Dual XD5110 Installation & Owner's Manual

Dual am/fm/cd receiver installation/owner's manual.
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AM/FM/CD Receiver


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    XD5110 Preparation Please read entire manual before installation. Before You Start • Disconnect negative battery terminal. (consult a qualified technician for instructions) • Avoid installing the unit where it would be subject to high temperatures, such as from direct sunlight, or where it would be subject to dust, dirt or excessive vibration.

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    FUSES When replacing fuses, make sure new fuse is the correct type and amperage. Using an incorrect fuse could damage the radio. The XD5110 uses one 1 amp AGC fuse (Ignition) and one 5 amp AGC fuse (Battery) located in-line.

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    Power Volume Track Up/Down Eject Band Display Local/Distance/CD Repeat XD5110 OPERATION Control Locations Play/Pause Bass Boost/CD Random Mono/Stereo/CD Intro Reset Audio Tuning...

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    XD5110 OPERATION General Operation Power On/Off Press PWR to turn the unit on. Inserting a CD will turn the unit on automatically. Press PWR to turn the unit off. CD Mode Insert a CD or press / II to begin or resume playback.

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    XD5110 OPERATION General Operation Reset Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to RESET the unit upon initial installation or if abnormal opeartion occurs. Audio Press AUD to select between Volume (default), Bass, Treble, Balance & Fader. Bass Press AUD until BAS appears Press VOLUME ▼...

  • Page 8: Tuner Operation

    XD5110 OPERATION Tuner Operation Tuning Turn TUNE knob to select desired station. FM Mono/Stereo Press MONO during FM tuner operation to select mono or stereo (default) reception of the broadcast signal. Local/Distance Press LOC to activate local tuning for strong station reception only.

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    Some CD-Rs and CD-RWs may be incompatible with CD-R/CD-RW this unit, depending on media type and recording Compatibility method. XD5110 OPERATION CD Player Operation >> to skip to the beginning of the next << to return to the beginning of <<...

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    What to do? If the product requires warranty service, you must prepay the initial shipping charges. DUAL will pay the return shipping charges if the product is returned to an address within the USA. Namsung America Inc.

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    Tuning range: AM sensitivity: Frequency response: General Total power output: Power output: Operating voltage: Speaker output impedance: Fuses: Dimensions: Design and specifications subject to change without notice XD5110 OPERATION Specifications >86dB 20Hz-20kHz 1 Bit 87.5MHz-107.9MHz 12dBf 16dBf 40dB 30Hz-13kHz 530kHz-1720kHz...

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    XD5110 Troubleshooting Problem Yellow or red wire not connected or Unit will not incorrect voltage turn on (no power) Black wire not connected Fuse blown Speaker wires not connected Unit has power (but no sound) One or more speaker wires touching...

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