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Reverse Door Swing Square-Shaped Door - Whirlpool WED94HEAC Installation Instructions Manual

Installation guide
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Reinstall door on dryer
Using a TORX
T25 screwdriver, remove the 4 screws on the
dryer. Insert the tabs on the hinge into the mounting slot and
slide down to engage the top tab. Secure in place with
the 4 TORX T25 screws removed earlier.

Reverse door swing square-shaped door

Remove door from dryer
Using a TORX T25 screwdriver, remove the 4 screws securing
the door hinge to the dryer and lift up and out to remove the
door. Place the door on a soft towel or other non-scratch
surface. Retain or set aside the 4 screws.
Move the door strike
Using a TORX T25 screwdriver, remove the 2 screws securing
the door strike to the door frame of the dryer. Remove the
4 screws above and below the door strike and set aside for
later use. Rotate the strike 180° and attach to the opposite
side of dryer door frame, as shown.
Remove inner door from
outer door
Release tab
Position the door with the inside of the door facing up. Using
a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 13 screws securing the
inner door to the outer door. Lift off the inner door and set
NOTE: There is a small release tab on each side of the door.
If the inner and outer door do not separate easily, slide a
credit card, putty knife, or similar flat object between the inner
and outer doors at the locations shown to release the tab.
Release tab



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