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IBM 29 CARD PUNCH Maintenance Manual

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  • Page 3 Adjustment tolerance changes in Chapter Figure changed to improve figure-to-component association 4-41 Note: Please file this cover letter a t the back of the manual to provide a record of changes. IBM Corporation, Product Publications, P. 0. Box 390, Pough keepsie, N. Y. I2602...
  • Page 5 Field ~ngineerirbg Maintenance Manual Card Punch...
  • Page 6 FES: SS234069 Preface This publicatibn provides information for the maintenance of the IBM 29 Card Punch. The manual is written with presupposition tfiifithe reader has a working knowledge of the machine. As much applicable information as possible is in each section of this manual. The sections are numbered for easy reference.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Contents ....Chapter 1 ~ d e r e n c e Data and Service Aids Arc Suppressors ... .
  • Page 8: Section 2 Features

    ..4.12.5 Upper Permutation Support Adjustment 4-39 ..Program Drum Unit ..4.12.6 Key Unit Adjustment 4-39 ..Sensing Assembly Service Check .
  • Page 9 Page Figure Title Page Figure Title 4-56 Keyboard Key Unit and Permutation Unit 4 4 0 . 4 - 2 1 4-37 Method of Holding Escapement Wheel ... . 4-57 Keyboard Interlock Disks 4 4 1 4-23 4-38 Program Cam Contact Adjustment...
  • Page 10 Turn off power when tilting the base. power supplies are provided with bleeder resistors to drain Use only IBM approved products. Read the labels. As a off capacitor charges when power is dropped, it is wise to general rule, cleaning fluids should be used only in an open check all capacitors with a meter before attempting area.
  • Page 11: Section 1 Reference Data

    Section 1. Reference Data the card through the machine. 5 . Punch Drive Cycle: Controlled rotation of the punch Figure 1-1 shows machine characteristics for the IBM 29 drive unit index shaft. According to the function, this is Card Punch.
  • Page 12: Section 2 Diagnostic Techniques

    Blank Blank Skip: Column Column Release, Release Mult Skip k n m l Auto ~onu.1) Auto Auto Auto, iunctlon Punch Punch D r u S P u 5 - 2 5 - 2 3 - 4 3 - 4 4 - 5 3 - 4 3 - 4 3 - 4...
  • Page 13 Slowly or overheah Check mainline voltage Check motor start relay Release ond feed card Check mainline furer Check motor Check motor stort relay Check motor Check w n c h clutch operation Drum doer not go to column Cord ir not fed to pre-register $totion Check cord feed clutch mechanism Register the cord and...
  • Page 14 Feed card from hopper Release cord Doer no1 leave hopper Crooked ot pre-register station movement $atisfactory Check hopper pressure D o n not slide along Check hopper adjustments plate Hesitater b u c k l n upper rail Releeer Check pin-senre preuure Check pin-$ewe prerrvre Check hopper adjustments Check troveling card...
  • Page 15: Interposer Selection Failures

    and olphobatic character keys Check interposer relotch Check keyboard restore selected Check interposer relotch Check interpan magnet Check inkrpoler Check pin-sere contoch Check k e y b o d shift ckt Check cornmar bar Check throot plates and Check mopat impulse. I f no ~ u l r e , proceed Check pin-tare contoch Check k y b o r d contoch...
  • Page 16: Escapement Failures

    A . Alphabetic Duplicate switch off. kev duo olphobetic and blank Extra column or ot wrong time Perform B ond C Check 12 program contact and circuit Check dup relays Check dup reloy retup Check dup circuits Check P I cam contact Check escape circuit ( - 1 N o trouble found, go...
  • Page 17: Punch Drive Cycle Failures

    Ksv Punch Check escape torque Check FC torque mognet Perform Check escape mechanism Check drive train Check P I cam contact g s a onolyre original foiling condition Escapement (Part 2 of 2) Figure 1-8. to the power supply. The other lead is used to trace circuits skips through column 38.
  • Page 18: Interrupting Machine Operation

    f i n t cycle dvp, ond multipunch Na (Some) Check c l u t c h circuits routine to dimnose fault Multipunch character key. Prcsr Prerr combination key and punched column.Watch punch b a i l watch punch boil than one per key More Cycler...
  • Page 19 kypunch all chamctan Prink Chock print wppms mechanism With print switch stamheals up, ke+unch a d print al; ~ h o r i t o n Chock print switch f - l Check print wpposs Wrong, smudgy, or light magnet circuih Check print suppras Check ribbon circuit...
  • Page 20: Cycling Manually

