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Samsung Moment User Manual

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Table of Contents

User Guide
©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint.
Other marks are the property of their respective owners.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide ©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. 5/20/10...
  • Page 2 Consejo: Para encontrar esta guía para usuarios en español, por favor visita a y haz clic en Support > Devices To find this user guide in Spanish, please visit and click Support > Devices Important Privacy Message – Sprint’s policies often do not apply to third-party applications.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Displaying Your Phone Number ... . . 34 Making and Answering Calls ....34 Entering Text with Onscreen Keyboard .
  • Page 4 Altering a Number From Call Log ... . 70 Updating Your Android Operating System ..93 Erasing the Call Log ......71 Updating Your Profile .
  • Page 5 Disconnecting Bluetooth Connection Data Services FAQs ..... . 169 During an Active Call ..... 119 3C.
  • Page 6 User Guide Proprietary Notice ....191 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty ... . 192 Manufacturer’s Warranty ....192 Index.
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Your Device’s Menu ® This introduces you to Sprint service and The following table outlines your device’s main menu User Guide all the features of your new device. It’s divided into four structure. For more information about using your sections: device’s menus, see “Navigation and Customization”...
  • Page 8 > Add 2: Wallpaper gallery > Search 1: Shortcuts 1: Applications 2: Bookmark > Notifications 3: Contact 4: Direct dial 5: Direct message 6: Directions & Navigation > Settings > Wireless & networks 7: Gmail label 8: Music playlist 1: Airplane mode (On/Off) 9: Settings 2: Widgets 2: Wi-Fi (On/Off)
  • Page 9 7: Friendly Ghost 8: Growl 3: All animations 9: Insert Coin 10: Love Flute 3: Auto Brightness (On/Off) 11: Medieval Jaunt 12: Romancing The Tone 13: Samsung Tune 14: Sitar Versus Sitar 4: Brightness 15: Twirl Away 16: Very Alarmed...
  • Page 10 Credential storage: 5: Screen timeout 1: 8 seconds 2: 15 seconds 1: Use secure credentials (On/Off) 3: 30 seconds 4: 1 minute 5: 2 minutes 6: 10 minutes 2: Install from SD card 7: 30 minutes 3: Set password 6: Keyboard timeout 4: Clear storage 1: 3 seconds 2: 6 seconds...
  • Page 11 Manage accounts: Internal phone storage: > Settings > WorkMail & sync 1: Available space > Settings > Search > Settings > Privacy Web search: Location: 1: Google search settings 1: Use My Location (On/Off) 1: Show web suggestions Settings: 2: Search history 3: Manage search history 1: Back up my settings (On/Off) Quick Search Box:...
  • Page 12: Default Settings

    2: Android keyboard 3: Always use my settings (On/Off) 1: Vibrate on keypress (On/Off) 4: Speak incoming caller ID (On/Off) 2: Sound on keypress (On/Off) Default settings: 3: Auto-capitalization (On/Off 4: Voice input (On/Off) 1: Speech rate 5: Quick fixes (On/Off) 6: Show suggestions (On/Off) 1: Very slow 2: Slow...
  • Page 13 > Settings > About phone 10: Build number 11: Hardware version 1: System Updates In Use Menu 1: Update Firmware 2: Update Profile 3: Update PRL 4: Update Android While in an active call, press to display the 2: Status following options: 1: Battery status 2: Phone number...
  • Page 15: Section 1: Getting Started

    Section 1 Getting Started...
  • Page 16: 1a. Setting Up Service

    1A. Setting Up Service Setting Up Your Device (page 2) Activating Your Device (page 4) Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 5) Sprint Account Passwords (page 5) Getting Help (page 6) Setting Up Your Device Install the battery. Remove the battery from its packaging. Insert the battery into the opening in the back of the device, making sure the connectors align.
  • Page 17 Press to turn the device on. WARNING: If your device has a touchscreen display, If your device is activated, it will turn on, search for please note that a touchscreen responds best to Sprint service and enter standby mode. a light touch from the pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus.
  • Page 18: Activating Your Device

    Activating Your Device , it is If you purchased your device at a Sprint Store probably activated and ready to use. If you received your device in the mail and it is for a new Unlock Screen , it is designed to Sprint account or a new line of service activate automatically.
  • Page 19: Setting Up Your Voicemail

    Note: If you are having difficulty with activation, contact Sprint Note: Voicemail Password Customer Service by dialing from any 1-888-211-4727 Sprint strongly recommends that you create a other phone. password when setting up your voicemail to protect against unauthorized access. Without a password, anyone who has access to your device is able to Setting Up Your Voicemail access your voicemail messages.
  • Page 20: Getting Help

    Voicemail Password View and pay your bill. Enroll in Sprint online billing and automatic payment. You’ll create your voicemail password (or passcode) Purchase accessories. when you set up your voicemail. See “Setting Up Your Voicemail” on page 5 for more information on your Shop for the latest Sprint phones.
  • Page 21: Sprint Operator Services

    From Any Other Phone Sprint Operator Services Sprint Customer Service: 1-888-211-4727 Sprint Operator Services provides assistance when you Business Customer Service: 1-800-927-2199 place collect calls or when you place calls billed to a local telephone calling card or third party. Sprint 411 Sprint 411 gives you access to a variety of services and For more information or to see the latest in products...
  • Page 23: Section 2: Your Device

    Section 2 Your Device...
  • Page 24: 2a. Device Basics

    Your Device (page 11) search for and download available updates. Viewing the Display Screen (page 14) Device software can also be updated via the Samsung Turning Your Device On and Off (page 17) PC Update tool. See “Updating Your Device Firmware” on page 87.
  • Page 25: Your Device

    Your Device Key Functions Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated 1. Earpiece prompts. 2. Status Bar provide information about your Status Bar Icons Icons device’s status and options, such as signal 3. Display strength, roaming, ringer setting, messaging and Screen battery charge.
  • Page 26 returns you to the Home screen. Press , as part of the built-in camera, provides an HOME Key Flash and hold to open the recently-used applications additional light source for pictures during low-light window. conditions. TALK Key allows you to place or receive calls, Microphone allows other callers to hear you clearly answer Call Waiting, use 3-Way Calling or activate...
  • Page 27 activates the Speech to Speech to Action Button 15. Headset Jack 20. Light Sensors Action (Voice Control) function that lets you dial phone numbers, launch applications and launch other actions by speaking a name, command or a phone number. allows you to connect the Charger/Accessory Jack phone charger or a USB cable (included).
  • Page 28: Viewing The Display Screen

    Landscape Phone Features lets you toggle alphabet Shift/Symbols Key characters between mixed case, uppercase and 28. Delete Key lowercase. Character case remains as selected until the Shift key is pressed again. In combination with the , lets you access symbol characters. 21.
  • Page 29 Status Bar – Service Icons Status Bar – Service Icons Data Service Communicating – Sprint EVDO – Your automatic Activation Not Completed data service is active and communicating (see device activation process failed, please retry. page 142.) Signal Strength – Shows your current signal Data Service Unavailable –...
  • Page 30 Status Bar – Status Icons Status Bar – Status Icons – Speakerphone feature is enabled. – Device location feature is Speaker GPS Communicating on and communicating. Battery Strength – Shows your current battery Wi-Fi Connected – Wi-Fi is connected, active charge level.
  • Page 31: Turning Your Device On And Off

