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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC VERSA 4000

  • Page 1 The information disclosed in this document, including all designs and related materials, is the valuable property of NEC Corporation (NEC) and/or its licensors. NEC and/or its licensors, as appropriate, reserve all patent, copyright and other proprietary rights to this document, including all design, manufacturing, reproduction, use and sales rights thereto, except to the extent said rights are expressly granted to others.
  • Page 2: Using This Guide

    Read the following chapters to find out more about your NEC Versa 4000. Chapter 1 introduces the NEC Versa 4000, its features, and care. Chapter 2 explains how to use the NEC Versa 4000 hardware. Chapter 3 describes the software that comes with your NEC Versa 4000.
  • Page 3: Text Setup

    Appendix A, Setting Up a Healthy Work Environment, contains guidelines to help you use your computer pro- ductively and safely. This appendix also instructs you on how to set up and use your computer to reduce your risk of developing nerve, muscle, or tendon disorders. Appendix B provides system specifications and envi- ronmental requirements.
  • Page 4 In addition to this guide, other documents ship with your Versa system, including the following: The NEC Versa 4000 Series Quick Setup shows how to set up and start your system after you unpack it. The NEC Versa 4000 Quick Reference Card contains brief descriptions of function keys, LCDs, NEC help telephone numbers and troubleshooting tips.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Using this Guide Text Setup ............... viii Related Documents........... Getting to Know Your NEC Versa 4000 Around the System ........... Front..............LCD Panel ............. Controls and Microphone ....... Status Icons ........... Keyboard ............Infrared Port ..........NEC VersaGlide ..........
  • Page 6 Mouse..............2-28 External Bar Code Scanner........2-29 External Audio Options ........2-30 PC Cards ............2-31 Docking the NEC Versa 4000......2-32 NEC Versa PortBar 4000....... 2-32 NEC Versa Docking Station 4000 ....2-33 Understanding the Software Windows Introduction ..........
  • Page 7 Traveling with Your NEC Versa 4000 Power Connections........... Checklists ..............What to Take ............Things to Do ............Solving Problems Problem Checklist ............ Start-Up Problems............ POST Error Messages......... If You Need Assistance ..........Direct Technical Support........Remote Technical Support........Features ............
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Nec Versa 4000

    Take the online System Tour to get acquainted with the NEC Versa 4000. (The System Tour is in the Windows NEC Information group under the NEC Versa 4000 InfoCenter.) Wander through the online system Basics.
  • Page 9: Around The System

    AROUND THE SYSTEM The NEC Versa 4000 is light and compact with features on every side. Front First, look at the front of the NEC Versa 4000. The front LCD Panel Your NEC Versa 4000 comes with a 10.4-inch Dual-Scan Super-Twisted Nematic (DSTN) color display, a 10.4-inch...
  • Page 10: Controls And Microphone

    Contrast Control — a slide switch to adjust the contrast on the screen (DSTN screens only). Controls and Microphone NEC Versa 4000 controls and the built-in microphone are shown in the following figure. These features are described after the figure.
  • Page 11 Suspend mode or to resume operation mode. LCD Panel Sensor— senses when the LCD panel is closed and turns off the panel. Power Button — slide the power button to power on and off the notebook computer. 1-4 Getting to Know Your NEC Versa 4000...
  • Page 12: Status Icons

    Status Icons The NEC Versa 4000 has several LCD icons that show you the system status. Suspend Power Management Diskette Drive Access Hard Disk Drive Access Caps Lock Scroll Lock Num Lock Battery Suspend — appears when the system is in Suspend mode.
  • Page 13: Keyboard

    Keyboard The NEC Versa 4000 keyboard is equipped with many features, including the following. (For more details about keyboard features, see Chapter 2 of this guide and the on- line information found in the NEC Versa 4000 InfoCenter.)
  • Page 14 How the key combination works depends on the application you are running. Other con- trol keys include Num Lock Scroll Lock , and . (For detailed descriptions, see the online information.) Getting to Know Your NEC Versa 4000 1-7...
  • Page 15: Infrared Port