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Reed Relays When inserting reed relays on the circuit board, care must be exercised not to exert pressure on the coil portion of the relay. Pressure exerted on the coil can cause the relay to flex, and breakage of the glass reed switch may occur. To prevent this breakage, the relay must be positioned and pressed on the card with -equal pressure exerted on each of the plastic ends of the relay (Figure 1-12).
  • Page 21: Left-Zero Feature

    5. If step 4 failed to meet the requirements specified, remove the interlock disks. Left-Zero Overflow/lncorrect Punchout a. Wash the disks and the race in IBM cleaning fluid to Incorrect punchout of left-zero information occurs if the remove all traces of oil or dirt.
  • Page 22: Stacker

    Place the machine in numeric shift and time the automatic duplication of 80 columns (using punched cards). Timing should be 4 to 4.5 seconds. If timing exceeds the limit, slow action is due to the interposer magnet assembly: a. Excessive magnet-to-armature air gap. b.
  • Page 23: Chapter 2. Console And Maintenance Facilities

    5. For Model C machines, refer to Field Engineering 2. Install Model A program card (Figure 2-1) on drum, Theory-Maintenance, IBM 29 Card Runch Features129 install drum in machine, and lower the starwheels. Interpreting Card Punch, Model C, Form 223-2926.
  • Page 24: Program And Function (Model B)

    2.1.5 Program and Function (Model B) Seventh through Tenth Cards 1. Set rhe following switches: Set auto skipldup switch to on position. a. Auto skipldup OFF. Press dup key. Machine duplicates and skips the entire b. Program select ONE. card.
  • Page 25: Final Checkout

    S22.5-33.57-3 FES: SS234069 First Card 1. Press skip key. Program drum skips to column 78. 12. Hold alpha key and press Z, A, and keys. 1. Press 1, 2, and 3 keys. Machine performs punch cycles but does not escape from column 1. Seventh Card 2.
  • Page 27: Section 1. Basic Unit

    DANGER malfunction in some other area. As part of a PM routine, Use only IBM-approved products. Read the labels. As a check the following adjustments regardless of operating general rule, cleaning fluids should be used only in an conditions.
  • Page 28 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Reventive k i n t e m n c e Routine Chart Frequency Lubrication Adjustment (Months) Required k i n t e n o n c e Observe Figure Reference Section 4.6.8 Punch Clutch Each service Lubricate grease fitting. Check overthrow and c a l l outer sleeve lead.
  • Page 29 IBM # 6 oil and punching all columns of the card. 2. Pin-sense unit may be lubricated by applying two or three drops of IBM # 6 oil to the wicks through the two holes in the pinsense casting. Do not overlubricate. 29 FEMM...
  • Page 30 Block t r . -=YA Gear Silicc Grease Lubriw Belt Te IBM #2. 341016 Part Figure 3-3. Lubrication Front Lubrication Hint: To prevent grease migration to the # 23 escapement wheel and the friction clutch, apply grease sparingly to the escapement gear train. To prevent print suppress armature from sticking, apply grease sparingly to pivot and block.
  • Page 31 S225-3357-3 FES: SS23-4069 Figure 3-4. Lubrication - Front (Machine Bed Tilted) Lubrication Hint: After greasing tha punch clutch, remove T h i s excess grease from the sleeves and collar. prevents grease from splashing onto the armature and magnet. 29 FEMM (11170)
  • Page 32 Figure 3-5. Lubrication - Rear...
  • Page 33 Pivc IBM '6 ' 2 3 Figure 3-6. Punch Unit Lubrication H i n t : Do not oversaturate the felt wicks that Lubrication separate the punch drive arms. The oil will run down onto the CBs. 29 FEMM...
  • Page 34: Features