    Status Bar – Status Icons Status Bar – Messaging Icons Silence All – All incoming sounds are turned off. Internet Email message – Shows you have received a new Internet email message. Vibrate Only – The ringer is set to vibrate only. –...
  • Page 32: Battery And Charger

    Sprint-approved or Samsung-approved batteries and see the powering-down animation on the display accessories can be found at Sprint Stores or through screen. Samsung; or call 1-866-866-7509 to order. They’re also available at Touch to power Off the device.
  • Page 33: Installing The Battery

    Note: Long backlight settings, searching for service, vibrate mode, browser use and other variables may reduce the battery’s talk and standby times. Tip: Watch your device’s battery level indicator and charge the battery before it runs out of power. Installing the Battery See “Setting Up Your Device”...
  • Page 34: Extending Your Battery Life

    Turn Wi-Fi off when not is use. See “Turning Wi-Fi On you were just working on. and Off” on page 149. Always use a Sprint-approved or Samsung-approved Deactivate the GPS when not needed. Most desktop charger, travel charger or vehicle power applications using this function will periodically query adapter to charge your battery.
  • Page 35: Navigation And Customization

    Navigation and Customization Status bar The Samsung Moment™ by Google™ is a touch-sensitive device which allows you to not only Notification area select an onscreen option with a single tap, but also Status area scroll through long menu lists. Simply slide up and down through the display with your fingertip.
  • Page 36 displays icons associated with (page 22) the Home screen Notification area Extended Home Screens: end-user notifications such as: email messages, extends beyond the visible screen width to provide calls (missed, call in progress), new voicemail, more space for adding icons, widgets and more. upcoming event, USB connection and Text/MMS Press to access the main Home screen (1)
  • Page 37 are self-contained onscreen applications Widgets Home Screen (not shortcuts). These can be placed onto any of the available screens (Home or Extended). See “Adding and Removing Widgets” on page 28. are shortcut icons that launch available Shortcuts device applications such as Voicemail, Contacts, Dialer, Email, Alarm Clock, etc.
  • Page 38: Using The Applications Tab

    Using the Applications Tab Applications All of your device’s applications are The following is a listing of the current applications located within the Applications tab. This available on both the Home screens and via the tab houses shortcuts to your currently available Applications tab.
  • Page 39 Application Icons Application Icons Device Self Service – Launches a built-in Maps – Launches a Web-based dynamic map servicing application that can assist you with that helps you find local businesses, locate either activating your new device, updating friends, view maps and get driving directions software (over the air) or connecting to ecare.
  • Page 40 Application Icons Application Icons – Launches a built-in GPS – Provides access to your Outlook Sprint Navigation Work Email functionality, giving you access to a number of email account (page 157). location-based services (page 177). Work Tasks – Provides access to your Outlook Sprint TV –...
  • Page 41: Customizing Your Home Screen

    Customizing Your Home Screen To add a shortcut from the Applications tab: Press to activate You can customize your Home screen by doing the the Home screen. following: Tap the Applications Creating Shortcuts tab ( ) to reveal Adding and Removing Widgets on the Home Screen all your current Repositioning Widgets applications.
  • Page 42 To add a shortcut via the Add to Home screen: To delete a shortcut: Press to activate the Home screen. Press to activate the Home screen. Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen. Touch and hold the From the Add to Home desired shortcut.
  • Page 43 To add a Widget: To place a Widget onto a different screen: Press to activate the Home screen. Follow the steps to remove the Widget from the current screen (page 29). Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen. Note: A Widget cannot be dragged from a current screen to From the...
  • Page 44: Menu Navigation

    To create a folder onscreen: Accessing Recently-Used Applications Press to activate the Home screen. Your device keeps a running list of your six most recently used applications. Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen. Press and hold From the window tap Add to Home screen...
  • Page 45 Changing the Screen Orientation Although most screens will change orientation once The Samsung Moment™ is capable of automatically the QWERTY keyboard is opened, this feature can be changing the orientation of some onscreen content. manually enabled to change the orientation for all The device’s built-in accelerometer senses movement...
  • Page 46 To activate the auto-rotate feature: As you navigate through the menu by scrolling across your Optical Joystick, menu options are highlighted. Press > and tap > Sound & Select any option by highlighting it and pressing display . A checkmark indicates the feature Orientation is enabled.
  • Page 47: Using The Notifications Panel

    Selecting Menu Items Using your Keyboard Backing Up Within a Menu Access the QWERTY keyboard and locate the To go to the previous menu: navigation buttons, located at the right of the keyboard. Press To return to Home screen: Enter Press Using the Notifications Panel Left...
  • Page 48: Displaying Your Phone Number

    Making and Answering Calls Making Calls Press and then tap Enter a phone number using the onscreen dialpad. (If you make a mistake while dialing, to erase the numbers.) . (To make a call when you are roaming and Call Guard is enabled, select Roam Call .
  • Page 49: Answering Calls

    You can also place calls from your device by speed Answering Calls dialing numbers from your Contacts (page 40) and Make sure your device is on. (If your device is off, using your History listings (page 69). incoming calls go to voicemail.) Dialing Options Press to answer an incoming call.
  • Page 50: Calling Emergency Numbers

    Select to answer the call. (See “Call Guard” on Calling Emergency Numbers page 138 for additional information.) You can place calls to 911 (dial Note: When your device is off, calls go directly to voicemail. ), even if your device is locked or your account is restricted.
  • Page 51: In-call Options

    Enhanced 911 (E911) Information In-Call Options This device features an embedded Global Positioning Touch and drag up on the Call routed through System (GPS) chip necessary for utilizing E911 tab (bottom of the Dialpad Bluetooth headset emergency location services where available. active call screen) to use the onscreen dialpad to enter When you place an emergency 911 call, the GPS...
  • Page 52: End-of-call Options

    to end the current call. When turned off, the call is routed through either End call the earpiece or speaker, the call area is to mute the microphone during an active call. Mute surrounded by a green box and shows ( Tap again to unmute the microphone.
  • Page 53: Saving A Phone Number

    to add the new number to your To save a number from the Home screen: Add to contacts Contacts. (See “Saving a Phone Number” on and enter a number into the onscreen page 39.) dialer. to view the Contacts listing for the View contact Press and tap...
  • Page 54: Dialing From The Contacts List

    Enter the first letter or letters of an entry. (The more To speed dial a contact from Favorites: letters you enter, the more specific the search.) Press and tap > Favorites To display contact details, tap an entry from the list. Scroll through the list and tap the contact.
  • Page 55: Entering Text With Onscreen Keyboard

    Select one of the following Text mode options: orientation to Landscape once the QWERTY keyboard to use alphabetic characters from the slides out, the Samsung Moment™ can also be set to onscreen keyboard. See page 43. automatically change its orientation. To use the...
  • Page 56 Onscreen Keyboard Overview : a field where text, number or other Entry field characters can be entered. : a row of selectable word Suggested Word choices choices based on the current set of entered text. Tap Entry field an onscreen choice to insert the selection into your current entry field.
  • Page 57: Abc Mode

    : There are two available modes: If the word you want is not displayed after you have Text mode ?123 entered all the letters, tap to scroll through additional word selections. To accept a word and insert mode contains only characters. Text mode a space, touch it.
  • Page 58: Entering Text Using The Qwerty Keyboard

