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Delta AC Motor Drives VFD-XXXE Getting Started Manual

Delta electronics ac motor drives quick start manual.
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Thank you for choosing DELTA's high-performance VFD-E Series. The VFD-E Series is
manufactured with high-quality components and materials and incorporate the latest microprocessor
technology available.
Getting Started
This quick start will be helpful in the installation and parameter setting of the AC motor drives. To
guarantee safe operation of the equipment, read the following safety guidelines before
connecting power to the AC motor drives. For detail information, refer to the VFD-E User Manual
on the CD supplied with the drive.
AC input power must be disconnected before any wiring to the AC motor drive is made.
A charge may still remain in the DC-link capacitors with hazardous voltages, even if the power has
been turned off. To prevent personal injury, please ensure that power has turned off before opening the
AC motor drive and wait ten minutes for the capacitors to discharge to safe voltage levels.
Never reassemble internal components or wiring.
The AC motor drive may be destroyed beyond repair if incorrect cables are connected to the
input/output terminals. Never connect the AC motor drive output terminals U/T1, V/T2, and W/T3
directly to the AC mains circuit power supply.
Ground the VFD-E using the ground terminal. The grounding method must comply with the laws of the
country where the AC motor drive is to be installed. Refer to the Basic Wiring Diagram.
VFD-E series is used only to control variable speed of 3-phase induction motors, NOT for 1-phase
motors or other purpose.
VFD-E series is the specific drive for the elevator door and other automatic door control, NOT for those
devices that may cause personal injury, such as life support equipment or any life safety situation.
To prevent drive damage, the RFI jumper connected to ground shall be cut off if the AC motor drive is
installed on an ungrounded power system or a high resistance-grounded (over 30 ohms) power system
or a corner grounded TN system.
DO NOT use Hi-pot test for internal components. The semi-conductor used in AC motor drive easily
damage by high-pressure.
There are highly sensitive MOS components on the printed circuit boards. These components are
especially sensitive to static electricity. To prevent damage to these components, do not touch these
components or the circuit boards with metal objects or your bare hands.
Only quality person is allowed to install, wire and maintain AC motor drive.
Some parameters settings can cause the motor to run immediately after applying power.
DO NOT install the AC motor drive in a place subjected to high temperature, direct sunlight, high
humidity, excessive vibration, corrosive gases or liquids, or airborne dust or metallic particles. Only use
AC motor drives within specification. Failure to comply may result in fire, explosion or electric shock. To
prevent personal injury, please keep children and unqualified people away from the equipment.
When the motor cable between AC motor drive and motor is too long, the layer insulation of the motor
may be damaged. Please use a frequency inverter duty motor or add an AC output reactor to prevent
damage to the motor. Refer to appendix B Reactor for details.
The rated voltage for AC motor drive must be ≤240V and the mains supply current capacity must be
≤5000A RMS.
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   Summary of Contents for Delta AC Motor Drives VFD-XXXE

  • Page 1

    Preface Thank you for choosing DELTA’s high-performance VFD-E Series. The VFD-E Series is manufactured with high-quality components and materials and incorporate the latest microprocessor technology available. Getting Started This quick start will be helpful in the installation and parameter setting of the AC motor drives. To guarantee safe operation of the equipment, read the following safety guidelines before connecting power to the AC motor drives.

  • Page 2: Specifications

    Specifications Voltage Class Model Number VFD-XXXE Max. Applicable Motor Output (kW) Max. Applicable Motor Output (hp) Rated Output Capacity (kVA) Rated Output Current (A) Maximum Output Voltage (V) Output Frequency (Hz) Carrier Frequency (kHz) Rated Input Current (A) Rated Voltage/Frequency Voltage Tolerance Frequency Tolerance Cooling Method...

  • Page 3

    SPWM(Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) control (V/f or sensorless vector Control System control) Frequency Setting Resolution 0.01Hz Output Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz Including the auto-torque/auto-slip compensation; starting torque can be 150% Torque Characteristics at 3.0Hz Overload Endurance 150% of rated current for 1 minute Skip Frequency Three zones, setting range 0.1-600Hz Accel/Decel Time...

  • Page 4: Basic Wiring Diagram

    Storage/ Transportation Temperature Ambient Humidity Vibration Approvals Basic Wiring Diagram Users must connect wiring according to the following circuit diagram shown below. F us e/NF B(None F use Br eaker) R(L1) S(L2) T(L3) Recommended Circ ui t when power supply is turned O FF by a fault output If the fault occ ur s, the...