    Versa 4000 communicate with other devices having infrared ports. For example, you can easily transfer files between your NEC Versa and an IR-equipped desktop or print to an IR-equipped printer without using cables. These ports are Serial-Infrared (S-IR), IrDA compatible.
  • Page 16 A parallel cable has a 25-pin cable connector. Monitor (Video) Port — Use this 15-pin connector port to attach an external monitor to your NEC Versa. You can run the LCD display and the external monitor simul- taneously or run either alone.
  • Page 17: Left Side

    DC car adapter. Left Side The left side of your NEC Versa 4000 has two slots for in- serting two Type I or Type II PC cards (formerly called PCMCIA cards). You can also insert one Type III PC card.
  • Page 18: Right Side

    Volume Control Dial — Allows you to control the speaker volume. Headphones — Lets you connect external headphones or speakers to your NEC Versa 4000. Plugging in head- phones disables the built-in system speakers. Getting to Know Your NEC Versa 4000 1-11...
  • Page 19: Bottom

    Plugging in an external micro- phone disables the built-in microphone. Line Out — Lets the NEC Versa 4000 act as an input source for another audio system. Connect this port to a Line In port on another audio system to play or record.
  • Page 20: System Care

    Adjustable Feet — Adjustable feet let you change the angle and level of the NEC Versa 4000. SYSTEM CARE The NEC Versa 4000 is a durable, dependable system built for extensive use and travel. Follow these guidelines to maintain the condition and performance of your computer.
  • Page 21: Storage Requirements

    Do not use the system in humid or dusty environments. Turn computer power off before cleaning it. Avoid exposing the NEC Versa 4000 or AC adapter to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. If it is un- avoidable, allow your NEC Versa to adjust to room temperature before using.
  • Page 22: Routine Cleaning

    Avoid leaving the system and its components in direct sunlight or near heat sources. CAUTION If the temperature of the NEC Versa suddenly rises or falls (for example, when you move the system from a warm place to a cold place), vapor con- denses inside the system.
  • Page 23 Special screen wipes are available through your local computer dealer. System case — NEC recommends that you carefully wipe the case with a slightly damp, almost dry cloth. 1-16 Getting to Know Your NEC Versa 4000...
  • Page 24: Using The Hardware

    Options and PC card expansion Powering Your NEC Versa The NEC Versa 4000 can be powered from a variety of dif- ferent sources, making it a truly portable system. Operate your NEC Versa 4000 just about anywhere using one of the...
  • Page 25 Connect the AC adapter as follows: Connect the AC adapter cable to the power port on the back of the NEC Versa 4000. Plug one end of the AC power cable into the AC adapter and the other end into a properly grounded 120- or 240- volt wall outlet.
  • Page 26: Bridge Battery

    Only an authorized NEC dealer can change a bridge battery. Battery Pack The NEC Versa 4000 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. With it, you can run your system on battery power for up to five hours with Power Manage- ment or 2.5 hours without Power Management.
  • Page 27: Replacing The Battery Pack

    Li-Ion battery. Leave the battery pack in the system and connect your NEC Versa to the AC adapter and a wall outlet. If you connect the system to AC power and continue to use it, the battery recharges in 2.5 to 7 hours.
  • Page 28 Remove the battery cover as follows: Locate the battery cover latch and slide it towards the front of the system. Slide the cover about half an inch away from the system to align the cover tabs and notches. Lift the cover up and away from the system. Battery Cover Latch Removing the cover Locate the notch on the battery.
  • Page 29 Lift Here Notched Corner Removing the battery Insert the new battery as follows: Align the battery terminals with the terminals in the system. Lower the terminal end of the battery pack into the bay. Next, lower the notched end into the bay. CAUTION When installing a battery pack, be careful not to twist the terminals.
  • Page 30 Terminals Notched End Inserting the battery pack Replace the battery bay cover as follows: Align the tabs on the battery cover with the notches in the system. Lower the cover onto the system. Slide the cover towards the middle of the unit. Tuck the tabs on the back of the cover under the chassis.
  • Page 31: Dc Car Adapter

    DC Car Adapter The NEC Versa 4000 can run on car battery power using the optional DC car adapter from NEC. Disconnect the AC adapter from the system if connected. Plug the appropriate end of the car DC adapter into the power port on the system.
  • Page 32 Keyboard Function keys — Twelve function keys, through F12, are available on the NEC Versa 4000 keyboard. These keys work together with the key to activate special functions. Six keys are preprogrammed with dual func- tions, which are printed in blue on the key.
  • Page 33: The Nec Versaglide Touchpad