    Entering Numbers and Symbols Accessing the QWERTY Keyboard By using the onscreen keyboard in Portrait mode, some symbols are not available (such as Emoticons or The Samsung Moment™ has a built-in, keyboard-style Smileys). In mode, you can only enter symbols ?123 keypad, referred to as a full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Page 59: Using The Keyboard

    Using the QWERTY keyboard, you can type letters, Using the Keyboard numbers, punctuation and other special characters into In this section, we cover the steps necessary to enter text entry fields or other applications simpler and faster text using the QWERTY keyboard. Using your device's than using the onscreen keyboard.
  • Page 60: Entering Characters

    Entering Characters OK/Enter: Moves the insertion point to the next line in a message. The entered character (of a field or new sentence) is Delete: Deletes the previous character, always an initial uppercase letter. By default, text is similar to the backspace key on a entered in lowercase characters unless altered by computer keyboard.
  • Page 61: Entering Numbers

    If you make a mistake, press to erase a single character. Press and hold to erase all previously entered text. For example, to enter “9:30,” you would use the keyboard sequence shown below. B i l l To enter all uppercase characters, quickly press twice.
  • Page 62: Creating A Google Account

    To enter symbols: Creating a Google Account Position the cursor where you want the symbol to appear within your message. You will need a Google account to access several device features such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Press and then press the blue key Talk and the Android Market.
  • Page 63: Signing Into Your Google Account

    Signing Into Your Google Account Launch the application that requires a Google account (such as Android Market). Click Next > Sign in Note: If you do not already have a Google account, touch and follow the onscreen prompts to create your Create new account.
  • Page 64: 2b. Settings

    Selecting Ringer Types for Voice Calls 2B. Settings Your device provides a variety of ringer options that allow you to customize your ring and volume settings. Press and tap > > Sound & display > Phone ringtone Sound Settings (page 50) Tap a ringtone from the available list.
  • Page 65 Selecting Ringer Types for Notifications Audible touch tones Audible selection SD card to activate the feature. notifications The notification area displays icons associated with Audible touch tones plays a tone while using the user notifications such as: email messages, calls dialpad.
  • Page 66: Silence All

    Silence All Tip: You can adjust the ringer volume in standby mode (or the earpiece volume during a call) by using the volume The Silence All option allows you to mute all sounds button on the left side of your device. without turning your device off (except for Media volume).
  • Page 67: Display Settings

    Display Settings Press and tap > > Sound & display and select an available option: Animation Changing the Screen Orientation animations Some animations All animations Although most screens will change orientation once Changing the Backlight Time Length the QWERTY keyboard is opened, this feature can be manually enabled to change the orientation for all Select how long the display screen remains lit after you screens when rotation is detected.
  • Page 68: Changing The Display Screen

    Touch and drag slider left or right to taken using the built-in camera or copied Brightness Pictures adjust the screen contrast and tap to your device as a wallpaper. You can crop the picture before setting it as a wallpaper. See Note: Not available when the Auto Brightness is enabled.
  • Page 69: Language Settings

    , then select a time zone from Select time zone Note: When the Language & keyboard settings are set to the onscreen list. Scroll down the list to view Español, these menus are displayed in English: Device additional time zones. Self Service, Instant Messaging, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, Sprint Football Live, Sprint Navigation, SprintTV, .
  • Page 70: Messaging Settings

    To enable your device’s GPS Location feature: Messaging Settings Press > and tap > Your device’s advanced messaging capabilities let you Location & security send and receive many different kinds of text . A checkmark indicates the Use GPS satellites messages without placing a voice call.
  • Page 71: Call Settings

    Tap a message entry to open the Messaging Call Settings application. Tip: Your device allows you to configure call settings such To access the Messaging menu, you can also press > Messaging as North american dialing usage, International Dialing options and TTY configuration. Deleting Old Text Messages Activating North american dialing Delete messages you have read whenever you like or...
  • Page 72: Airplane Mode

    Press and tap > > Airplane Mode is OFF Call settings – or – to deactivate the feature. North american dialing Press and tap > > This enables the field. International dialing Wireless & networks International dialing. Airplane mode to place a checkmark in the adjacent field.
  • Page 73: Tty Use With Sprint Service

    TTY device manufacturer to purchase the connector cable. For additional technical support you may call , or access the following website: 1-888-987-4357 To turn TTY Mode on or off: Press and tap > > Call settings mobile/accessibility/pop_accessibility.html. (You will see an informational message.) >...
  • Page 74: Security Settings

    Press and tap > > WARNING: 911 Emergency Calling Location & security Sprint recommends that TTY users make emergency calls by other means, including Your Device’s Lock Feature Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), analog cellular and landline communications. Wireless TTY calls to 911 may be corrupted Locking Your Device when received by public safety answering points When your device is locked, you can only receive...
  • Page 75 Creating an Unlock Pattern Draw your pattern by touching your first onscreen point, then, without removing your finger from the Press and tap > > screen, drag your finger over adjacent points until Location & security the grey trace line overlaps each point and they are highlighted with a green circle.
  • Page 76 Configuring the Unlock Pattern Settings Sign in using your Google Account name and password, then create a new screen unlock To require the pattern for access: pattern before regaining access to the Home screen. Press and tap > > Location & security. Changing the Unlock Pattern Place a checkmark adjacent to the Require pattern...
  • Page 77: Managing Your Available Memory

    to reveal the Emergency Dialer To view your microSD card storage information: Emergency call to place your emergency call. Press and tap > > Draw your unlock pattern to regain access to the SD card & phone storage. full dialer and unlock the device. Locate the SD card section.
  • Page 78: Erasing Device Content

    Erasing Device Content To uninstall third-party applications: Press > and tap > Applications Use the Manage applications menu to quickly erase > Manage applications. selected content and uninstall third-party applications stored in your device. Important: Only third-party applications can be uninstalled. Applications preinstalled on the device can not be To clear an application’s cache: removed.
  • Page 79 If required, draw your unlock pattern to confirm the reset process. If you are certain that you would like to restore all factory settings, tap Erase everything 2B. Settings...
  • Page 80: 2c. Call Log

    To access these call notifications: Touch and hold the Status bar, then slide your 2C. Call Log finger down the screen. – or – Press > and tap Viewing Call Log (page 66) Call Log Options (page 67) Checking a Missed Call (page 69) Making a Call From Call Log (page 69) Saving a Number From Call Log (page 69) Altering a Number From Call Log (page 70)
  • Page 81: Call Log Options

    The Notification area of the Home screen (upper-left) To access the Call log: displays phone notifications, status or alerts such as: Press and tap > Call log. Indicates there is Call in progress: Tap an entry to view available options. a call currently active and in Shortcut: You can also press...
  • Page 82 allows you to Call [Name or Number] again ● call options redial the entry by name or number. (tap) allows you to create a new Send text message ● Notification area text message to the selected entry. provides information about the View contact ●...
  • Page 83: Checking A Missed Call

    to save the number if it is not Making a Call From Call Log Add to contacts ● already in your Contacts. (See “Saving a Number From Call Log” on page 69.) Press and tap > Call log. to delete the entry from Remove from call log ●...
  • Page 84: Altering A Number From Call Log

    From the Contacts screen, tap Altering a Number From Call Log Create new contact or tap an existing Contact entry name to save the number to an existing entry. If you need to make a call from History and you need to Tap either Google Work...
  • Page 85: Erasing The Call Log