    Lubrication Hint: T o prevent sticking, apply all lubricants sparingly on keyboard parts. Lubrication of features should be performed at the discre- tion of the customer engineer, using the guidelines in Field Engineering Theory-Maintenance, IBM 29 Card Punch FeatureslZ9 Interpreting Card Punch, Model C, Form 223-2926.
  • Page 35: Checks. Adjustments. And Removals

    Chapter 4. Checks, Adjustments, and Removals Section 1. Basic Unit 88 of program drum. Each backspace should cause escapement wheel teeth to move 1-1/4 teeth past end of Procedures outlined for removal and adjustment of the armature. machine units are intended as guides. Adjustments should 2.
  • Page 36: Friction Drive Torque Adjustment

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Reverse removal procedure for reassembly. Make sure 4.3.2 Friction Drive Torque Adjustment hub assembly is clean and free of dried grease and oil. 1. Manually escape the machine until adjusting screw is at the top. 1.4 ESCAPEMENT UNIT 2.
  • Page 37: Escapement Unit Adjustments

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 3. Replace magnet unit. Wipe off excess lubricant around escapement armature pivot. Grease at this point picks up dirt and card chips, and 4. Make adjustments 8 and 9 in Figure 4-2 (Part 2). may cause escapement failures. Observe the armature while The escapement armature pivot spring must hold the backspacing.
  • Page 38: Card Feed

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Escapement Gearing: Keep escapement gear train lubricated Throat on machines that use the drum-type friction clutch. Keep Adjust throat block (3, Figure 4-3) to place crown in direct card chips and other foreign matter out of escapement gears line with top edge of throat knife.
  • Page 39: Card Feed Latch Magnet Adjustments

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Yoke Adiustina Screws Armature Spring 0.032" to 0.036" Support 100 to 120 Grams Figure 4-4. CF Clutch Magnet Adjustment Magnet Unit Mounting Screws Figure 4-6. CF Latch Magnet Adjustment 1132-inch off their supports (Figure 4-6). 2. Position magnet yoke so that lower arm of yoke strikes armature with a 0.010-inch gage between armature and magnet core.
  • Page 40: Pressure Rail Adjustments

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 4. Install assembly in machine and recheck adjustment by registering a card. Pressure Rail With Microswitch Microswitch card levers in the detail station right-hand pressure rail position and the master station left-hand pressure rail position are adjusted at the factory to transfer within the correct gram tension range.
  • Page 41: Card Registration Service Check

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Master Station 4.5.9 Card Stop Cam Adjustment Position master station card guide to obtain 0.013-inch to 1. Loosen setscrews on index shaft bevel gear. 0.017-inch clearance to center bed plate at point closest to 2. With the CF clutch latched, rotate card stop cam to a eject unit (Figure 4-10).
  • Page 42 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Lever \ \ \ F e d Wheel 0.023" 0.032" Stop Lever Cam Ar Card Stop c b m Figure 4-12. Pressure Adjustment Roll Note: Nonparallelism exceeding 0.025 inch must be cor- rected at the factory. Master Station The master pressure roll lever pivot is an eccentric.
  • Page 43: Feed Wheel Removal And Replacement

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 9/16" 4.5.13 Feed Wheel Removal and Replacement Space Detail Station Armature Pivot Plate On machines with print feature, remove chip tube, print head, plastic bed plate, and die and stripper; then proceed with steps 1 through 5. On machines without print feature, separate feed wheel and shaft using procedure listed in, step 3;...
  • Page 44: Guide Comb And Bumper Adjustment

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 enter their armature notches at 92 degrees and so that are in the notches at 100 degrees. Space interposer movement varies from that of the other interposers, but the interposer should be in its armature notch at 100 degrees (Figure 2.
  • Page 45: Interposer Bail Contact Assembly Adjustment

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 0.008" minimum unlatching clearance except space lnterparer Crack light Figure 4-21. Interposer Bail Contact Rise Adjustment 4.6.6 Punch Drive Removal and Replacement Figure 4-19. Armature Unlatching Clearance With Print Feature 1. Remove: 4.6.5 Interposer Bail Contact Assembly Adjustment a.
  • Page 46: Clutch Magnet Adjustment

