Sanyo H1340 - ECD Radio / CD Player Operating Instructions Manual page 7

Am/fm stereo radio cd player with full detachable panel, 1.5 din size multi-color lcd display
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To Reinstall
the Front Panel
1 Push the front panel into the main body
A 'click' sound should
be heard
2 Note that if the front panel fails to lock in position
the release
button may not release the panel, and the other control
may not function
when Handling
1 Do not drop the front panel
2 Do not put pressure
on the display or control buttons when detaching
or reinstalling
the front panel
3 Do not touch the contacts
on the front panel or on the main unit body
It may result
in poor electrical
4 If any dirt or foreign substances
on the contacts,
they can be removed
with a clean and dry cloth
5 Do not expose the front panel to high temperatures
or direct sunlight
6 Keep away any volatile agents (e g benzene,
thinner, or insecticides)
from touching
the surface of the front panel
7 Do not attempt to disassemble
the front panel


Table of Contents

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