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Precautions; Notes On Handling Discs - Sony 454RF - CDX CD Changer Operating Instructions Manual

Operating instructions
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This unit cannot be used with a car audio
without FM tuner.
. If your car was parked in direct sunlight
resulting in a considerable rise in
temperature inside the car, allow the unit to
cool off before operating it.
If no power is being supplied to the unit,
check the connections first. If everything is in
order, check the fuse.
Avoid installing the CD changer and wired
remote in places:
subject to temperature exceeding 55°C
subject to direct sunlight.
near heat sources (such as heaters).
exposed to rain or moisture.
exposed to excessive dust or dirt.
subject to excessive vibration.
If you have any questions or problems
concerning your unit that are not covered in
this manual, please consult your nearest
Notes on handling discs
A dirty or defective disc may cause sound
drop-outs during playback. To enjoy optimum
sound, handle the disc as follows.
Handle the disc by its edge, and to keep the
disc clean, do not touch the unlabelled surface.
This way
Do not stick paper or tape on the disc.
Not this way
Keep your discs in their cases or disc
magazines when not in use.
Do not expose discs to direct sunlight or heat
sources such as hot air-ducts. Do not leave
discs in a car parked in direct sunlight where
there can be a considerable rise in the
temperature inside the car.
Not this way
Before playing, clean the discs with
optional cleaning cloth. Wipe each disc in the
direction of the arrows.
This way
Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner,
commercially available cleaners or antistatic
spray intended for analog discs.
Discs with special shapes (heart-shaped discs,
octagonal discs etc.) cannot be played on this
unit. Attempting to do so may damage the
unit. Do not use such discs.
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