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B. Install the components
Before installing front or rear components into the enclosure, review enclosure bay
numbering for each component.
Install any options, such as processor, memory, mezzanine card, or hard drive,
into each blade.
Based on the total number ordered and the planned configuration, install the
following components:
Onboard Administrator modules
Power supplies
Active cool fans
For installation instructions, see the appropriate enclosure setup and installation
C. Connect the Onboard Administrator module
Use the appropriate cables to connect each installed Onboard Administrator
module to the external connections. The connectors on the Onboard Administrator
module provide a connection to the iLO management network and the capability
to link multiple enclosures.
there must be an Ethernet connection from the Onboard
Administrator module to the external management network.
For information on Onboard Administrator module cabling,
see the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator User
D. Install the interconnect modules and connect
Install the interconnects based on the type of fabric in the configuration and the
planned installation location of each mezzanine card. Use the appropriate cables
to connect each installed interconnect module to the network.
E. Power up the enclosure
Connect the AC or DC power cables, depending on the power configuration.
When the circuit breakers are powered, the enclosure and HP BladeSystem Insight
Display have power. By default, each installed component also powers up.
Examine the HP BladeSystem Insight Display for any errors which may prevent
installed components from powering up.
For proper management of enclosure devices



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