  • Page 5

    F ig ure 1 f or mo dels o f VFD- E Series VF D002E11A/21A/23A, VF D004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VF D015E23A/43A, V FD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VF D007E21C/23C/43C, VFD015E23C/43C, VF D002E 11P/21P /23P, VF D004E11P /21P/23P/43P, VFD007E21P/23P /43P, VF D015E23P/43P BU E B ra ke un it ( op tio na l) F ig ure 2 fo r m o dels o f VFD-E Series VF D007E11A, V FD015E21A, V FD022E21A/23A/43A, VF D037E23A/43A,...

  • Page 6

    C. PNP mode without external power Factory setting Figure 5 RJ-45 Pins Definition for VFD*E*C Models Signal CAN_H CAN_L CAN_GND CAN_GND Description of the Digital Keypad KPE-LE02 (Optional) UP and DOWN Key Set the parameter number and changes the numerical data, such as Master Frequency. MODE Change between different display mode.

  • Page 7

    Operation Steps of the Digital Keypad Setting Mode START NOTE: In the selection mode, press Setting parameters NOTE: In the parameter setting mode, you can press To shift data (When operation source is digital keypad) Setting direction Setting PLC Mode to set the parameters.

  • Page 8

    Power Terminals and Control Terminals Frame A Frame Power Terminals R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 U/T1, V/T2, W/T3, R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 U/T1, V/T2, W/T3 +/B1, B2, -, R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 U/T1, V/T2, W/T3 +/B1, B2, - NOTE For frame C: To connect 6 AWG (13.3 mm Terminal Explanations Terminal Symbol R/L1, S/L2, T/L3...

  • Page 9

    The Specification for the Control Terminals MI1 MI2 MI3 MI4 MI5 MI6 Frame Control Terminals A, B, C NOTE Frame A: VFD002E11A/21A/23A, VFD004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VFD015E23A/43A, VFD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VFD007E21C/23C/43C, VFD015E23C/43C, VFD002E11T/21T/23T, VFD004E11T/21T/23T/43T, VFD007E21T/23T/43T, VFD015E23T/43T, VFD002E11P/21P/23P, VFD004E11P/21P/23P/43P, VFD007E21P/23P/43P, VFD015E23P/43P Frame B: VFD007E11A, VFD015E21A, VFD022E21A/23A/43A, VFD037E23A/43A Frame C: VFD055E23A/43A, VFD075E23A/43A, VFD110E43A Control Terminals Explanations Terminal...

  • Page 10: Summary Of Parameter Settings

    Terminal Terminal Function Symbol Multi-function Output 1 (Photocoupler) Multi-function output common Common for Multi-function Outputs +10V Potentiometer power supply Analog voltage Input +10V Analog control signal (common) Analog current Input ACI circuit internal circuit Analog output meter ACM circuit internal circuit NOTE: Control signal wiring size: 18 AWG (0.75 mm Summary of Parameter Settings : The parameter can be set during operation.

  • Page 11

    Explanation 00.01 Rated Current Display of the AC motor drive 00.02 Parameter Reset Start-up Display 00.03 Selection Content of Multi- 00.04 function Display User-Defined 00.05 Coefficient K 00.06 Power Board Software Version 00.07 Control Board Software Version 00.08 Password Input 00.09 Password Set 00.10...

  • Page 12

    Explanation 50Hz Base Voltage 00.12 Selection Maximum Output 01.00 Frequency (Fmax) Maximum Voltage 01.01 Frequency (Fbase) (Motor 0) Maximum Output 01.02 Voltage (Vmax) (Motor 0) Mid-Point Frequency 01.03 (Fmid) (Motor 0) Mid-Point Voltage 01.04 (Vmid) (Motor 0) Minimum Output 01.05 Frequency (Fmin) (Motor 0) Minimum Output...

  • Page 13

    Explanation Delay Time at 10Hz 01.21 for Simple Position Delay Time at 20Hz 01.22 for Simple Position Delay Time at 30Hz 01.23 for Simple Position Delay Time at 40Hz 01.24 for Simple Position Delay Time at 50Hz 01.25 for Simple Position Maximum Voltage 01.26 Frequency (Fbase)

  • Page 14

    Explanation Mid-Point 01.40 Frequency (Fmid) (Motor 3) Mid-Point Voltage 01.41 (Vmid) (Motor 3) Minimum Output 01.42 Frequency (Fmin) (Motor 3) Minimum Output 01.43 Voltage (Vmin) (Motor 3) Group 2 Operation Method Parameters Source of First 02.00 Master Frequency Command Source of First 02.01 Operation Command...