    Erasing the Call Log You can delete either an individual call log entry or all current entries from the Call Log list. To clear a single entry from the Call Log list: Press and tap > Call log. Touch and hold an entry to access the entry-specific options menu.
  • Page 86: 2d. Contacts

    Adding a New Contacts Entry 2D. Contacts Your device automatically sorts the Contacts entries alphabetically. Each entry’s name can contain an unlimited number of characters. You can create a Google, Work Mail or Corporate contact. Adding a New Contacts Entry (page 72) Google contacts are shared with your existing Saving a Phone Number (page 73)
  • Page 87: Saving A Phone Number

    Tap the fields and to remove a previously entered category. Given name Family name enter a name for the new entry. (See “Entering Text to complete and store the new entry. Done with Onscreen Keyboard” on page 41.) After saving the number, your device displays the new Note: Use the predictive text row to shortcut a name selection entry within the Contact list.
  • Page 88: Editing Sync Groups

    Gmail into your account via the device. Contacts list after sync. With syncing, any Contacts entries (with phone numbers, email addresses, pictures, etc.) are updated and synced with your Samsung Moment™. Press and tap 2D. Contacts...
  • Page 89: Contacts Menu Options

    Contacts Menu Options Contact entry’s Contacts tab Overview page Press > Tap an entry to display the Contact entry’s overview page. This page contains Name Contact type Call [number] Text [number] options. Press and select from the available options: to edit the currently selected Contacts Edit contact entry.
  • Page 90: Contacts Entry Options

    Contacts Entry Options to send the current Contact’s Send via Bluetooth information to an external recipient via Bluetooth. See “Sending Contacts via Bluetooth” on To display a Contacts entry: page 118. Press and tap Note: Prior to using this feature, Bluetooth must first be Touch and hold a Contact enabled and the recipient’s device must be visible.
  • Page 91: Editing A Contacts Entry

    Editing a Contacts Entry to assign an existing IM client contact name. to access > label button Windows Live Yahoo Google talk is the default. From the Contact’s label button overview page, press Postal address to enter a physical street address. and tap Edit to enter business information such...
  • Page 92: Editing A Contacts Entry's Number

    If you have chosen , enter your new label Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Custom Done and tap press and tap Done Tap the field and use the onscreen Phone number Assigning a Picture to an Entry dialpad to enter the new number Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Done...
  • Page 93: Deleting Entries

    Applying a picture from within your online Gmail: Adding Entries to Your Favorites Log into your Gmail account and go to your Contacts page. The Favorites tab is a listing that can help you quickly access your most used or preferred Contacts entries. Select your Contacts entry (with a checkmark) and click the image area ( Press...
  • Page 94: 2e. Calendar & Tools

    Calendar 2E. Calendar & Tools Adding an Event to the Calendar Your Calendar helps organize your time and reminds you of important events. Before You Begin (page 80) Calendar (page 80) Press and tap File Viewer (page 85) Note: If you have not already signed into your Google Alarm Clock (page 85) account via your device, you may be asked to do so prior to gaining access to the Google Calendar.
  • Page 95 Tap a day to which you would like to add an event Select a date for the event by tapping the From/To and press and tap corresponding fields and adjusting the month, day New event and year by tapping Tapping a day activates the view.
  • Page 96: Event Reminders

    Select a recurrence cycle for the event by tapping Event Reminders field: Repetition When your device is turned on and you have an event Select One-time event Daily Every weekday alarm scheduled, there are several ways your device (Mon-Fri) Weekly (every [day]) Monthly (every alerts you to scheduled events: [Number Day])
  • Page 97: Viewing Events

    To configure event reminder settings: to select an audio ringtone Select ringtone that will sound once the event’s reminder criteria Press and tap is met (ex: 10 minutes before an event). Press and tap More > Settings Tap a ringtone to hear an audio sample. ●...
  • Page 98 Tap the day for which you would like to view and select Presence Busy Available events. (Your device lists events in chronological and select Privacy Default Private Public order.) Scroll to the bottom of the event details page and To display an event’s details, tap it from the Agenda Done view.
  • Page 99: File Viewer

    There is no limit to the number of alarm events you can create. Note: The following files can be viewed on the Samsung Moment™: image (JPG, BMP, GIF) and text (PDF, XLA, Press and tap > TXT, DOC).
  • Page 100 to select an audio ringtone that will To delete an Alarm event: Ringtone sound with the alarm. Press and tap > Tap a ringtone to hear an audio sample. Tap the time field for the desired alarm event. to accept the ringtone assignment. Press and tap Delete alarm...
  • Page 101: Calculator

    Note: Tapping only deletes one number at a time. WARNING: CLEAR You will be unable to use the Moment during the upgrade process. This upgrade is only Press and tap to access Advanced panel intended for use on the Sprint SPH-M900 handset.
  • Page 102 200MB open hard disk space on the computer. Important: Any previous version of the Samsung Drivers All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs should be must first be uninstalled, prior to installing the new M900 Software Update tool.
  • Page 103 - P/N: APCBU10BBE.) microSD Card” on page 102. WARNING: You will be unable to use the Moment during To backup your Gmail information: the upgrade process. This upgrade is only intended for use on the Sprint SPH-M900...
  • Page 104 Press and tap > Previously installed Samsung New PC Studio and Samsung Drivers may interfere with the M900 Software Select the text message from the list to view the Upgrade Tool. It is recommended that you remove message thread. these components prior to installation of the tool. The...
  • Page 105 Samsung Moment Firmware Update Process M900 Software Upgrade Tool shortcut. – or – WARNING: Samsung Drivers must be removed prior to installation and use of this executable. Double-click the shortcut to launch the SWUpgrade Confirm the executable is called application.
  • Page 106 Press and tap > > buttons are pressed. If you see the Samsung logo About phone when you do this, you will need to remove and Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the replace the battery and try it again.
  • Page 107: Updating Your Android Operating System

    This option allows you to update the Android Operating System (OS) on your device via an over-the-air Updating Your PRL connection. There are two components to the Moment: Sprint User-Interface (UI) firmware and device Google This option allows you to download and update the PRL (preferred roaming list) automatically.
  • Page 108: 2f. Voice Services

    Activating ASR 2F. Voice Services Press and hold . You then hear a prompt. – or – Press and tap > Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) (page 94) The screen displays “Say a command” and the phone prompts you to say the name of the command you Sending a Message (page 97) want to use.
  • Page 109 <Name or #> to send a new video Making a Voice Call With ASR Send Video message to an entry in your Contacts list or a spoken Press and hold . You then hear a prompt. phone number (page 98). <Name>...
  • Page 110 If a name has only a single number, or if you Note: If ASR does not recognize the name or number, it will know the name but are not sure which number to find the most likely matches and display a list of up to call, say “...
  • Page 111: Sending A Message

    Speak naturally and clearly and remember to speak Respond by saying one of the following: one digit at a time—1-800 should be pronounced “One Repeat Cancel Eight Zero Zero.” Press and tap Add subject and tap the Subject field to enter a subject text. Sending a Message Tap the field to enter text.
  • Page 112 Tap either Once If the device did not properly recognize the Pictures Capture picture. attached, you can command, it prompts you with “ View Replace Remove Did you say, send attached image. ” video to? : Opens the Gallery application. Use the Pictures Respond by saying one of the following: onscreen navigation to locate the picture you wish...
  • Page 113: Looking Up A Contact

