D-Link DSB-C300White User Manual

D-Link DSB-C300White User Manual

Usb digital video camera


Model DU-C300
USB Digital Video
User' s Guide
Rev. 01 (August, 1999)
Printed in Taiwan


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Summary of Contents for D-Link DSB-C300White

  • Page 1 Model DU-C300 USB Digital Video Camera User’ s Guide Rev. 01 (August, 1999) Printed in Taiwan RECYCLABLE...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODUCTION................1 HARDWARE INSTALLATION ............ 2 ............... 2 NSTALLING THE AMERA DRIVER INSTALLATION ............3 ..........3 NSTALLING THE AMERA RIVERS CONFIGURING ICS FOR THE DSB-C300 ......... 6 ................ 10 OURCE ETTINGS ............. 11 DVANCED AMERA ETTINGS ............
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing the D-Link DU-C300 USB Digital Video Camera. Using state of the art technology, it can be used with any Windows 98 PC for video-conferencing, to create multimedia presentations, or video emails. Included in your package is Smith Micro’ s Internet Video Link , a complete Video software package that will allow you to get the most out of your new camera.
  • Page 4: Hardware Installation

    Hardware Installation Installation of a D-Link DU-C300 requires installation of the camera hardware itself, and then installation of the software drivers. Installing the Camera Please verify that you have Windows 98 or Windows NT running and working before attempting to install your DU-C300.
  • Page 5: Driver Installation

    Driver Installation Installing the Camera Drivers Note: Please have your original Windows CD available, it may be required to complete the installation. Once the DU-C300 has been installed the New Hardware Wizard will launch:...
  • Page 6 Once again press “Next>” so that your computer will search for the best driver: Make sure that the driver diskette that came with your camera is in your floppy drive and that you have checked “Floppy disk drives” and then press “Next>”:...
  • Page 7 Once the driver has been installed click “Finish”:...
  • Page 8: Configuring Ics For The Dsb-C300

    Configuring IVL for the DU-C300 After you install Internet Video Link and start it for the first time, the IVL Configuration Advisor will launch automatically, click “Next>”:...
  • Page 9 Read the License Agreement and click “Next>” to accept: Next you will set up your sound, if you do not have a sound card or microphone installed the following will appear, choose “Next>”.
  • Page 10 If you do have a sound card, follow these prompts:...
  • Page 11 Next you must choose the “D-Link DU-C300 USB Digital Video Camera from a list of input devices and then click “Next>” From the Video Setup Screen you may choose “Source” or “Format” to adjust the DU-C300’ s driver settings.
  • Page 12: Source Settings

    Source Settings The Compression Control allows you to select the internal compression rate, which trades off between video quality...
  • Page 13: Advanced Camera Settings

    data volume your application. Sliding Compression Control bar to the left will generate less data volume; lower video quality with faster performance. Sliding the bar to the right will generate large data volume; better video quality but lower performance. In Compression Mode, two options are provided Optimize for Video Preview This preset option will provide the best video quality for local applications, such as video viewing or video recording to a hard...
  • Page 14 Banding Filter This helps to reduce flickering when used in a 50Hz/60Hz environment.
  • Page 15: Video Format Settings

    Lighting To maximize the image quality you can adjust the lighting compensation using backlit or automatic modes. Video Format Settings Video format settings allow you to set the incoming color depth as 24-bit or 16-bit RGB and choose from a myriad of image resolutions. Please keep in mind that the higher the resolution and the higher the RGB bits, the larger the video file size will be.
  • Page 16: Setting U Pics For The Internet

    After this step the Configuration Advisor will check to ensure that the installation went smoothly. It will provide a list of any problems with links to help: Setting Up IVL for the Internet After choosing the desired Format and Source settings, you will arrive at the Internet Directory Setup screen.
  • Page 17 Next fill in your personal information so that people can place calls to you from the Internet:...
  • Page 18 That’ s It! Just press “Finish” and you will be ready to use the D-link DU-C300 with the included Internet Video Link from Smith Micro Software!
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications Sensor 640 x 480 Color CMOS sensor Minimum illumination 8 lux System Interface USB port Video Compression Proprietary video compression Snap-shot button Active Color Adjustment Brightness, Hue, Saturation White balance Automatic Driver Windows 95, Windows 98 Windows NT 5.0 Focus 5mm - Power consumption...

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