  • Page 15

    Explanation 02.05 Line Start Lockout Loss of ACI Signal 02.06 (4-20mA) 02.07 Up/Down Mode Accel/Decel Rate of Change of 02.08 UP/DOWN Operation with Constant Speed Source of Second 02.09 Frequency Command Combination of the First and Second 02.10 Master Frequency Command Keypad Frequency 02.11...

  • Page 16

    Explanation Initial Frequency Selection (for 02.14 keypad & RS485/USB) Initial Frequency 02.15 Setpoint (for keypad & RS485/USB) Display the Master 02.16 Freq Command Source Display the 02.17 Operation Command Source Group 3 Output Function Parameters Multi-function 03.00 Output Relay (RA1, RB1, RC1) Multi-function 03.01...

  • Page 17

    Explanation 03.05 Terminal Count Value Preliminary Count 03.06 Value EF Active When 03.07 Terminal Count Value Attained 03.08 Fan Control The Digital Output Used by PLC 03.09 (NOT for VFD*E*C models) The Analog Output Used by PLC 03.10 (NOT for VFD*E*C models) Brake Release 03.11...

  • Page 18

    Explanation Keypad Potentiometer 04.03 Negative Bias, Reverse Motion Enable/Disable 04.04 2-wire/3-wire Operation Control Modes 04.05 Multi-function Input Terminal (MI3) 04.06 Multi-function Input Terminal (MI4) 04.07 Multi-function Input Terminal (MI5) Multi-function Input Terminal (MI6) For VFD*E*C models, the factory 04.08 setting is 23. The factory setting for the other models is Multi-function Input...

  • Page 19

    Explanation Digital Terminal 04.10 Input Debouncing Time 04.11 Min AVI Voltage 04.12 Min AVI Frequency 04.13 Max AVI Voltage 04.14 Max AVI Frequency 04.15 Min ACI Current 04.16 Min ACI Frequency 04.17 Max ACI Current 04.18 Max ACI Frequency 04.19 ACI/AVI2 Selection 04.20 Min AVI2 Voltage...

  • Page 20

    Explanation Internal/External 04.27 Multi-function Input Terminals Selection Internal Terminal 04.28 Status Group 5 Multi-Step Speeds Parameters 05.00 1st Step Speed Frequency 05.01 2nd Step Speed Frequency 05.02 3rd Step Speed Frequency 05.03 4th Step Speed Frequency 05.04 5th Step Speed Frequency 05.05 6th Step Speed...

  • Page 21

    Explanation Over-Torque 06.03 Detection Mode (OL2) Over-Torque 06.04 Detection Level Over-Torque 06.05 Detection Time Electronic Thermal 06.06 Overload Relay Selection Electronic Thermal 06.07 Characteristic Present Fault 06.08 Record 06.09 Second Most Recent Fault Record Third Most Recent 06.10 Fault Record Settings 0: Disabled 1: Enabled during constant speed operation.

  • Page 22

    Explanation 06.11 Fourth Most Recent Fault Record Fifth Most Recent 06.12 Fault Record 07.00 Motor Rated Current (Motor 0) Motor No-Load 07.01 Current (Motor 0) Torque 07.02 Compensation (Motor 0) Slip Compensation 07.03 (Used without PG) (Motor 0) Motor Parameters 07.04 Auto Tuning Motor Line-to-line...

  • Page 23

    Explanation Motor PTC 07.15 Overheat Warning Level Motor PTC 07.16 Overheat Reset Delta Level Treatment of the 07.17 Motor PTC Overheat Motor Rated Current 07.18 (Motor 1) Motor No-Load 07.19 Current (Motor 1) Torque 07.20 Compensation (Motor 1) Slip Compensation 07.21 (Used without PG) (Motor 1)

  • Page 24

    Explanation Motor Line-to-line 07.36 Resistance R1 (Motor 3) Motor Rated Slip 07.37 (Motor 3) Motor Pole Number 07.38 (Motor 3) DC Brake Current 08.00 Level DC Brake Time 08.01 during Start-Up DC Brake Time 08.02 during Stopping Start-Point for DC 08.03 Brake Momentary Power...

  • Page 25

    Explanation 08.17 Auto Energy Saving 08.18 AVR Function Software Brake 08.19 Level Compensation 08.20 Coefficient for Motor Instability 08.21 OOB Sampling Time 0.1 to 120.0 sec Number of OOB 08.22 Sampling Times OOB Average 08.23 Sampling Angle 08.24 DEB Function 08.25 DEB Return Time Group 9 Communication Parameters...

  • Page 26

    Explanation Transmission Speed 09.08 for USB Card Communication 09.09 Protocol for USB Card Transmission Fault 09.10 Treatment for USB Card Time-out Detection 09.11 for USB Card COM port for PLC Communication 09.12 (NOT for VFD*E*C models) CANopen Communication 09.13 Address (ONLY for VFD*E*C models) CANbus Baud Rate 09.14...

