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Asus O!PLAY BDS-500 Owner's Manual

Blu-ray/hd media player
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Blu-ray/HD Media Player
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Asus O!PLAY BDS-500

  • Page 1 O!PLAY Blu-ray/HD Media Player BDS-700/BDS-500 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Such changes will be incorporated in new editions of this manual or supplementary documents and publications. ASUS makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Page 3: Cautions And Warnings

    NOTICE iii The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to NOTICE alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product. Cautions and Warnings Laser compliance statement The optical drive in this player is a laser product. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR ELECTRIC The optical drive’s classification label (shown below) SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS...
  • Page 4: Fcc Statement

    12. Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, operated in a commercial environment. This or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use frequency energy and, if not installed and used in caution when moving the cart/apparatus accordance with the instructions, may cause combination to avoid injury from tip-over.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Playing Video Files To access video files in the Video menu: NOTICE File Folder Playback Playing Photo Files To access photo files in the Photo menu: Cautions and Warnings Playing Music/Audio Files Safety Information To access music files in the Music menu: Laser compliance statement Accessing Internet Services Important Safety Instructions...
  • Page 6: Introductions

    MP3 / WMA files and music from the recorded in a compatible format, there are cases in which it Internet. ASUS has no right to grant such permission. may not play because of the settings of the application Permission should always be sought from the copyright software used to create the disc.
  • Page 7: File Compatibility

    Introductions 2 • The AVCHD format is a high definition digital File Compatibility video camera format. • The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format is capable of compressing images at higher efficiency than that of the conventional image compressing format. Note: See “File Format Support and •...
  • Page 8 Because BD-ROM is a new format, certain disc, digital connection and other compatibility issues are possible. If you experience compatibility problems, please contact ASUS Customer Service Center. Viewing high-definition content and upconverting standard DVD content may require a HDMI-capable input or HDCP capable DVI input on your display device.
  • Page 9: Parts And Control

    Parts And Control 4 Audio/Video Cable Parts And Control Owner’s Manual Opening the Box Quick Start Guide Please check if the following items are inside the box: Blu-ray/HD Media Player Warranty Card Power Cord Remote Control AAA Battery x 2...
  • Page 10: The Remote Control

    Icon Descriptions The Remote Control [RESOLUTION] Switch output resolution. See “Resolution” on The available functions of the remote control differ page 23 for more information. depending on the media/disc inserted or situation. [ANGLE] Changes camera angle. See “Angle” on page 23 for more information.
  • Page 11 Parts And Control 6 Icon Descriptions Move the highlight to select displayed item. Note: The up, down, left and right direction keys will be ↑, ↓, ← ,→ represented by symbols in the instructions. Confirmation of selected item in menu. [HOME] Go to Home Menu of the player.
  • Page 12: The Blu-Ray/Hd Media Player

    The Blu-ray/HD Media Player Front Panel Item Description LCD Display Displays status of the player. Disc Tray Place disc on the tray to play. IR Receiver For receiving signals from the remote control. Eject Eject the disc from the player. Play / Pause Start and pause playback.
  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    Parts And Control 8 Lights up when BD-Video is Lights up when system detects present. Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital 5.1/6.1 audio file and starts playback. Lights up when DVD-Video is Lights up when system detects present. DTS, DTS 5.1 or DTS 7.1 audio file and starts playback.
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation Connecting the Blu-ray/HD Media Player Tip: Do not plug the AC power cord into the power socket until you have made all the necessary connections. Note: The model used in the illustrations below is BDS-700. BDS-500 has only one HDMI port (A/V out). Connecting the player to your display HDMI connection (Direct to Display): HDMI connection (Through AVR):...
  • Page 15: Connecting Your Player To Your Avr

    Installation 10 Component display with audio connection: Composite display with audio connection: Note: Component and Composite video output resolution might be restricted depending on the contents. See page 35 for more information. Connecting your player to your AVR HDMI connection SPDIF Digital audio connection Analog audio connection...
  • Page 16: Connecting A Usb Device

    Separated HDMI audio and video connection (BDS-700 only) Connecting a USB device You can connect a USB device (external hard drive, digital video, flash drive, etc.) to your player. Connecting the AC power cord...
  • Page 17: Preparing The Remote Control

    Notes: The model BDS-700 comes with a wireless capability built into the player. The model BDS-500 have a recommended optional USB wireless adapter which you can purchase from authorized ASUS dealer. The recommended wireless USB adapter for the BDS-500 are ASUS Wireless USB Adapter USB-N10 and...
  • Page 18 When connecting the wireless USB adapter to the BDS-500, you can either connect it to the front or back USB connectors. Note: See user’s manual of your router and/or broadband modem for more information on how to connect to the internet.
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    Getting Started 14 5. Select the TV system of your output display and press Next. Getting Started Easy Setup Wizard After making sure that you have properly set up the all the required connections, you can now power on 6. Select the output resolution and press Next. the player.
  • Page 20: Network Setup