    When you hear “Say a command,” say “ to alter the current subject text field. Send Edit subject: ” followed by the name of the recipient. For Email to delete the current email message. Discard: example, say “ John Smith ”.
  • Page 114: Asr Options

    When you hear “ ,” say “ .” A Say a command Go To Time list of valid destinations is displayed and you are Signal Strength prompted with “ ” Which shortcut? Network The phone opens the selected menu. Battery If the list is too long to fit on one screen, you can My Phone Number say the name of a destination.
  • Page 115 to always ask for confirmation. to prompt for required information. Always Confirm Prompt Mode to never ask for confirmation. to prompt for required information Never Confirm Readout Mode and to read aloud the content displayed on the To adapt the system to your voice: main screen.
  • Page 116: 2g. Microsd Card

    2G. microSD Card memory card installed. Although the Samsung Moment™ comes with a 2GB card (pre-installed), it can support SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards of up to 16GB. Your Device’s microSD Card and Adapter (page 102)
  • Page 117 Place the battery back into its compartment. microSD card Replace the battery cover and firmly slide it in until you hear a click. Note: Be sure to use only recommended microSDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards (<16GB). Using non-recommended microSD cards could cause data loss and damage your device.
  • Page 118: Connecting Your Device To Your Computer

    Write Protection WARNING: DO NOT remove a microSD card while the device is accessing or transferring files. Doing so The microSD adapter has a built-in Write Protection will result in loss or damage of data. Make sure lock to prevent accidental overwriting or removal of your battery is fully charged before using the your data when the microSD card and adapter are microSD card.
  • Page 119: Microsd Card Settings

    Viewing Memory in the microSD Card cable. (Wait for the connection to be completed. When connected, the host computer will The Samsung Moment™ allows you to review the automatically detect your device.) memory allocation of both your device’s internal storage and that of the microSD card.
  • Page 120: Important Connection Information

    Formatting the microSD Card Important Connection Information Formatting a microSD card permanently removes all To avoid loss of data, DO NOT remove the USB files stored on the card. cable, the microSD card or the battery while Press and tap >...
  • Page 121: 2h. Camera

    The storage card that comes installed on your device allows you to use the camera and camcorder features. All pictures and videos are stored on the internal 2GB microSD card. The Samsung Moment™ supports cards of up to 16GB. Taking Pictures To take a picture: Taking pictures with your device’s built-in camera is as...
  • Page 122: Camera Settings

    DCIM Flash mode to activate the built-in flash and ● folder on the microSD card.) provide an additional light source for new pictures taken with the Samsung Moment™. Camera Settings Set to Auto to select from effects: White balance ●...
  • Page 123: Camera Gallery Options

    Camera Gallery Options to require an additional Confirm deletions ● onscreen notification prior to completing the When the device is in camera mode, accessing the deletion of an image or video. gallery provides access to pictures on your device. to change the length of time Slideshow interval ●...
  • Page 124 Camera Image Settings to upload your current Photo & Video Places ● image to a selected target Web community Press and tap to activate > location. Options include: My PC/Email, My camera mode. Space, YouTube, Photobucket and Facebook. to upload your current image to your Picasa ●...
  • Page 125: Recording Videos

    to adjust general settings for the to assign the picture as a background Settings Wallpaper ● picture gallery and make modifications to the image, crop the image and tap to assign the Save slideshow parameters. See “Camera Gallery picture. Options” on page 109. Recording Videos Assigning Pictures In addition to taking pictures, you can record, view and...
  • Page 126: Camcorder Settings

    Press to reveal gallery-specific options for to activate the built-in flash and Flash mode ● the Camera videos: : Capture picture Capture provide an additional light source for new video Multiselect Settings pictures taken with the Samsung Moment™. 2H. Camera...
  • Page 127: Video Settings

    to return to the camera mode and to begin playback of the current video file. Capture picture Play take another picture to activate the menu from Share Share video via Capture video to switch to the camcorder mode which you can choose to share the current video and shoot a new video.
  • Page 128: 2i. Bluetooth

    Note: If the Speak incoming caller ID feature is turned on Settings > Text-to-speech > Speak incoming 2I. Bluetooth caller ID) while using a Bluetooth stereo headset when receiving a call, a ringer functions as a normal ringer, not a Caller ID. Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 114) Turning Bluetooth On and Off Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu (page 115)
  • Page 129: Using The Bluetooth Settings Menu

    To turn Bluetooth off: Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu Press and tap > > Bluetooth settings menu allows you to set up many Wireless & networks > Bluetooth of the characteristics of your device’s Bluetooth service, Tap to remove the green checkmark and including: deactivate Bluetooth.
  • Page 130 To change your Bluetooth name: Verify your Bluetooth is active. Bluetooth Active From the Bluetooth settings page, tap Device name Tap the field, enter a new name. Device name ) to complete the rename process. Done To make your device visible: Bluetooth Settings Verify your Bluetooth is active.
  • Page 131: Pairing Bluetooth Devices

    Bluetooth devices, Disconnecting a paired device breaks the connection page 115.) between the device and your Samsung Moment™, but retains the knowledge of the pairing. At a later point Tap a device from the list to initiate pairing.
  • Page 132: Sending Contacts Via Bluetooth

    Disconnections are manually done but often occur automatically if the paired device goes out of range of Depending on your paired devices’ settings and your Samsung Moment™ or it is powered off. capabilities, you may be able to send pictures, To delete a paired device (unpair): Contacts information or other items using a Bluetooth connection.
  • Page 133: Disconnecting Bluetooth Connection

    Press and tap Disconnecting Bluetooth Touch and hold a Connection During an Active Call Contact entry from the Contacts tab list to During an active call, Call routed through reveal the options where the audio is being Bluetooth headset menu specific to this routed through a entry.
  • Page 134 When turned off, the call is routed through either the earpiece or speaker, the call area is surrounded by a green box, the button Bluetooth indicates its off and shows ( Bluetooth routed Device routed 2I. Bluetooth...
  • Page 135: Section 3: Sprint Service

    Section 3 Sprint Service...
  • Page 136: Sprint Service: The Basics

    This new feature periodically goes out to your voicemail and gathers the caller information from all of 3A. Sprint Service: the current voicemails. It then populates a list with the The Basics caller name and number, along with the length of time and priority level of the voicemail message.
  • Page 137 When prompted to enter information, press Once you have and tap to bring up the onscreen completed the setup Show dialpad dialpad that can be used to input your numeric process, return to the responses. Voicemail page (see step 1). –...
  • Page 138: Configuring Voicemail Options

    to either turn the speakerphone Search to search through your currently available Speaker Off/On voicemail message based on a matching text on or off during playback. If the speakerphone string. feature was enabled within the Voicemail Settings to configure your Voicemail application Settings menu, the speakerphone will always be settings.
  • Page 139: Configuring Voicemail Settings

    Configuring Voicemail Settings Configuring Voicemail Notifications You can configure your device to notify you of a new Press and tap voicemail by displaying within the Notifications Press and tap . From the Settings Settings area of the Status bar. menu, you can: When the notifications option is turned on, you can to configure how you are Notifications...
  • Page 140: Voicemail Menu