  • Page 27

    Explanation PID Set Point 10.00 Selection Input Terminal for 10.01 PID Feedback Input Terminal for 10.01 PID Feedback Proportional Gain 10.02 10.03 Integral Time (I) Derivative Control 10.04 Upper Bound for 10.05 Integral Control Primary Delay Filter 10.06 Time PID Output Freq 10.07 Limit PID Feedback...

  • Page 28

    Explanation Multi-function 11.00 Output Terminal MO2/RA2 Multi-function 11.01 Output Terminal MO3/RA3 Multi-function 11.02 Output Terminal MO4/RA4 Multi-function 11.03 Output Terminal MO5/RA5 Multi-function 11.04 Output Terminal MO6/RA6 Multi-function 11.05 Output Terminal MO7/RA7 Multi-function Input 11.06 Terminal (MI7) Multi-function Input 11.07 Terminal (MI8) Multi-function Input 11.08 Terminal (MI9)

  • Page 29

    Explanation Group 12: Analog Input/Output Parameters for Extension Card AI1 Function 12.00 Selection AI1 Analog Signal 12.01 Mode Min. AVI3 Input 12.02 Voltage Min. AVI3 Scale 12.03 Percentage Max. AVI3 Input 12.04 Voltage Max. AVI3 Scale 12.05 Percentage Min. ACI2 Input 12.06 Current Min.

  • Page 30: Fault Codes

    Explanation Max. ACI3 Input 12.18 Current Max. ACI3 Scale 12.19 Percentage AO1 Terminal 12.20 Analog Signal Mode AO1 Analog Output 12.21 Signal AO1 Analog Output 12.22 Gain AO2 Terminal 12.23 Analog Signal Mode AO2 Analog Output 12.24 Signal AO2 Analog Output 12.25 Gain Group 13: PG function Parameters for Extension Card...

  • Page 31

    Fault Fault Descriptions Name Low voltage The AC motor drive detects that the DC bus voltage has fallen below its minimum value. Over current Abnormal increase in current. Over voltage The DC bus voltage has exceeded its maximum allowable value. Overheating Heat sink temperature too high Overload...

  • Page 32

    Fault Fault Descriptions Name Overload 2 Motor overload. Software protection failure CC (current clamp) OV hardware error GFF hardware error OC hardware error External Base Block. (Refer to Pr. 08.07) External Fault Over-current during acceleration Over-current during deceleration Over-current during steady state operation Internal EEPROM can not be programmed.

  • Page 33

    Fault Fault Descriptions Name Auto accel/decel failure U-phase error V-phase error W-phase error OV or LV Temperature sensor error PID feedback signal error Analog signal error Phase Loss Ground fault Communication Error Auto Tuning Error Communication time-out error on the control board or power board Motor overheat protection PG signal error...

  • Page 34

    Fault Fault Descriptions Name CANopen SYNC Time out (Only for VFDxxxExxC) CANopen SDO Time out (Only for VFDxxxExxC) CANopen SDO buffer overflow (Only for VFDxxxExxC) CAN bus off (Only for VFDxxxExxC) CAN Boot up fault (Only for VFDxxxExxC) Error communication protocol of CANopen (Only for VFDxxxExxC) Dimensions are in mm [inch]...

  • Page 35

    NOTE Frame A (A1): VFD002E11A/21A/23A, VFD004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VFD015E23A/43A, VFD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VFD007E21C/23C/43C, VFD015E23C/43C, VFD002E11T/21T/23T, VFD004E11T/21T/23T/43T, VFD007E21T/23T/43T, VFD015E23T/43T Frame A (A2): VFD002E11P/21P/23P, VFD004E11P/21P/23P/43P, VFD007E21P/23P/43P, VFD015E23P/43P Frame B Frame 100.0 89.0 [3.94] [3.50] NOTE Frame B (B1): VFD007E11A, VFD015E21A, VFD022E21A/23A/43A, VFD037E23A/43A, VFD007E11C, VFD015E21C, VFD022E21C/23C/43C, VFD037E23C/43C 174.0 162.0 152.0...

  • Page 36

    Frame C Frame 130.0 116.0 [5.12] [4.57] NOTE Frame C (C1): VFD055E23A/43A, VFD075E23A/43A, VFD110E43A/43C, VFD055E23C/43C, VFD075E23C/43C 260.0 246.5 169.2 [10.24] [9.70] [6.66] English- 36 Unit: mm [inch] 78.5 [3.09] [0.31] [0.26] [0.22]...

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