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Offline Operating Procedure; Cautions Regarding Data Communication - Yamaha PM1D Operating Manual

Manager for windows operating manual.
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PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual
Offline operating procedure
To break communication between the online the con-
sole/engine and the PC, click the OFFLINE/ONLINE
button in the lower part of Function menu screen. The
following popup window will appear, so click the OK
button and you will switch to offline mode.
Immediately before PM1D Manager transitions
from offline to online, all data is automatically
backed up. (This is referred to as the recovery
When returning to the offline state, the scene mem-
ories and all library data will return to the recovery
point, regardless of the reason that the system went
offline. In other words, the current scene will be
maintained from its online state, but the scene
memories and all library data will not be main-
CHANGE / TC EVENT functions will normally not
be recovered. Be aware that this may produce set-
tings that you do not expect.

Cautions regarding data communication

You should exit all Windows application software
and resident software. Communication may be
unstable if you fail to do so.
Do not perform the following operations while com-
munication is occurring. Doing so may cause com-
munication to be broken.
• Suspend/resume operations
• Starting up a screen saver (including automatic
startup by timer)
• Connecting or disconnecting a memory card or
USB device, etc.
Even if the user does not manually switch to the
offline state, communication will forcibly be
switched offline when one of the following occurs.
• When you exit PM1D Manager while online
• When permission for PC connection is canceled
on the console
• When the console switches between engine A/B
while the PC is connected to the engine (system
example 4 on p.10)
• When a console is connected to a system that
consisted of only an engine and a PC (system
example 5 on p.10)
• When the cable connection is accidentally bro-
ken, or if a communication time-out occurs for
any reason (*)
• When processing cannot be performed in time
because of an excessive amount of data being
transferred (*)
• When the user cancels during an upload or
download (*)
console is switched to console 2 while the console
and PC are still online (*)
* In these cases, PM1D Manager will attempt to return
all data on the PC to the recovery point, but it is possi-
ble that the data has already been destroyed. You can
either reload the data, or re-connect to the device with
which you were communicating.
If the PC is connected to the engine in a system that
includes a console (system example 4 on p.10), and if
communication between the console and engine is bro-
ken for some reason, the scene memory and all library
data will return to the recovery point. If you are using
the PC as a backup for the console, we recommend that
you load the PC with same data as the console while the
PC is still offline, so that the recovery point will be the
same state as the console. Then make the connection.
If you are using a notebook PC, you may require a
higher level of performance than described for the
minimum level of system configuration ( p.3).
If you are using a notebook PC, communication may
become unstable because of power-management set-
tings in the Windows control panel or power-man-
agement settings specific to your CPU (SpeedStep
[Intel CPUs], PowerNow! [AMD CPUs], LongRun
[Transmeta CPUs]). Please turn such functionality
off, and use the notebook PC with its AC power
adaptor connected.


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