    Configuring Voicemail Pictures Press and tap to make your Settings alterations. You can configure the device to always show or to field (placing a checkmark Speakerphone always hide pictures from contacts. adjacent to the option) to activate the feature. Press and tap Speakerphone field again to deactivate the...
  • Page 141: New Voicemail Message Alerts

    Editing the From Name via the Voicemail New Voicemail Message Alerts Menu When you receive a new voice message, your device alerts you and prompts you to check your voicemail. From your device menu, you can quickly change the name or number attached to your voice messages. To access your voicemail: Press and tap...
  • Page 142: Text Messaging (sms)

    Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages Using the Voicemail Menu to Delete Your Messages You can review your messages directly from your wireless device or from any other touch-tone phone. To Press and tap dial from your wireless device, either speed dial your Touch and hold a voicemail entry and select Delete voicemail or use the menu keys.
  • Page 143: Composing Text Messages

    Composing Text Messages Touch the field and enter your Type to compose message. (See “Entering Text with Onscreen Press and tap > Keyboard” on page 41.) Press and tap Insert an Emoticon or a Smiley. Compose To enter an emoticon, touch and hold from Note: From the Messages screen, you can also touch...
  • Page 144: Multimedia Messaging (mms)

    To reply to a text message: Multimedia Messaging (MMS) While the message is open, tap the Type to field and then type your reply message. With multimedia messaging (MMS), you can send and compose receive instant text messages that contain text, pictures, Compose your reply or use the preset messages audio, recorded voice or a picture slideshow.
  • Page 145 Touch the field and enter your Type to compose Volume Meter Recording duration message. (See “Entering Text with Onscreen Keyboard” on page 41.) Press and tap Attach Select a multimedia attachment type: Pictures : Opens the Gallery application. Use the onscreen navigation to select the picture you wish to send with the outgoing message.
  • Page 146 : stops the recording. Once stopped, tap Touch the created slide (example, Slide 1), tap Stop ● ● either (attach it to your , then select the picture you want to Use this recording Add picture message) or (delete the current add to the slide.
  • Page 147: Adjusting Message Settings

    While the message is open, tap (adjacent to Deleting a Message or Message Thread Play the attachment). Press and tap > Tip: The file attachment on the MMS message can be saved From the message list, use the Optical Joystick to the microSD card.
  • Page 148: Caller Id

    : Disable this option if you Caller ID Roaming auto-retrieve only desire the MMS message headers to download while roaming. Enable this option to Caller ID allows people to identify a caller before automatically download your complete answering the phone by displaying the number of the multimedia messages even while roaming.
  • Page 149: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting Tip: For those calls where you don’t want to be interrupted, you can temporarily disable Call Waiting by pressing When you’re on a call, Call before placing your call. Call Waiting New Incoming Call Waiting alerts you to incoming is automatically reactivated once you end the call.
  • Page 150: Call Forwarding

    When you’re connected to the second party, press . (You will see a message and hear a tone to confirm the activation of Call Forwarding.) and tap to combine both calls Merge Calls into a single 3-way call. To deactivate Call Forwarding: Press and tap to access the onscreen...
  • Page 151: Setting Roam Mode

    Dial 1 + area code + your phone number. Tip: Remember, when you are using your phone off the Nationwide Sprint Network, always dial numbers using 11 When you hear your voicemail greeting, tap digits (1 + area code + number). Enter your password at the prompt and follow the voice prompts.
  • Page 152: Call Guard

    Call Guard To place roaming calls with Call Guard on: From standby mode, dial 1 + area code + the Your device has two ways of alerting you when you are seven-digit number and tap roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network: the onscreen roaming icon and Call Guard.
  • Page 153: System Select

    Data Roaming Guard turns your device’s Data Roaming Never Ask Guard feature off. You will not be notified of your Depending on service availability and roaming roaming status when accessing data services. agreements, your device may be able to access data To use data services when Data Roaming Guard is active: services while roaming on certain digital systems.
  • Page 154 Home Only to access only the home area mobile network, which is the Nationwide Sprint Network. This option also prevents roaming on other networks. to seek service on the Nationwide Automatic Sprint Network. When Sprint service is unavailable, the device searches for an alternate system.
  • Page 155: 3b. Web And Data Services

    Important: Certain data services requests may require additional time to process. While your device is 3B. Web and Data Services loading the requested service, the touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard may appear unresponsive when in fact they are functioning properly. Allow the device some time to process your data usage Getting Started With Data Services (page 141) request.
  • Page 156: Data Connection Status And Indicators

    Finding Your User Name Note: Connected to the Internet can be done via either your Mobile network or via Wi-Fi (configured via the If you aren’t sure what your user name is, you can Settings > Wireless & networks page). easily find it on your device.
  • Page 157: Navigating The Web

    but is not currently transferring data (for Navigating the Web example, when you are viewing a Web page that is completely open). In either state, you can Navigating through menus and websites during a data receive incoming calls. session is easy once you have learned a few basics. Note: Prior to gaining access to Sprint’s Powerdeck Web Your device is on and is connected to the Sprint...
  • Page 158: Browser Menu

    Selecting Going to a Web Page Once you have learned how to use the Optical Joystick Press and tap to scroll and drag around a page, you can start Tap the field and enter a new Web Address navigating the Web. address.
  • Page 159 Options available within the . Displays the Name and URL Page info (Menu+g) browser menu include: (website address) of the site you’re currently viewing. . Allows you to navigate directly to a website by . Allows you to send a URL via Gmail, Share page entering its URL (website SMS or Work Email (Outlook).
  • Page 160 Navigate to the area and More > Select text Page content settings select from one of the following page settings: Touch and drag across the Set text size . Adjusts the current onscreen text screen and highlight the size. Options include: Tiny Small Normal...
  • Page 161 . New pages are launched in . Deletes any stored data from Open in background Clear Form data a separate page and displayed behind the previously filled out forms. Tap to complete the current one. Remove the checkmark to disable process.
  • Page 162 Setting the Browser Home Page : Displays a History record of your Press to open the browser menu. browsing history. These records are More > Settings > Set home page organized into folders Delete the current address and enter a new web such as: Today page.
  • Page 163: Wi-fi

    Touch and hold an entry from the list to display an Wi-Fi onscreen popup menu. Bookmark to add the selected entry to your About Wi-Fi current list of bookmarks. Wi-Fi (short for "wireless fidelity") is a term used for – or – certain types of wireless local area networks (WLAN).
  • Page 164 Tap the field to activate the feature To manually add your new network connection: Wi-Fi (checkmark indicates active). The device will scan Touch Add Wi-Fi network for available in-range wireless networks. Enter the Network SSID. This is the name of your To turn Wi-Fi off: Wireless Access Point.
  • Page 165: Email

    To manually scan for a Wi-Fi network: To access the Bluetooth Settings menu: Press and tap Press and tap > > > > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings Press and tap Scan Press and tap Advanced Wi-Fi Status Indicators...
  • Page 166 (Internet Message Access Protocol) - This Google Mail (Gmail) IMAP mail retrieval protocol is frequently used in large This email client is Google’s web-based email service. networks and commercial and institutional A Gmail/Google Mail is created once you sign-up for a settings.
  • Page 167: Opening Gmail

