Craftsman 17539 - 6.0 Amp Plate Jointer Operator's Manual

Craftsman 17539 - 6.0 Amp Plate Jointer Operator's Manual

Double insulated


Model No.
To reduce the risk of injury,
the user must read and understand the
operator's manual before using this product.
Help Line: t-800-932-3188
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 USA
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 17539 - 6.0 Amp Plate Jointer

  • Page 1 Customer Help Line: t-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: Save this manual for future reference 983000-495 8-04...
  • Page 2 ............................. Back Page FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN TOOL If this CRAFTSMAN tool fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE OR SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears will repair it, free of charge.
  • Page 3: Work Area

    • Avoid accidental starting. Be sure switch is off ARNING: Read and understand all instruc- before plugging in. Carrying tools with your finger on tions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, the switch or plugging in tools that have the switch on may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious invites accidents.
  • Page 4 SERVICE • When servicing a tool, use only identical replace- ment parts. Follow instructions in the Maintenance • Tool service must be performed only by qualified section of this manual. Use of unauthorized parts or repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed failure to follow Maintenance Instructions may create a by unqualified personnel may result in a risk of injury.
  • Page 5 Someof the following symbols maybe usedonthis tool. Please studythemandlearntheirmeaning. P roper interpretation ofthesesymbols willallowyouto operate thetool better andsafer. SYMBOL NAME DESIGNATION/EXPLANATION Volts Voltage Amperes Current Hertz Frequency (cycles persecond) Watt Power Minutes Time "_ Alternating Current Type ofcurrent Direct C urrent Type or a characteristic ofcurrent NoLoadSpeed Rotational speed, a t noload...
  • Page 6 Thefollowing signal w ordsandmeanings a reintended to explain the levels ofriskassociated withthisproduct. SYMBOL SIGNAL MEANING Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will DANGER: result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could WARNING: result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 7: Double Insulation

    DOUBLE INSULATION EXTENSION CORDS Double insulation is a concept in safety in electric power When using a power tool at a considerable distance from tools, which eliminates the need for the usual three-wire a power source, be sure to use an extension cord that has grounded power cord.
  • Page 8: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS No Load Speed ..........10,000/min. Fence Angle Adjustments ........0-135 ° Depth of Cut ............0-9/16 in. Input ....... 120 V, 60 Hz, AC only, 6.0 Amps Net Weight .............. 8.4 Ibs. Cord Length ............... 10 ft. Blade ................4 in.
  • Page 9 KNOW YOUR BISCUIT JOINER DUAL GRIP HANDLE See Figure 1. The dual grip handle offers a choice of two grip positions for operator comfort. Before attempting to use this product, familiarize yourself with all operating features and safety rules. DUST COLLECTION Wood particles are drawn up through a tunnel in the base SWITCH TRIGGER...
  • Page 10: Packing List

    INSTALLING/REMOVING THE DUST BAG UNPACKING See Figure 2. This product requires assembly. The dust bag located on the rear of the biscuit joiner pro- • Carefully remove the tool and any accessories from the vides a dust collection system. Wood particles are drawn up box.
  • Page 11 When joining 1-1/2 in. thick materials, stack two biscuits, WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with tools one above the other. For example, use this method when to make you careless. Remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict serious joining 2 in.
  • Page 12: Setting Depth Of Cut

    MAKING FINE ADJUSTMENTS DEPTH OF CUT See Figure 6. The biscuit joiner can be adjusted to three standard cut- ting depths to accommodate three standard size biscuits Make a test cut in a scrap piece of wood. Fit the correct -- #0, #10, and #20.
  • Page 13 FENCE ANGLE FENCE HEIGHT The adjustable fence on the biscuit joiner can be set at The adjustable fence on the biscuit joiner can be moved angles ranging from 0 ° to 135 °, with accurate positive up or down to adjust the position of the blade in relation stops set in 45 °...
  • Page 14 MAKING EDGE-TO-EDGE JOINTS CENTERLINE See Figures 9 - 10. MARKS Edge-to-edge joinery is one of the most basic and easily- constructed joints. • Unplug the biscuit joiner. • Prepare the workpieces by laying them side by side on a workbench in the order in which they will be assem- bled.
  • Page 15: Butt Joints