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS23-4069 Rear Grooves should meet Spring Figure 4-22. Print Drive Unit Cam Timing 3. Remove the wires from punch clutch magnet and punch circuit breakers. Remove the slip-connectors from the interposer magnets. 4. Remove the two screws in pin-sensing bail drive link. On reassembly, tighten these screws after punch drive unit is fastened into position with links extended.
  • Page 47: Punch Clutch Adjustments

    Overthrow: Check for ldegree to 3degree overthrow with the clutch latched. The clamp should be replaced if the clamp faces contact when tightened. The clutch spring should be replaced if it becomes distorted. 4.6.9 Punch Clutch Adjustments Standard Method Sleeve Latching Surface Lead Distance: This adjustment Measurement Between...
  • Page 48: Highspeed Cb Assembly Service Check

    4.6.10 Highspeed CB Assembly Service Check 4.6.13 Die and Stripper Service Check 1. Check for loose pile-up screws. A crayon or pencil deposit sometimes forms on the 2. Check for binds in rollers, operating pins, and plungers. underside of the die and can cause drag on the card, Inspect cam surfaces for irregularities due to wear or resulting in off-registration punching.
  • Page 49: Punch Penetration Adjustments

    Remove plastic guide from top of rear rail. The guide is flexible enough to be removed without pulling pins, if care is used. 6. Remove space gearing cover. 7. Remove the two bed plate screws in master station bed plate and lift plate out to the right. 8.
  • Page 50: Pin Bail Drive Link Adjustment

    Die and Striwer Unit pivots mounting plugs Pin Sensing Unit Adjusting Screw Holding Screw Figure 4-29. Punch Penetration Adjustment CAUTION 2. Slide plate off its guide pins and punch extensions. Any Keep the horizontal shift slide compressed. punch is accessible by lifting the extension over the associated punch operating arm, and pulling it straight 4.
  • Page 51: Pin-Sensing Unit Adjustments

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS23-4069 4.7.1. 1 Card Sensing Contacts Throat Gap Inspect contacts for burning. Remove card particles and 1. Place eject unit in normal operating position on pin- lint. One broken contact in a pair causes intermittent read sensing assembly. Hold together with screws if necessary. failures.
  • Page 52: Pin-Sensing Unit Removal And Replacement