    Setting Up a Gmail Account via the Device Opening Gmail Press and tap Press and tap > Gmail > Follow the onscreen instructions to setup a Gmail Log into your account via the device. account. The first time you connect, you are asked to give setup to configure your connection Manual this Internet mail account a unique onscreen name...
  • Page 168 Create and Send Email Tap the field and compose your Compose Mail email. Press and tap To add a picture attachment, press to open the Inbox Unread Email Attach contents of your Gmail Select the picture you want to attach. inbox.
  • Page 169: Accessing Email Messages

    Loving my new Samsung Moment Previous Email Press > and tap Just got my new Samsung M900 google phone and I can’t put it down. you should – or – try it..Touch and hold the Status bar, then slide your finger down the screen.
  • Page 170 Configuring Gmail Settings Options include: Every 5 minutes Every 10 ● minutes Every 15 minutes Every 30 minutes Press and tap Every hour to open the Inbox Unread Email : Assign this account as the default Default account contents of your Gmail email used for outgoing messages.
  • Page 171 : Allows you to add an Work Email (Outlook) Add another account additional Internet email account (such as Gmail The Moxier Work Email application provides access to or Yahoo, etc..) your Outlook Exchange server via your device. If your Adding Additional Internet Email Accounts company uses Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007 as the corporate email system, you can use the Using...
  • Page 172 Enter your Email address User ID Password Important: You can synchronize over the air (not directly) with information, then tap . Consult your Network an Exchange Server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Microsoft Administrator for further details. Exchange Server 2007.
  • Page 173 Enter the message recipient’s email address in the : Displays the length of the Record Duration ● field. recorded voice message. If you are sending the email to several recipients, Volume Meter : Displays the current recording’s ● separate the email addresses with a comma. volume level.
  • Page 174 To reply to an email message: : configures send and receive settings, Email Settings such as email signature, notifications, BCC rules, From the Inbox, tap an email message. Deletion confirmation, etc. With the email message displayed, press ActiveSync settings can be accessed from your and tap either Reply Reply all...
  • Page 175 to allow the : Assigns a vibration when a new or Enable in roaming mode Vibrate ● ● current profile to remain active even while upcoming event is pending. roaming. Set default reminder : Alerts you of an ● : Access the Email settings menu where upcoming event at a defined time before the E-mail you can configure the send, receive and...
  • Page 176 Tap any of the three available tabs and modify the to enable those Select folders to sync ● desired settings: folders you wish to sync between your device and your external exchange server. By default, Receive tab : Adjusts the Inbox folder is the only automatically the parameters for synced folder.
  • Page 177: Instant Messaging

    To create a Work Email Signature: minute usage, please refer to your current data plan for more details. This signature can differ from any current Email signature on your local Outlook client. This signature is Tap any of the following options: applied to any outgoing emails originating on your Background data : Allows data synchronization to...
  • Page 178: Using The Android Market

    Select an IM provider by touching an onscreen Accessing the Market entry, such as Windows Live Messenger Press and tap > Yahoo! Messenger If not already logged in with your Google account, to continue. Next Use your keyboard to enter the required sign-in and enter your Google account Sign in information for the selected provider, such as user...
  • Page 179: Applications

    After the item is downloaded and installed on your Note: Pictures and music are stored on the microSD card. device, the content download icon appears in the Contacts and Calendars are stored remotely on with notification area of the status bar. your remote Google or Outlook servers.
  • Page 180: Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile

    To get started with applications: NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Press and tap either > Now you have the ability to get every bit of NASCAR ) or NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Sprint coverage, news and stats right on your device. ).
  • Page 181 Press and tap to return to the lets you track race information such Home Stats/Sched ● main NASCAR page. This applies to each of NSCS Recap NNS Recap Point Standings these options. Season Stats , and Schedule launches a an onscreen board is your insider to NASCAR by Leaderboard Miss Sprint Cup...
  • Page 182: Sprint Football Live

    to quit the NASCAR application. Exclusive Blog, Draft Tracker, Pick’Em, Mock Draft, Exit and Draft Prospects. Press and tap Exit ● Favorite Team launches a team-specific page with Sprint Football Live content such as top stories, RSS feeds, Rumor information, Schedules, Team Alerts, and the ability to change your favorite team selection.
  • Page 183: Data Services Faqs

    Data Services FAQs When is my data connection active? Your connection is active when data is being How will I know when my device is ready for data service? transferred. Outgoing calls are allowed; incoming Your user name (for example, calls go directly to voicemail.
  • Page 184: Entertainment: Tv And Music

    * Sprint TV coverage not available everywhere. Content and lineup subject to change. Select channels also available 3C. Entertainment: for casual usage. Vis it for more information. TV and Music TV (page 170) Your Sprint TV Channel Options Music – Amazon MP3 (page 171) Streaming Music (page 173) The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of accessible channels.
  • Page 185: Music - Amazon Mp3

    Watching TV Music – Amazon MP3 Press and tap > SprintTV The Amazon MP3 store lets you purchase and Depending on your settings, your device may download digital music files to play on your device or prompt you to accept a data connection. computer.
  • Page 186 When you select , you will need to log into Once you’ve displayed a list of songs, you can ● your Amazon account. (If there is no microSD browse through your available titles. card installed or if there is not enough free To play a song, tap it to display the title and track memory space on the card, you will see an information.
  • Page 187: Streaming Music

    Assigning a Song as a Ringtone Press and tap > > Radio > [selection] Press and tap > > Songs Select to see and hear a preview of your Preview Touch and hold a song you’d like to use as your selected channel (if available).
  • Page 188 Press and tap > Read the disclaimer regarding data usage and touch Continue Press and tap field to search for Search specific videos, scroll down to browse through the main page thumbnails, or scroll to the bottom to explore additional options. To view a video, touch an available preview thumbnail or touch the title link.
  • Page 189: 3d. Gps Navigation

    Before using any of the location-based services, you information, business addresses, etc., all right from your must turn on your device’s location mode. Samsung Moment™. Determine your current location with or without GPS, get driving and transit directions, Press and tap >...
  • Page 190 To launch the Google Maps application: enter a keyword, then tap Press and tap > This keyword can be a category name (such as pizza, steak, burger), a business name (Samsung, Sprint) or a Google friend who is sharing their location. 3D. GPS Navigation...
  • Page 191: Sprint Navigation

    to reveal a detailed list of information Tap each of the onscreen registration fields and corresponding to those matches now displayed on enter the required information. your screen with lettered pins. First Name Last Name Email If using the onscreen keyboard, tap to store Next Sprint Navigation...
  • Page 192: Getting Driving Directions

    : map based on manually a Intersection ● Note: For more information about Sprint Navigation, visit entered street intersection. . City : display a city map based on selected city. ● Getting Driving Directions : locations based on business Business ●...
  • Page 193 Follow both the onscreen and audio directions. To review real-time traffic information along your route: After you enter the location and receive driving Press and tap > > Drive To > directions, you can alter the information being Address displayed by using one of three other driving options: Type It , enter the physical address information, Traffic...
  • Page 194 Using a Local Business Category search. The Moment™ can also cross-reference your current To search for the lowest gas prince in your area: location with local business and points of interest, such Press and tap >...
  • Page 195: Configuring Your Navigation Preferences

    Touch to begin the search. : to save the current location to Search Save to Favorites your My Favorites list. Touch an entry from the list to display a new route to the selected gas station. Sharing a Recent Location with Others Creating a My Favorites Location Recently queried locations can be saved to your My Favorites list and also shared with other cellular...
  • Page 196: Launching The Product Tour