    BUTTJOINTS BUTT JOINTS A butt joint is made by mating the end grain of one board with the edge grain of another. The bonding of glue on this type of surface is poor. However, by using biscuits you can create a strong joint that gives a mortise-and- BISCUIT tenon effect.
  • Page 16 • Set the fence angle at 90 ° T- JOINTS See Figure 13. • Set the fence height at the desired dimension on the scale. A T-joint is used when the end of a board is joined to the face •...
  • Page 17 HEIGHT CUTTING VERTICAL BOARDS LOCKING ADJUSTMENT KNOB See Figures 16- 17. KNOB • Unplug the biscuit joiner. • Loosen the locking knob and set the fence angle at 0°. • Set the fence height at the desired dimension on the scale by rotating the height adjustment knob.
  • Page 18 MITER JOINTS • Finally, disassemble the workpieces and place a bead of glue in each slot. Also, spread a bead of glue over See Figures 18 - 21. the entire surface of the joint. Reinsert the biscuits and There are two types of miter joints that can be made using assemble the workpieces.
  • Page 19 • Place thebiscuitjoinerontheworkpiece withthe CUTTINGEDGEMITER SLOT adjustable f enceresting onthelongsideof workpiece. FROMLONGSIDE OFWORKPIECE Thebaseor vertical fenceshouldbeagainst t hemi- terededgeoftheworkpiece. • Recheck t hefenceheight s etting to makesureit will notcutthrough the workpiece. • Aligntheindicator m arkonthefencewiththe center- lineontheworkpiece. M ake surethe baseor vertical fenceis pressed flatagainst t hemitered edgeofthe workpiece.
  • Page 20: General Maintenance

    WARNING: When servicing, use only identical See Figures 22 - 24. Craftsman replacement parts. Use of any other parts may create a hazard or cause product damage. After extended use, the blade on your biscuit joiner may become dull and need replacing. If you accidentally hit...
  • Page 21 • Place a screwdriver inthe holeprovided inthebearing • Remove the outer blade washer, blade and inner blade plate. washer. • Place oneofthenon-cutting teethlocated behind each • Clean wood particles and resin from the blade wash- carbide-tipped c uttingtoothagainst t hescrewdriver or ers, dust bag area, base assembly, and all surrounding pinandlockthebladeto prevent i t fromrotating.
  • Page 22: Cleaning

    SHOWNWITHOUTDUSTBAG CLEANING THE BASE ASSEMBLY AND DUST PATH SCREW(S) SHOE See Figures 25 - 27. After extended use, wood particles and resin may build up inside the base assembly of your biscuit joiner and clog the path for wood particles going into dust bag. Wood particles packing up in this area not only defeats the dust- less feature of your biscuit joiner, it also makes cutting biscuit slots more difficult.
  • Page 23: Cleaning The Dust Bag

    • Using a screwdriver, remove thetwoscrewsthatcon- nectthefrontandrearbaseassemblies. • Carefully s eparate thefrontbaseassembly f romthe rearbaseassembly. Remove t hefrontbaseassembly. NOTE: Thesepieces aretightlyjoined. I t maybehelp- ful to usea mallet t o lightly tapthe areawhere the assemblies m eet. • Remove t herearbaseassembly. •...
  • Page 24 Thefollowing recommended accessories arecurrently available a t Searsretail s tores: • Biscuits 100pieces ............................. Size0 • Biscuits 100pieces ............................. Size10 • Biscuits 100pieces ............................. Size20 • Biscuit A ssortment ..........................400pieces total Size0................................100pieces Size10................................100pieces Size20................................200pieces _k WARNING:Current a ttachments andaccessories available f or usewiththistoolarelistedabove. D onotuseany attachments or accessories notrecommended bythemanufacturer ofthistool.Theuseofattachments o r acces- sories not recommended canresult i n serious personal injury.
  • Page 25 • CRAFTSMAN BISCUIT JOINER - MODEL NUMBER 315.175390 • SEE NOTE 21 _22 NOTE: The assembly shown represents an important part of the Double Insulated System. To avoid the possibility of alteration or damage to the System, service should be performed by your nearest Sears Repair Center. Contact your nearest Sears Retail Store for Service Center...
  • Page 26 CRAFTSMAN BiSCUiT JOINER - MODEL NUMBER 315.175390 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all correspondence regarding your BJSOUmTJOINER or when ordering repair parts_ SEE BACK PAGE FOR PARTS...

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