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Troubleshooting tips

Remote Control

• Is the unit plugged into a working AC outlet?
Try plugging it into one that you know will
• Is the unit on?
to turn the unit on.
• Have you selected the correct function when
pressing on the buttons?
For example, if the unit is in CD mode and
you try tuning to a particular radio frequency,
the remote control is not going to look like
it's working. In such cases, press RADIO ON /
BAND to select radio or PLAY PAUSE to
select CD function first, then press on the
• Are the batteries weak?
Try replacing old batteries with some fresh
• Are you pointing the remote control directly
at the unit while pressing the buttons?
You should be, because the remote control
sensor at the unit is right at the center of the
• Are you too far from the unit when using the
remote control?
The remote control sensor can only sense
signals (from the remote control) within a
limited distance. So move closer towards the
• Are there any obstacles between the remote
control and the unit?
If there are, move all objects standing in the
way between the remote control and the unit.

Care and maintenance


• Never open the cabinet under any
circumstances. Any repairs or internal
adjustments should be made only by a trained
• Warning: Never operate this product with the
cabinet removed.
• The CD player of this unit uses a laser to read
the music on the disc. The laser mechanism
corresponds to the cartridge and stylus of a
record player. Although this product
incorporates a laser pick-up lens, it is
completely safe when operated according to
• Discs rotate at high speed inside the player.
Do not use damaged, warped or cracked discs.
• Do not touch the pick-up lens which is located
inside the disc compartment. Also, to keep
dust from collecting on the pick-up lens, do
not leave the compartment door open for an
extended period of time.
• The apparatus shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing and that no objects
filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be
placed on the apparatus.
• No naked flame sources, such as lighted
candles, should be placed on the apparatus.
• Attention should be drawn to the
environmental aspects of battery disposal.

Cleaning the Exterior

Prior to cleaning the exterior, be sure to unplug
the power cord from the AC power outlet. Wipe
the exterior with a soft, clean, and slightly water-
dampened cloth.
The descriptions and characteristics in this owner's manual are for the purpose of general reference only
and not as a guarantee. In order to provide you with the highest quality product, we may make changes
or modifications without prior notice. The English version serves as the final reference on all product and
operational details should any discrepancies arise in other languages.

Handling Compact Discs

• Do not touch the signal surfaces. Hold by the
edges, or by one edge and the hole.
• Do not affix labels or adhesive tape to the
label surfaces. Also, do not scratch or damage
the label.
• Discs rotate at high speeds inside the player.
Do not use damaged (cracked or warped)

Cleaning Compact Discs

• Dirty discs can cause poor sound quality.
Always keep discs clean by wiping them gently
with a soft cloth from the inner edge toward
the outer perimeter.
• If a disc becomes dirty, wet a soft cloth in
water, wring it out well, wipe the dirt away
gently, and then remove any water drops with
a dry cloth.
• Do not use record cleaning sprays or anti-static
agents on discs. Also, never clean discs with
benzene, thinner, or other volatile solvents
which may cause damage to the disc surface.

CD Lens Care

When your CD lens gets dirty it can also cause the
unit to output poor sound quality. To clean the
lens you will need to purchase a CD lens cleaner
which can maintain the output sound quality. For
instructions on cleaning the CD lens, refer to the
ones accompanying the lens care.

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