    S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Card Lever Pressure Roll Opening With pin bail arm against its stop, position card lever to For adjustment of pressure roll opening, see 4.5.1 1.2. clear pin bail by 0.005 inch to 0.010 inch. Throat Add or remove shims for a throat clearance of 0.012 inch 4.7.3 Pin-Sensing Unit Removal and Replacement to 0.021 inch.
  • Page 53 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 distance should be measured before removal of unit to prevent changing other adjustments that might be affected because of a change in timing. Be sure to measure distance to edge of base and not to stacker bed plate (Figure 4-32). Adjust bmper for 0.005"...
  • Page 54 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 5. Loosen acoustic isolators or mounting screws. 2. Make certain that program drum shaft adjustable yoke is not loose. 6. Remove the lower stacker card guide. 7. Position the stacker plate parallel to and with 0.003-inch 3. Check for wear between end of shaft in program drum to 0.007-inch clearance between the bottom of the card and hole in column indicator wheel that locates and and the lower stacker rail (use the support bumpers to...
  • Page 55 Starwheel Tension Escape Mwernent 1. Adjust flat-tip strap type contacts for 50-gram to Zero Reierence Point 60-gram contact pressure, measured at the starwheel hub, to lift each starwheel off the program card. 2. Adjust barrel-tip strap type contacts for 35-gram to 1 1 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 45-gram pressure measured in the same manner as the...
  • Page 56 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Starwheel Timing 4.10.5 Program Cam Contacts Adjustment The contacts are to be timed according to the timing on the Using the same program card as that used in adjusting starwheel duration, locate an 11-hole near column 40. wiring diagram.
  • Page 57 Register a card. Space to column 80. Hold escape wheel as belav. Punch a key. Watch b r the timing of the card to card skip os controlled by the jl contoct. Refer to the machine wiring diogmm to check r e d j u s t the program cam contoct timings.
  • Page 58 F ~ g u r c 4-39. Obcrlay for I-~gure 4-40 F E M M (4169) 4-25...
  • Page 59 Figure 4-40. Code Plate Chart E'L' 29 FEMM (4169) 4-27...
  • Page 60 Because the clearance cannot be measured, it is obtained as follows: CAUTION Failure to loosen locking screws during alignment may 1. Oil (IBM 6) the print interposers. result in sheared adjustment screws. 2. Remove belt guard and punch drive belt to remove tension on drive unit.
  • Page 61 Printing Pressure ' 7 1 //-Wire Guide Figure 4-43. Rinting Adjustment Vertical Shift Spring --.-- Haizontal Adjusting Screw Adiurtment Lockim Screw Vertical Adjusting Screw Haizontal-Shift Spirg Vertical Print Interposer Bar Figure 444. Print Interposer Assembly...
  • Page 62 Studs. Vertical Drive printed, refine the code plate alignment (without code plate stops) as follows: 1. Position the code plate with the aligning tool, as done in preceding steps, and tighten the locking screws. Adjust the vertical position of the code plate by printing an 8.
  • Page 63 Figurc 4-46. Character Patterns E'L'...
  • Page 64 Figure 4-47. Character Patterns E'A' 6. Check under power by duplicating punches shown in their normal return after printing. If necessary, remove Figure 448. Correct setting, of the code plate stops code plate shims and readjust printing pressure to prints the characters shown. maintain enough clearance to prevent wire return collars 7.
  • Page 65 4.1 1.3.2 Print Wire Unit Direction Character Punches Horizontal Vertical Pull the three clips (Figure 4-50) and withdraw the three shafts. 2. Note the position of the pressure plate for reassembly. @ @ @ @ The end with the wide c u t a u t portion goes toward the ribbon feed unit.
  • Page 66 ~ossible to the wire guide and carefully stone it even with replace it in the same position; all wires have a different the other wires. Oil the cotton wicking with IBM # 6. length. If the print wire has been pulled out of its head, a new wire may be inserted from the front end and the old wire pushed up enough to pull it out.
  • Page 67 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 4.1 1.5 Print Drive Adjustment 1. Loosen the left-hand thread screw (Figure 4 4 9 ) at the rear of the punch shaft and position the eccentric to align its groove with the mark on the print cam (A, Figure 449).
  • Page 68 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 5. Adjust the armature retainer squarely for 0.035-inch to Bail Contacts 0.037-inch air gap between armature and with With bail contact assemblies out of the machine, form each magnet deenergized. Armature must drag contact strap to require a pressure of 9 to 11 grams to close side of the retainer.
  • Page 69 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 contacts should have a minimum of 0.010-inch air gap 4.12. Contact Bails when restoring magnets are energized. When a new bail (Figure 4-54) is installed, form all tabs on each bail for 0.000-inch to 0.005-inch clearance to associ- Note: It is important that restoring bail contacts open ated operation ears on permutation bar, with latch assem- before the latch or bail contacts.