    TV screen. Both sides of the pictures are cut off. The Home menu will show the screen shot below: • 16:9 Wide - Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected. The 4:3 picture is adjusted horizontally (in a linear proportion) to fill the entire screen.
  • Page 21: Wireless Network Setup

    Getting Started 16 Wireless Network Setup If your player is equipped with a wireless LAN (BDS- 700) or wireless USB adapter (optional for BDS- 500), you must configure your wireless access point or router to connect to a wireless network. See your wireless access point’s user’s manual for more information.
  • Page 22: General Operation

    Provides quick link to Internet services. See “Accessing Internet General Services” on page 20 for more INTERNET information. Makes the player-related settings. See “Setup Menu” on page 25 for Operation more information. SETUP Playing BD-Video/DVD- Home Menu Overview Video/Audio CD Disc The player’s intuitive and easy to navigate on- screen menus allow for simple and easy operation.
  • Page 23: Region Code

    General Operation 18 Prepare for Blu-ray 3D Disc playback Description 1. Connect the player to your 3D-compatible display device using a High Speed HDMI cable. You can Available devices including external turn off the 3D feature of a video. See “Video” on storage devices, data disc, and DLNA page 26 for more information.
  • Page 24: Playing Music/Audio Files

    3. Navigate to the photo you want to view and press To access music files in the OK to start viewing it. See “File Format Support Music menu: and Limitation” on page 37 for more information on supported files. 1. On the Home menu screen, use the arrow keys to navigate to the Music icon.
  • Page 25: Accessing Internet Services

    General Operation 20 Accessing Internet Description Services Search bar for searching videos available on YouTube. Press OK to invoke the on screen keyboard or use Smart phone as The player is fully integrated with the most popular remote control to input text. See Internet services.
  • Page 26: Flickr

    Description Description Flickr menu items. Picasa menu items. Available pictures uploaded to your Flickr account. Available pictures uploaded to your Picasa account. Options available for your pictures. Options available for your pictures. Option Menu Flickr To access Flickr When you press the option button on the remote control, depending on the disc or file being played, a Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Internet icon;...
  • Page 27: Under Photo Playback

    General Operation 22 Photo slideshow with music Item Options Subtitle This function allows you to adjust the Menu (Video font size, select the font location, and only) select the font language. Some video may not support this function. Select Track This function lets you jump to a (Music only) selected track inside the selected...
  • Page 28: Advanced Operation

    Advanced Operation Special functions on Remote Control Splendid During disc or video playback, press this button on the remote control to invoke the Splendid menu. You can select a preset viewing environment for During disc playback, pressing this button on the viewing your movie or video.
  • Page 29 ↑, ↓, ← ,→ the picture that is zoom in. Use in your remote to move the small rectangle. ASUS Blu-ray/ HD Media Player The big rectangle is the whole picture. Pure Audio During video or music playback, pressing this button on the remote, the display will turn blank and only output audio.
  • Page 30: Dlna Operation

    4. Key in the IP address of your player onto your web browser’s URL. ASUS Blu-ray/ HD Media Player 5. Your smartphone’s web browser will launch an application of the player’s remote control. If all the conditions are met, you can use your...
  • Page 31: Video

    Advanced Operation 26 If you forget your password, reset the player to the BD 3D Mode factory default setting. See Restore Factory Settings • Auto - This is the default setting in your player. on page 27 for more information. Normally select this.
  • Page 32: Network

    Music Mode - Music Mode is a preset environment After playing a DivX VOD content for the first time, for the type of music you are playing. You can select the registration code is not displayed. If you Rock, Classic, Jazz, Bypass or User Defined as purchase a DivX VOD content using a registration your music mode.
  • Page 33: Appendix

    Manual Update the surface. Never stick paper or tape on the disc. 1. On a computer, go to and Storing Discs input your player’s model number and check if there are any newer firmware version available.
  • Page 34 4. The player will connect to ASUS server, download the newest firmware and update the firmware automatically. Note: Make sure that you are connected to the Internet before updating the firmware via online. Warning: Do not turn off your player while the firmware is being updated.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Appendix 30 Troubleshooting Symptom Possible Cause Solution General No power Power cable is not properly Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely. connected No Disc or Unknown Disc No disc or incompatible disc Eject disc and check. See “Playable Discs” on error loaded in player page 1 for more information.
  • Page 36: Parental Control Area Code

    Area Code Area Code Parental Control Area Christmas Island 0162 Palestinian 0275 Territory, Occupied Code Cocos (Keeling) 0166 Panama 0591 Islands Colombia 0170 Papua New Guinea 0598 Comoros 0174 Paraguay 0600 Congo 0178 Peru 0604 Area Code Area Code Congo, the 0180 Philippines 0608...
  • Page 37: Trademarks And Licenses

