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Precaution Statements - Dell 48 VDC Instructions Manual

Cabling instructions
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This document describes the requirements and instructions for connecting the safety
ground wire for systems equipped with a –48 VDC power supply.
CAUTION: A qualified electrician must perform all connections to DC power and
safety grounds. The system must be safety grounded at the cabinet frame. All
electrical wiring must comply with applicable local or national codes and
System Information
regulatory information. Read and follow all safety instructions prior to setup,
operation, and service of your system.
CAUTION: The system chassis must be positively grounded to the rack cabinet
frame. Do not attempt to connect power to the system until grounding cables are
CAUTION: An energy hazard will exist if the safety ground cable is omitted or
CAUTION: Before connecting safety ground or power cables to the connector,
ensure that the power is removed from the DC circuit. To ensure that the power
is off, locate the circuit breaker on the DC source circuit. Switch the circuit
breaker to the off position and, if available, install an approved safety locking
device to the circuit breaker or switch to prevent against another person from
energizing the circuit.

Precaution Statements

This system is intended for restricted access locations (dedicated equipment rooms,
equipment closet, or the like) in accordance with Articles 110-5, 110-6, 110-11, 110-14, and
110-17 of the National Electrical Code, American National Standards Institute
(ANSI)/National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70.
Protect the system with a 7.2-ampere (A) minimum to 20-A maximum protective device or
a 25-A maximum protective device when used with 90ºC wire.
Connect the system to a –48 VDC supply source that is electrically isolated from the AC
source. Ensure that the –48 VDC source is efficiently secured to earth (ground).
CAUTION: When installing the unit, the ground connection must always be made
first and disconnected last to prevent an energy hazard.
CAUTION: Never defeat the ground conductor or operate the equipment in the
absence of a suitably installed ground conductor. Contact the appropriate
electrical inspection authority or an electrician if you are uncertain whether
suitable grounding is available.
document provides important safety and
Cabling Instr u ctions for the –48 VDC



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