    . How the key combination works depends on the applications you are running. The NEC VersaGlide Touchpad The NEC VersaGlide touchpad is an easy way to control the screen pointer (cursor) with your finger. Lightly glide your finger across the NEC VersaGlide touchpad and the cursor follows.
  • Page 34: Touchpad Adjustments

    Touchpad Adjustments The NEC VersaGlide offers a number of options that let you customize how the cursor and touchpad function. To access these options, locate the Control Panel and double click on the VersaGlide icon. (In Windows 3.11, look in the Main program group;...
  • Page 35: Options And Pc Card Expansion

    “VersaBay II.”) Replace the hard disk drive as follows. Check that the NEC Versa power is off. Turn the NEC Versa 4000 upside down with the front of the unit facing you. Remove the drive cover as follows: Locate the drive cover latch and slide it toward the front of the unit.
  • Page 36 Release Latch Removing the drive bay cover Remove the drive as follows: Using your fingers, press down on the hard disk drive at the end closest to the connector. While maintaining pressure, slide the drive towards the front of the system. CAUTION Do not lift the drive out of the system before releas- ing it from the system connector.
  • Page 37 Press Here Removing the hard disk drive Lower the new drive into the drive bay and align its con- nector with the hard disk drive connector in the system. Inserting the drive Slide the drive back and push firmly to secure the con- nection.
  • Page 38: Memory Expansion

    Turn the system over, power on, and run Setup to check the new configuration. Memory Expansion Your NEC Versa 4000 comes standard with 8 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM). You can increase system memory to a maximum of 40 MB by installing one of the following memory modules in the system.
  • Page 39 16-MB memory card 32-MB memory card Use the following steps to install a memory card. Follow steps 1 through 4 in the preceding section, “Hard Disks,” to remove the hard disk drive. Locate the memory connector in the drive bay. Memory Module Connector Locating the connector...
  • Page 40 Alignment Arrow Inserting a memory card Lower the hard disk drive back into the drive bay and align its connector with the connector in the system. Slide the drive back and push firmly to secure the connection. Replacing the drive Using the Hardware 2-17...
  • Page 41 Replace the cover as follows: Align the tabs on the drive cover with the slots on the system chassis. Lower the cover onto the chassis. Slide the cover to the right, making sure the second set of tabs at the back of the cover slide under the chassis frame.
  • Page 42: Versabay Ii

    Remove the diskette drive from the VersaBay II as follows: Make sure the NEC Versa 4000 is powered off and all options are disconnected. Turn the system upside down with the front facing away from you.
  • Page 43 Front of the Unit VersaBay II release latches Slide the front latch to the right. Push the middle latch forward until the drive pops part way out of the unit. (You may need to use some force when pushing the middle latch.) CAUTION Do not use a metal object to push the release latch.
  • Page 44 Releasing the drive Pull the drive the rest of the way out of the system. Prepare your option for installation as follows: To install a battery pack, first connect it to the bay adapter that came with the battery. (Follow the in- structions that came with the battery pack.) To install a hard disk drive, first connect it to the ap- propriate bay adapter or drive cradle pak.
  • Page 45: External Monitor

    External Monitor You can add a standard external monitor to your NEC Versa 4000. You need a display signal cable (usually pro- vided with the monitor). One end of the cable must have a 15-pin connector for the system. Follow these steps to connect an external monitor to your NEC Versa 4000.
  • Page 46: Printer

    When you connect a printer, be sure to install the appropriate printer driver through the Windows Control Panel. Connect a parallel device to your NEC Versa 4000 as follows. Check that both the NEC Versa and parallel device power are off.
  • Page 47 Open the port cover on the back of the system and locate the parallel port. Align and connect the 25-pin parallel cable connector to the parallel port on the system. Secure the cable with the screws provided. Align and connect the other end of the cable to the parallel port on the device.
  • Page 48: Serial Devices

    When you connect a printer, be sure to install the appropriate printer driver through the Windows Control Panel. Follow these steps to connect a serial device to your NEC Versa 4000. Check that both the NEC Versa and the device power are off.
  • Page 49: External Keyboard

