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Craftsman 17550 - 3.5 Amp Detail Biscuit Jointer Operator's Manual

Detail biscuit joiner double insulated


Model No.
315.1 75502
To reduce the risk of injury,
the user must read and understand the
operator's manual before using this product.
Help Line: 1-800-932-3188
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 USA
Visit the Craftsman web page:
983000-5t 9
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 17550 - 3.5 Amp Detail Biscuit Jointer

  • Page 1 Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: Save this manual for future reference 983000-5t 9 5-05...
  • Page 2 Parts Ordering/Service ............................. Back Page FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN TOOL If this CRAFTSMAN tool fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE OR SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears will repair it, free of charge.
  • Page 3 • Avoid accidental starting. Be sure switch is off WARNING: Read and understand all instruc- before plugging in. Carrying tools with your finger on tions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, the switch or plugging in tools that have the switch on may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious invites accidents.
  • Page 4 SERVICE When servicing a tool, use only identical replace- ment parts. Follow instructions in the Maintenance • Tool service must be performed only by qualified section of this manual. Use of unauthorized parts or repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed failure to follow Maintenance Instructions may create a by unqualified personnel may result in a risk of injury.
  • Page 5 Someofthefollowing symbols maybeusedonthistool.Please study themand learn their meaning. Proper interpreta- tion of these symbols will allow you to operate the tool better and safer. SYMBOL NAME DESIGNATION/EXPLANATION Volts Voltage Current Amperes Hertz Frequency (cycles per second) Watt Power Minutes Time Alternating Current Type of current Direct Current...
  • Page 6 Thefollowing signal w ordsandmeanings a reintended to explain the levels ofriskassociated withthisproduct. SYMBOL SIGNAL MEANING DANGER: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could WARNING: result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 7 DOUBLE INSULATION EXTENSION CORDS Double insulation is a concept in safety in electric power When using a power tool at a considerable distance from tools, which eliminates the need for the usual three-wire a power source, be sure to use an extension cord that has grounded power cord.
  • Page 8 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Fence Angles ........... 45 ° and 90 ° No Load Speed ..........19,000/min. Depth of Cut with Input ........ 120 V, 60 Hz, AC only, 3.5 Amps Micro Depth of Cut Adjustment ......0 - 9/32 in. Net Weight ............3.878 Ibs.
  • Page 9 KNOW YOUR DETAIL BISCUIT JOINER HEIGHT SETTING SCALE See Figure 1. A scale on each side of the fence indicates the height of the fence from the center of the blade. Before attempting to use this product, familiarize yourself KNURLED ADJUSTMENT KNOB with all operating features and safety rules.
  • Page 10 • • depends on the thickness of the wood and the length WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with tools of the joint. In general, the small #R1 biscuits should be to make you careless. Remember that a careless used for miter cuts in 3/4 in. materials. The larger biscuits fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict serious should be used for edge-to-edge joinery.
  • Page 11 WARNING: Always unplug the tool when chang- ing operation settings or when the tool is not in use. Failure to unplug the tool may result in accidental starting and serious personal injury. DEPTH OF CUT Depth of cut is a basic setting that must be adjusted for all biscuit joinery applications.
  • Page 12 MAKING FINE ADJUSTMENTS FENCE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT See Figure 5. See Figure 6. Make a test cut in a scrap piece of wood. Fit the correct The fence on the biscuit joiner can be moved up and size biscuit into the biscuit slot. The biscuit slot should down to adjust the position of the blade in relation to the be deep enough to allow slightly more than one-half of top of the workpiece.
  • Page 13 FENCE ROTATION/ANGLE ADJUSTMENT LINE OF CUT INDICATORS See Figure 8. See Figure 9. The fence on the detail biscuit joiner can be rotated t80 ° The detail biscuit joiner has a centerline/line of cut indica- tor on the reversible fence and a centerline indicator mark and set at either 45 °...
  • Page 14 • Depress the switch trigger and let the motor build to its WARNING: Always use a firm grip with both hands maximum speed, then gradually push the biscuit joiner and clamp your workpiece securely when operating forward to extend the blade into the wood. the biscuit joiner, to avoid loss of control and pos- sible serious injury.
  • Page 15 BUTT JOINTS • Place the fence against the board and align the indica- tor marks on the fence with the centerline mark(s) on See Figure 13. the board. This type of joint is made by mating the end grain of one •...
  • Page 16 T-JOINTS • Plug the tool into the power supply and cut slots in all boards that require end slots. Follow the procedures as See Figures 15- 18. explained in "Making Edge-To-Edge Joints." A T-joint is used when the end of a board is joined to the •...
  • Page 17 CUTTING VERTICAL BOARDS FOR T-JOINTS • When the base assembly bottoms out against the depth of cut adjustment knob setting, pull back, releas- See Figure 19. ing pressure on the spring. The blade will retract from • With the tool unplugged and the fence removed, place the biscuit slot.
  • Page 18 MITER JOINTS • Disassemble the workpieces and place a bead of glue in each slot. Spread a bead of glue over the entire See Figures 20-22. surface of the joint. Reinsert the biscuits and assemble There are two types of miter joints that can be made using the workpieces.
  • Page 19 Hinge joints are used when joining two boards using hinges supplied in one of Craftsman's optional hinge When the base assembly bottoms out against the kits. Typical applications...
  • Page 20 BLADE REPLACEMENT WARNING: When servicing, use only identical See Figures 24-26. Craftsman replacement parts. Use of any other parts After extended use, the blade may become dull. If you may create a hazard or cause product damage. accidentally hit a nail or other blunt object, it will dull or ,&...
  • Page 21 • Using a 9/64in. hexkey,remove bladescrew. CLEANING BASE ASSEMBLY NOTE: Turnbladescrewcounterclockwise to remove. See Figures 27-29. After extended use, wood particles and resin may build up BLADESCREW OUTERBLADE inside the base assembly of the biscuit joiner and clog the path for wood particles going through dust exhaust open- GEARSPINDLE ing.
  • Page 22 • Lifttheadjustment rodawayfromthe bearing plate • Replace t he rearbase. P osition the adjustment rodin andremove therearbase. itsproper placeasshowninfigure25. • Withfrontandrearbaseassemblies r emoved, place • Secure the rearbaseinplacewiththetwo springs. thetoolupsidedownona workbench andclean wood Hookoneendof eachspringinthenotchoneachside particles andresinfrombearing plateandsurrounding oftherearbase.Using needle nosepliers, s tretcheach areas.
  • Page 23 Lookfortheseaccessories atSearsretail: • Biscuits 100pieces .............................. SizeR1 • Biscuits t00 pieces .............................. SizeR2 • Biscuits t00 pieces .............................. SizeR3 • Biscuit A ssortment ..........................400pieces total SizeR1................................t00 pieces SizeR2................................100pieces SizeR3................................200pieces WARNING" Current attachments and accessories available for use with this tool are listed above. Do not use any attachments or accessories not recommended...
  • Page 25 CRAFTSMAN DETAIL BISCUIT JOINER - MODEL NUMBER 315.175502 • DETAIL BISCUIT JOINER or when ordering repair parts. The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all correspondence regarding your |...
  • Page 26 Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances...

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