnat recewer can decode HPEG-2.
  • Page 39: Glossary

    Glossary Analog: Sound that has not been turned into surround sound system numbers.Analog sound varies, while digital developed by Dolby Laboratories containing sound has specific numerical values.These jacks to six channels of digital audio (front left and send audio through channels, the left and right, surround left and right, center...
  • Page 40 Glossary ProEressive scan: It displays all the horizontal lines of a picture at one time, as a signal frame. This system can convert the interlaced video from DVD into progressive format connection to a progressive display. It dramatically increases the vertical resolution.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    Specifications PLAYBACK SYSTEM STANDARD (PAL/S0 (NTSC/60 DVD-Video Number of lines Video CD & SVCD Playback Multistandard (PAL/NTSC) PICTURE CONNECTIONS CD-R, CD-RW Y Output Cinch (green) DVD+R, DVD+RW PB/CB Output Cinch (blue) DVD-R, DVD-RW PR/CR Output Cinch (red) S-Video Output Mini DIN, 4 pins VIDEO PERFORMANCE Video...

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