  • Page 70 2. With key plate level, and with no interlocks affected, a bail contacts all latches at A, Figure 4-53. This should 50-gram to 80-gram weight on any keytop (except result in 0.010-inch maximum overtravel of latching point with gage removed. ERROR RESET, FEED, PROG ONE, PROG TWO, LEFT ZERO, DUP, NUMERIC, MULT PCH, ALPHA, 2.
  • Page 71 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Keystern 4.12.7 Key Unit Removals Separate the keyboard into its major units as shown in 1. Remove the nylon retaining wire to free the desired Figure 4-56. Be careful when sliding the key unit out of keystem.
  • Page 72 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 3. Loosen the two mounting screws and remove the CAUTION restoring bail contact assembly. When an interlock is removed and a latch is tripped 4. Remove restoring bail by taking out one screw from off, the latch bar can fly out. All parts in direct con- one of the pivots and turning pivot block away from tact with interlocks, including latches that strike the armature.
  • Page 74 5. Power Chapter !hpplies Section 1. Basic Unit Section 2. Features IBM 29 29 Card Punch has a 48-volt power supply (Figure Refer to Field Engineering Theory-Maintenance, 5-1). M & Chrd Punch Features129 Interpreting Card Punch. Refer t o the machine wiring diagram for proper con- Form 223-2926, for feature power requirements.
  • Page 75 Description Chorocteristics 115V, single phase, Power 3.OA (Models A and 0) M e V , aingle phme, '1.6A (Models A and 0) 230V, single phase, 1.5A (Models A and 0) Power Receptacle Requirements 8, H ( I 15V) C, K (208/230V) 5-2.
  • Page 76 Chapter 6. Locations All references to the card are made while viewing the 6.1 KEYSTEM NUMBERING front of the card with the connector tabs up. Figure &I shows the numbers assigned to each keystem. The connector tabs are labeled A through F, from left to Reference between these numbers and the numbers found right (Figure 6-2, view A).
  • Page 77 A . Positions on Circuit Card (Front View) B. View A of 1 Block N C I Points Hold Coil 101 R3 EB IOlL P o r lOlL I N 0 Relay 101 C6 lOlL 2 N 0 1°IL or B 102C7 lOlL H 101 CRlO...
  • Page 78 operating straps are to the left side. The four outboard connections are numbered I , 2, 3 , and 4. The pick coil is located between 1 and 3, and the hold coil between 2 and 4. Connections 1 and 2 are connected to the positive side of the circuit.
  • Page 79 ~ocation Figure 6-4. Wirecontact Relay Machine Relay Gste-Carcl Side V i e w...
  • Page 80 6.5 LOCATION FIGURES Figures 6-5 through 6-9 show where certain items are located on the machine. Eject Unit m b i Figure 6-5. Locations-Front View Relay Fiyure 6-6. Locations-Rear View (Reed-Rclay Machine) 29 FEMM (4169)
  • Page 81 Figure 6-7. Locations-Rear View (Wire-Contact Relay Machine) Figure 6-8. Locations-Rear...
  • Page 82 Figure 6-9. Locations-Front FEMM (4169)
  • Page 84 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 l ndex Adjustments Read Card Lever (Mechanical) 4-18 Backspace 4-18 Register Arm Belt Registration Card Feed Restore Magnet 4-38 4-36 Ribbon Feed Clutch Magnet Sensing Contacts 4-17 Stacker 4-18 Card Guide, Eject Opener Cams 4-19 Card Guide, Top Pusher Cam 4-19 Code Plate...
  • Page 85 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Eject Arm Adjustments 4-18 Character Patterns (Fig) 4-32 4-18 Characteristics, Reference Data 1-1 Eject Unit Checks, Adjustments, and Removals Escape Magnet Shims Checks, Adjustments, and Kemovals Escapement Checks, Adjustments, and Removals Base Escapement Failure Flowchart Card Feed Drive Features Eject Unit...
  • Page 86 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Interposer Selection Failure Motor Belt Flowcharts Drive lncorrect Punchout Lubrication Key Pressure Adjustments 4-39 Preventive Maintenance Key Unit Adjustments 4-39 Operations Removals 4 4 0 General Keyboard Sequence Checks, Adjustments, and Removals 4-37 Contacts 4-37 Hook Support Bar 4-38 Permutation Bar Adjustments 4-38...
  • Page 87 S225-3357-3 FES: SS234069 Reed Relay Printing Failure Flowcharts Description Service Checks 4-22 Locations Procedures, Installation Techniques 1-10 Program Reference Data Installation, Model A 2-1 Characteristics Installation, Model B General 4-22 Program Cam Contact Adjustments Power Register Arm Adjustments 4-18 Progam Card Registration Adjustments and Service Checks Installation, Model A Installation, Model B...
  • Page 88 S225-3357-3 FES: SS23406 4-14 Punch CB Techniques 4-12 Punch Clutch Arc Suppressors 1-10 1-10 Punch Drive Cycling Manually Punch Pressure Roll Diagnostic 4-17 Read Card Lever (Mechanical) Forcing Read Pressure Roll 1-10 Interchanging Registration lnterrupting 4-17 Sensing Contacts Jumpering Sensing Pins 4-17 Measuring Service Features...
  • Page 90 READER'S COMMENT F O R M IBM 29 Card Punch, FEMM How did you use this publication A s a reference source As a classroom text ....... Based on your own experience, rate this publication......As a reference source: .
  • Page 91 IBM. Note: Please direct any requests for copies of publications, or for assistance in using your IUM unit, to your IBM representative or to the IBM branch office serving your locality................................ fold...