    External Keyboard You can add a full-size PS/2-style keyboard to your NEC Versa 4000. You can continue to use the system keyboard while an external keyboard is connected. If you want to attach both an external keyboard and a PS/2- style external mouse at the same time, use the optional NEC Y-adapter.
  • Page 50 Press the Suspend button on the NEC Versa. Check that the system is in Suspend mode. CAUTION Make sure the NEC Versa is in Suspend mode (look for the moon icon on the Status Bar) or powered off whenever you add or remove the keyboard. Con-...
  • Page 51: Mouse

    Mouse You can add an external mouse to your NEC Versa 4000 to use in place of the NEC VersaGlide for moving the pointer. Use the following procedure to connect a PS/2-style mouse to the system.
  • Page 52: External Bar Code Scanner

    External Bar Code Scanner You can use an external bar code scanner with a PS/2-style connector with your NEC Versa 4000 using the Plug and Play feature. You can still use the system keyboard while a scanner is connected.
  • Page 53: External Audio Options

    Connect audio jacks, like a microphone or headphones, to the audio ports as follows. Locate the audio port that you want to use. Plug the jack into the port on the side of the NEC Versa. Headphones Line In Microphone...
  • Page 54: Pc Cards

    PC Cards You can easily install and change peripheral devices, such as modems, LAN cards, and storage cards in your NEC Versa 4000. The NEC Versa 4000 series notebook computers have software that automatically allocates system resources when you install or remove a PC card using PCMCIA technology.
  • Page 55: Docking The Nec Versa 4000

    NEC Versa PortBar 4000 The NEC Versa PortBar™ 4000 duplicates the ports found on the back of your NEC Versa 4000 system. Keep the PortBar in your office connected to peripherals while you take your NEC Versa 4000 on the road.
  • Page 56: Nec Versa Docking Station 4000

    Do not use the tilt feet when installing the PortBar. Doing so can damage the connector. NEC Versa Docking Station 4000 The optional NEC Versa Docking Station™ 4000 lets you turn your portable computer into a desktop or a full-blown multimedia workstation. See the NEC Versa Docking Sta- tion 4000 User's Guide for instructions on connecting and using the docking station.
  • Page 57: Understanding The Software

    Taxi™ and Official Airline Guide (OAG). ESS Audio. WINDOWS INTRODUCTION Your NEC Versa 4000 gives you the option of loading ei- ther Windows 95 or Windows for Workgroups to use on your system. Both Microsoft operating systems provide a means of running applications, navigating through your file structure, and using your notebook computer.
  • Page 58: Windows '95

    Windows ’95 Windows ’95 gives you the newest features offered by Microsoft, including a Desktop with room to maneuver, a Taskbar for quick navigation between open windows, plug and play features, online networking functions, and more. When you choose to install Windows 95, the following icons are loaded on your desktop: My Computer —...
  • Page 59: Dos Introduction

    DOS commands, but as you become more comfortable with computers you may want to begin learning DOS. For detailed instructions on how to use MS-DOS, refer to the online book MS-DOS 6.22 QuickStart in the NEC In- formation program group. Understanding the Software 3-3...
  • Page 60: Guide To Online Help

    GUIDE TO ONLINE HELP The NEC Versa has plenty of information for you online. The NEC Information group contains information about your NEC Versa 4000, warranty coverage, and customer services. NEC Versa 4000 InfoCenter The NEC Versa 4000 InfoCenter contains several specific areas of information to help you.
  • Page 61: Additional Topics

    NEC Versa Series computer. The Windows QuickStart 3.11 Guide This online “book” provides lessons on using Microsoft Windows, which runs on the NEC Versa 4000. (This file is available only when Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is the operating system loaded.) The MS-DOS 6.2.2 QuickStart Guide...
  • Page 62: Distribution Diskette Creator

    Distribution Diskette Creator This utility lets you create diskette copies of the system software that comes loaded on your NEC Versa 4000. Store the diskettes in a safe place in case you ever need to reload the system. Setup Utility The Setup utility automatically configures your NEC Versa each time you start it up.
  • Page 63: Other Software

