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Cycle Status Indicators - Whirlpool HybridCare WED99HEDW Use & Care Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Touch and hold START/PAUSE
to begin cycle
Touch and hold START/PAUSE to begin the cycle.
Remove garments promptly
after cycle is finished
Promptly remove garments after cycle has completed
to reduce wrinkling.

Cycle Status Indicators

The Cycle Status Indicators show the progress of a cycle.
Clean HybridCare™ Filter
Clean HybridCare™ Filter light comes on after every 5th
cycle. Light will reset after filter is cleaned and loaded back
into dryer cabinet. For additional cleaning information, see
"Dryer Care."
NOTE: If there are other error issues during a cycle, the
Clean HybridCare™ Filter indicator will not light up. See
"Troubleshooting" section.
Eco Monitor
The Eco Monitor allows you to see how the settings you
select affect your energy usage within the cycle chosen.
The Eco Monitor indicator may change, depending on the
options and modifiers selected.
The load is still wet and/or the cycle just started.
This indicator shows that the load is partially dried and items
that you may wish to hang up or iron while still damp may
be removed.
Cool Down
The dryer has finished drying with heat, and is now tumbling
the load without heat to cool it down and reduce wrinkling.
This will indicate that the selected cycle has ended and
the load may be removed from the dryer. If Wrinkle Shield
option has been selected, the dryer may continue to tumble
the load, even if the Done indicator is lit.
The Sensing indicator will light during Automatic Cycles to
indicate that the moisture sensor on the dryer is operating.
This indicator will not light during Manual Cycles or options
such as Wrinkle Shield.
Wrinkle Shield
This indicator will light if the Wrinkle Shield
selected and is running. The dryer will periodically tumble
the load for up to 150 minutes after the cycle has ended.
option has been

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Table of Contents

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