    Appendix 32 marks are the property of their respective Area Code Area Code owners, where marked or not. Haiti 0332 Tanzania, United 0834 Republic of Heard Island and 0334 Thailand 0764 McDonald Islands Blu-Ray Disc ™ Holy See (Vatican 0336 Timor-Leste 0626 City State)
  • Page 38 Ukraine Safety Logo Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #'s: 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; 6,226,616; 6,487,535; 7,212,872; 7,333,929; 7,392,195; 7,272,567 & other U.S. and worldwide The mark above is Ukraine's national conformity patents issued & pending. DTS and the Symbol are mark and should be applied to the product, and registered trademarks &...
  • Page 39: Video Output Resolution

    Appendix 34 Video Output Resolution HDMI Component Composite NTSC Auto (HDMI only) Dependent on TV Beat resolution 480i Follow HDMI 480i 480i 480i 480i 480p 480p/60Hz 480p/60Hz 480i 720p 720p/60Hz 720p/60Hz 480i 1080i 1080i/60Hz 1080i/60Hz 480i 1080p 1080p/60Hz 1080i/60Hz 480i Auto (HDMI only) Dependent on TV Beat resolution 576i...
  • Page 40: Audio Output Resolution

    ® When playing DivX copy-protected file using a component or composite connection with HDMI cable unplugged: Component Composite NTSC Auto (HDMI only) 480i 480i 480i 480p 480i 480i 720p 480i 480i 1080i 480i 480i 1080p 480i 480i Auto (HDMI only) 576i 576i 576i...
  • Page 41: Speaker Setup (Under Pcm Multi-Channel Mode)

    Appendix 36 Speaker Setup (Under PCM Multi-channel mode) Media Source Channels Speaker Setup 7.1 channels PCM output, 7.1 channels PCM 7.1 channels PCM in which audio signals are output, in which audio output. only on 2.1 channels. signals are only on 5.1 7.1 channels PCM channels.
  • Page 42: File Format Support And Limitation

    [Limitations] File Format Support and 1. Support resolution up to 1920x1080 2. Support frame rate up to 60fps Limitation 3. Bit rate up to 8mbps 4. Support variable and constant bit rate 5. Some files with DRM can't support video preview Supported file system: EXT3, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS AV File Format [Suported Video Formats]...
  • Page 43 Appendix 38 3. Bit rate up to 50.1mbps • WVC1 (WMV9 AP) 4. Support variable and constant bit rate [Supported Audio Formats] Mt2s (.mts) • WMA9 [Supported Subtitle Formats] [Supported Video Formats] • External: MicroDVD, SRT, SSA, ASS, Subview, Vobsub •...
  • Page 44 [Limitations] 1. Sample rate 192KHz 2. Channel support up 8CH 1. Support resolution up to 1920x1080 3. Mono/Stereo downmix method is supported 2. Support frame rate up to 60fps 3. Tested bit rate up to 10.5mbps 4. Support variable and constant bit rate 5.
  • Page 45 Appendix 40 2. Multi-Track feature is not supported. Subtitle File Formats Aiff [Supported Audio Formats] [Supported Video Formats] • Raw PCM • m2ts, BD [Limitations] [Limitations] 1. Sample rate 192KHz Cannot adjust size and location 2. Bit depth 8/16/24 bit 3.
  • Page 46: Product Specifications

    BD-3D Product Specifications [Limitations] Support Profile 5.0 (BD-3D), up to 1080p24. I/O Ports [Rear I/O] Disc Support DVD Media • RCA Jack x3 for Component Y/ PB/PR. DVD-Video SL/DL, DVD-ROM SL/DL, DVD+R/RW SL/DL, • RCA Jack x3 for CVBS/Audio-R/ DVD-R/RW SL/DL Audio-L.
  • Page 47: Important Information Relating To Network Service42

  • Page 48 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute that redistributors of a free program will individually verbatim copies of this license document, but obtain patent licenses, in effect making the program changing it is not allowed. proprietary. To prevent this, we have made it clear that any patent must be licensed for everyone's free use or not licensed at all.
  • Page 49 Appendix 44 b. You must cause any work that you distribute b. Accompany it with a written offer, valid for at or publish, that in whole or in part contains or least three years, to give any third party, for is derived from the Program or any part a charge no more than your cost of thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no...
  • Page 50 terms and conditions for copying, distributing or add an explicit geographical distribution limitation modifying the Program or works based on it. excluding those countries, so that distribution is permitted only in or among countries not thus 6. Each time you redistribute the Program (or any excluded.
  • Page 51 ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH code we would be much obliged if you give us a DAMAGES. notification to the email address, stating the product and describing the problem (please do NOT send large attachments such as Offer to Provide Source Code of Certain source code archives etc to this email address).
  • Page 53 For latest update and support, please visit: for more information.

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