    The system does not issue a prompt. See Advanced Topics for details about the Setup utility. OTHER SOFTWARE Your NEC Versa 4000 comes with other software to make using your system more efficient. These programs include The Phoenix PowerPanel...
  • Page 64: The Powerpanel

    The PowerPanel The PowerPanel lets you control system settings with just the press of a button. NOTE Fn-Key changes do not affect the settings shown on the PowerPanel toolbar. Fn-keys change the settings for the session you are currently using. The toolbar shows the settings that you specify to go into effect whenever you invoke PowerPanel or reboot your system.
  • Page 65: Cardwizard

    The software publisher also provides technical support for these programs. ESS Audio The ESS audio system that comes on your NEC Versa 4000 provides exceptional sound capabilities. Control the ESS audio system through the Windows Audio applications program group.
  • Page 66: Traveling With Your Nec Versa 4000

    The United States, Canada, and most of Central and South America use 120-volt alternating current (AC). Most other countries of the world use 240-volt AC. The NEC Versa 4000 adapts to voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts. Traveling with Your NEC Versa 4000 4-1...
  • Page 67: Checklists

    You can buy these at an electronics supply store. CHECKLISTS The following checklists can help you prepare for your trip with your NEC Versa 4000. Look them over and use what fits your situation. What to Take The following are what you should take with you when you travel with your NEC Versa.
  • Page 68: Things To Do

    Put your system into Suspend or Standby mode so you can quickly boot up at the airport security check. Fully charge all your batteries. Tape your business card to your NEC Versa, AC adapter, and batteries. Traveling with Your NEC Versa 4000 4-3...
  • Page 69: Solving Problems

    Solving Problems Once in a while you may encounter a problem with your NEC Versa 4000. The Online Information program group has Questions and Answers that might be helpful to you. If the screen is blank, the instructions don't help, or no error message appears, use the information here to determine and fix the problem.
  • Page 70 A disk drive might be busy. Wait until the disk drive button does not work stops and try again. The NEC Versa may be connected to a docking station. Some power management functions do not work when the NEC Versa is docked.
  • Page 71: Start-Up Problems

    LCD or a CRT. The system warns you by beeping. POST Error Messages The NEC Versa 4000 has a built-in checking program that automatically tests its components when you turn the sys- tem power on. This diagnostic test is called the Power-On Self-Test (POST).
  • Page 72 POST Error Messages MESSAGE WHAT TO DO Diskette drive A or B Drive A does not work or is not properly connected. failure Drive A is the diskette drive. No Floppy Drive Check that drive A is securely connected and power is on.
  • Page 73 POST Error Messages MESSAGE WHAT TO DO System CMOS Press F2 to enter Setup. Under Exit, set the default Checksum Bad – run values. Under Main, set the date and time. Save Setup your changes and exit. Press (F1) to resume, (F2) to setup.
  • Page 74: If You Need Assistance

    If you have a problem with your computer, first review the checklist and troubleshooting table in the previous section. If you still have a problem, call the NEC Technical Support Center (TSC), toll free, at 1-800-632-4525. Direct technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Page 75: Remote Technical Support

    You must have the modem connected to a telephone line. With the system power off, insert the bootable diskette (labelled “Co-Session Host”) that came with your NEC Vesa into the diskette drive. Turn on the system power. A menu appears.
  • Page 76: Features

    Features Remote Support Session has the following features: The remote screen (technician's screen) looks like your computer's screen. The technician can access data, run and control applica- tions on your system, and print reports using the remote keyboard and mouse. Or the technician can simply observe your computer’s operations.
  • Page 77: Getting Help

    Getting Help NEC is ready and willing to help you with our products. Here's how to reach us. NEC Versa Diskette Fulfillment Center (800) 842-6446 To purchase backup diskettes and manuals. NEC Customer Service and Support (800) 632-4525 (508) 635-4666 Spare parts ordering, warranty claims, repair services, technical support, and service authorizations.
  • Page 78 Worldwide Web Address www.nec.com NEC is a member of TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network). 6-2 Getting Help...
  • Page 79: Setting Up A Healthy Work Environment

