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Online Operating Procedure - Yamaha PM1D Operating Manual

Manager for windows operating manual.
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6. In the Function menu screen, click the ONLINE/
OFFLINE button.
The following popup window will appear.
In this popup window you can select one of the fol-
lowing two connection modes.
The current settings of PM1D Manager will be
transmitted to the console/engine, and then syn-
chronized operation will begin.
The current settings of the console/engine will be
transmitted to PM1D Manager, and then synchro-
nized operation will begin.
Whether PM1D Manager is online or offline can be
verified by the state of the ONLINE/OFFLINE but-
ton in the Function menu screen.
(connection not possible)
(connection possible)
In this version of PM1D Manager, it is not possible to
select uploading to a system that includes a console
(examples 1–4 p.10).

Online operating procedure

If the console/engine and PC are connected correctly,
and communication is possible, the OFFLINE symbol
(see p.8) shown at the top of the PM1D Manager screen
will change to the ONLINE symbol, indicating that
PM1D Manager is online.
Now the PC and the entire system will be operate in tan-
dem, and you can use PM1D Manager for supplemen-
tary control of the system. However, some operations
and parameters will not be linked, so please read p.15
and 16 for details.
Communication between PM1D Manager and the console/engine
If you want to send data created within PM1D Man-
ager to the console, save the PM1D Manager data on
the PC to an ATA compatible PC flash storage card or
CF (Compact Flash) card, and then insert this card
into the PC ATA STORAGE CARD slot of the con-
sole and load the data. The capability of uploading to
a console will be supported in a future version. How-
ever in the case of example 5 on p.10, uploading to
the engine is possible with the current version.
In a state in which it is not possible to initiate com-
munications, the OFFLINE/ONLINE button will
be grayed, and cannot be clicked. In this case, please
check the cable connections and settings.
When you click either UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD
in the "CONNECTION" popup window to select
the connection mode, please check the following
• In the console's SYS/W.CLOCK screen PC CON-
NECTION area, make sure that the PERMIT but-
ton of the device connected to the PC is turned
• Make sure that no popup window is displayed in
the screen of the console.
• Make sure that no file is being loaded on the con-
• Make sure that time code is not running in the
• Auto fading or manual fading are not in progress.
If any of the above conditions are not satisfied, a
popup window will appear, informing you that the
PC cannot be connected to the other device, and the
connection procedure will be aborted at step 4 above.
Communication may become unstable if the cable
is too long. Use a cable no longer than 5 meters for
serial connection, or a cable no longer than 3
meters for USB connection.
If time code is running when you attempt to initiate
communication, communication will be aborted.
Transmit time code after switching to online mode.
While an important operation is being performed on the
console, a popup window like the following will appear,
and PM1D Manager will be temporarily inoperable.
Please wait until the operation on the console has been


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