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Battery backup operation

This clock radio is equipped with a memory
holding system that can be powered with 2 "AAA"
batteries (not included). The power failure
protection circuit will not operate unless battery is
When normal household power is interrupted, or
AC line cord is unplugged, the batteries will power
the Spacemaker to keep track of time and timer
setting programmed into memory. When the
battery backup functions, the digital display will
not light. Normal operation will resume after AC
power is restored so you will not have to reset the
Power failure indicator
The display blinks when AC power is interrupted
for more than 2 seconds. You need to reset the
clock time to stop the display from blink.
Installing back up battery:
1. The compartment door is located at the side
of the Spacemaker.
Rotate the lock in the direction of the
arrow until it is released. Remove the
compartment door.
2. Before inserting the batteries, observe the
polarities (that is, + and –) of the batteries,
then relate the polarities to the engraved
diagram inside the battery compartment.
Now insert the batteries.
3. Replace the battery compartment door. Lock
the door in place by pushing down on the
lock and rotating it in the opposite direction
It is advised that the batteries be
replaced every 3 years.

General controls

The main unit
CD Drawer
INSTANT WEATHER - Selects weather broadcast
stations given by U.S. Government Weather
RADIO ON / BAND - Turns on radio mode, selects
radio bands.
VOL + / – - Adjusts volume.
In standby mode, selects display brightness level
(bright (normal) / dim / dimmer).
TIMER ON / OFF - Turns on/ off timer.
SET - Sets radio preset stations.
PRESET - Recalls preset radio stations.
- Opens/Closes CD disc tray.
- Stops CD disc playback.
Side view
- Opens / locks battery compartment.
LIGHT (HI / LO / OFF) - Slide the switch to OFF to
switch off countertop light, slide to LO for dimmer
light, and slide to HI for brighter light.
Remote sensor
- Tunes down radio frequency, selects the
previous TV and weather channel, selects previous
CD disc tracks, searches backwards through a track.
In standby mode - shows seconds counter.
- Tunes up radio frequency, selects the next
TV and weather channel, selects next CD disc tracks,
searches forward through a track.
In standby mode - shows seconds counter.
- Turns on CD mode, starts CD
playback, pauses CD disc playback
OFF - Turns the unit off.

In battery compartment

- Enables and disables
Daylight Saving Time in areas observing/not
observing such time change.
- Sets the clock time.

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