    Setting Up a Healthy Work Environment WARNING Prolonged or improper use of a computer worksta- tion may pose a risk of serious injury. To reduce your risk of injury, set up and use your computer in the manner described in this appendix. Contact a doctor if you experience pain, tenderness, swelling, burning, cramping, stiffness, throbbing, weakness, soreness, tingling and/or numbness in...
  • Page 80 Although some studies have shown an association between increasing hours of keyboard use and the development of some musculoskeletal disorders, it is still unclear whether working at a computer causes such disorders. Some doctors believe that using the keyboard and mouse may aggravate existing musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Page 81: Arrange Your Equipment

    ARRANGE YOUR EQUIPMENT Arrange your equipment so that you can work in a natural and relaxed position. Place items that you use frequently within easy reach. Adjust your workstation setup to the proper height (as described in this appendix) by lowering the table or stand that holds your computer equipment or raising the seat height of your chair.
  • Page 82: Adjust Your Input Devices

    Use armrests or forearm supports to support your fore- arms. If adjustable, the armrests or forearm supports should initially be lowered while all the other adjust- ments discussed in this appendix are made. Once all these adjustments are completed, raise the armrests or adjust the forearm supports until they touch the forearms and allow the shoulder muscles to relax.
  • Page 83: Adjust Your Screen Or Monitor

    Press the keys gently; do not bang them. Keep your shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers relaxed. ADJUST YOUR SCREEN OR MONITOR Correct placement and adjustment of the screen or external monitor can reduce eye, shoulder, and neck fatigue. Check the following when you position the screen or external monitor.
  • Page 84: Vary Your Workday

    Position whatever you are looking at most of the time (the screen or reference material) directly in front of you to minimize turning your head while you are typing. Get regular eye check-ups. VARY YOUR WORKDAY If you use your computer for prolonged periods, follow these instructions.
  • Page 85: Pre-Existing Conditions And Psychosocial Factors

    PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS AND PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS Pre-existing conditions that may cause or make some people more susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders include the following: hereditary factors, vascular disorders, obesity, nutritional deficiencies (e.g., Vitamin B deficiency), endo- crine disorders (e.g., diabetes), hormonal imbalances, con- nective tissue disorders (e.g., arthritis), prior trauma (to the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back, or legs), prior musculoskeletal disorders, aging, fluid retention due to...
  • Page 86: Specifications And Environment

    Environment The following specifications are standard except where noted. System Processor NEC Versa 4000 DSTN, TFT, and High Resolution models — Intel Pentium-75 Mhz NEC Versa 4050 TFT and High Resolution models — Intel Pentium-90 Mhz Random Access Memory (RAM) Standard Main Memory —...
  • Page 87 Input/Output (I/O) Facilities Integrated industry-standard interfaces Parallel — 1 port, 25-pin D-sub Serial — 1 port, 9-pin D-sub Infrared — 2 ports, 1 on front of system; 1 on back, IrDA-1 compatible VGA — 1 port, 15-pin high-density D-sub External Keyboard/External Mouse 1 port, PS/2, 6-pin MiniDin;...
  • Page 88 VGA Thin Film Transistor (TFT) CCFT Backlit color Diagonal Size — 10.1 in. Resolution 640 x 480 pixels Dot Pitch 0.32 mm Colors 16.8 Million, 18 bits High Resolution TFT CCFT Backlit color Diagonal Size — 10.4 in. Resolution 800 x 600 pixels Dot Pitch 0.26 mm Colors...
  • Page 89 Hard Disk Drive Internal 2.5-inch, 540-MB, or 810-MB drive, removable Track-to-track seek rate — 4 ms Average seek time — 13 ms (read), 14 ms (write) Revolutions per minute — 4000 I/F data rate — Mode 3-11 MB per second Media data rates —...
  • Page 90 4.53 in. (115.5 mm) Height 0.83 in. (21 mm) Weight NEC Versa 4000 DSTN — 6.25 lb (2.84 kg) NEC Versa 4000/4050 TFT — 6.58 lb (2.98 kg) NEC Versa 4000/4050 High Resolution — 6.34 lb (2.87 kg) Battery Pack — 0.64 lb (0.29 kg)
  • Page 91 BATTERY REPLACEMENT A lithium battery in your computer maintains system configuration information. In the event that the battery fails to maintain system configuration information, NEC recommends that you replace the battery. Have an authorized NEC service representative replace the battery. WARNING There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly re- placed.

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