    : allows you to alter the current first : allows you to select the default My Name Moving Maps ● ● and last name registered with the service, as map type displayed for your navigation: well as email address. : allows you to alter the : allows you to configure the Distance Units Backlight...
  • Page 197: Section 4: Safety And Warranty

    Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...
  • Page 198: Important Safety Information

    General Precautions 4A. Important Safety There are several simple guidelines to operating your phone Information properly and maintaining safe, satisfactory service. To maximize performance, do not touch the bottom portion of your phone where the internal antenna is located while General Precautions (page 184) using the phone.
  • Page 199: Maintaining Safe Use Of And Access To

    Using Your Phone Near Other Electronic Devices Maintaining Safe Use of and Access Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio to Your Phone frequency (RF) signals. However, RF signals from wireless phones may affect inadequately shielded electronic equipment. Do Not Rely on Your Phone for Emergency Calls RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions.
  • Page 200: Using Your Phone With A Hearing Aid

    Turning Off Your Phone in Dangerous Areas Please Note the Following Information When Using Your To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phone Handset off when in a blasting area or in other areas with signs indicating two-way radios should be turned off. Construction WARNING REGARDING DISPLAY crews often use remote-control RF devices to set off explosives.
  • Page 201 Some hearing devices are more immune than others to this better/higher of the two ratings. Note that not all hearing interference noise, and phones also vary in the amount of devices have telecoils in them.) interference noise they may generate. ANSI standard C63.19 Note: New Technologies, Including Wi-Fi was developed to provide a standardized means of measuring...
  • Page 202: Caring For The Battery

    fee may be applied to exchanges. Visit appears that many, if not all, of these reports involve counterfeit or inexpensive, aftermarket-brand batteries with for details.) More information about hearing aid compatibility unknown or questionable manufacturing standards. Sprint is may be found at: , , and not aware of similar problems with Sprint phones resulting .
  • Page 203: Radio Frequency (rf) Energy

    Disposal of Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries updated standard after reviewing the available body of Do not handle a damaged or leaking Li-Ion battery as you can research. In 1993, the Federal Communications Commission be burned. (FCC) adopted this updated standard in a regulation. In August 1996, the FCC adopted hybrid standard consisting of the For safe disposal options of your Li-Ion batteries, contact your existing ANSI/IEEE standard and the guidelines published by...
  • Page 204: Fcc Notice

    the level reported to the FCC. This is because of a variety of FCC Notice factors including its proximity to a base station antenna, phone This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation design and other factors. What is important to remember is that is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may each phone meets strict federal guidelines.
  • Page 205: Owner's Record

    Record the serial number in the space provided below. This is helpful if you need to contact us about your phone in the future. Model: Samsung Moment™ Serial No.: User Guide Proprietary Notice CDMA Technology is licensed by QUALCOMM Incorporated...
  • Page 206: Standard Limited Warranty

    SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA, LLC Manufacturer’s Warranty (page 192) ("SAMSUNG") warrants to the original purchaser ("Purchaser") that SAMSUNG's phones and accessories ("Products") are free Your phone has been designed to provide you with from defects in material and workmanship under normal use reliable, worry-free service.
  • Page 207 Product; (j) any other acts which are not the fault of SAMSUNG; ninety (90) days. All other repaired/replaced Product will be or (i) Product used or purchased outside the United States.
  • Page 209: End User License Agreement For Software

    WILL ALWAYS BE CONSTRUED TO BE LIMITED BY ITS TERMS oral or written, do not constitute warranties by SAMSUNG and OR AS LIMITED AS THE LAW PERMITS. should not be relied upon.
  • Page 210 IN THIS EULA, YOU MUST CLICK THE "DECLINE" BUTTON, Software. DISCONTINUE USE OF THE SOFTWARE. 4. CONSENT TO USE OF DATA. You agree that Samsung and 1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Samsung grants you the following its affiliates may collect and use technical information gathered...
  • Page 211 License will terminate automatically without OR ADVICE GIVEN BY SAMSUNG OR A SAMSUNG notice from Samsung if you fail to comply with any of the terms AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE SHALL CREATE A and conditions of this EULA. Upon termination of this EULA, WARRANTY.
  • Page 212 Software and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or liability of Samsung under any provision of this EULA and your written communications, proposals and representations with exclusive remedy hereunder shall be limited to the greater of...
  • Page 213 Samsung’s Customer Care Center for an Extended File System (EFS) Clear which will eliminate all user memory and return all No reproduction in whole or in part allowed without prior settings to default settings.
  • Page 215: Index

    Index Creating a New Alarm 85 Confirmation 100 Amazon MP3 171 Email Messaging 98 Android Market 164 Expert Mode 101 Accessing 164 Number Dialing 96 Numerics Installing a Google Picture Messaging 97 3-Way Call 37, 135 Application 164 Prompt Mode 101 Launching a Google Readout Mode 101 Activation 4...
  • Page 216 Backlight 53 Sending Items 118 Text Size 146 Backup Your Data 89 Settings 115 Browser Menu 144–149 Battery 18–20 Browser Capacity 18 Adding Bookmarks to Home Calculator 87 Charging 20 Screen 149 Advanced panel 87 Disposal 189 Clear cache 147 Calendar 80–84 Clear history 147 Extending Battery Life 20...
  • Page 217 Call Waiting 135 Taking Pictures 107 Assigning a Picture from Caller ID 134 Camera Gallery online Gmail 79 Calling in Lock Mode 62 Capture Picture 109 Contact Menu Options 75 Camcorder Capture Video 109 Deleting Entries 79 Gallery 112 Confirm deletions 109 Dialing From 40 Gallery Options 112 Display size 109, 113...
  • Page 218 Device Settings 50–65 Notifications 152 Airplane Mode 58 Emergency call 63 Factory data reset 64 Display Settings 53–55 Emergency Numbers 36 Favorites 40, 79 Location Settings 55 Emoticons 14, 45, 129, 130 FCC Notice 190 Messaging Settings 56–57 End-of-Call Options 38 File Viewer 85 Sound Settings 50–52 Enhanced 911 (E911) 37...
  • Page 219 Refresh 153 Extended Screens 22 Replying 155 Overview 21 Making Calls 34 Viewing a New Email 155 Media volume 51 Google In-Call Options 37 Memory Account Signin 49 Instant Messaging 163 Clearing Application Cache Creating an Account 48 International Dialing Code Google Applications Changing 57 Internal phone storage 63...
  • Page 220 Messages MMS Text Messaging 130 Creating from a Recent Place Threads 57 Multimedia Messaging 130 Messaging Composing 130 Deleting Old Text Messages Opening 132 NASCAR 166 Replying to 133 All-Star 167 Email 151 Settings 133 Exit 168 Music 171–173 Instant Messaging 163 Fantasy 167 Multimedia Messaging 130 Assigning a New Ringtone...
  • Page 221 Roam Mode 137 Pairing Bluetooth Devices 117 PCStudio Recent Location Safety Information 184–191 Removing 90 Adding to My Favorites 181 Samsung Drivers Phone Book Sharing 181 Removing 90 see Contacts Recently-Used Applications Saving a Phone Number 39, 73 Phone Number...
  • Page 222 Settings 50–65 Speech to Action Suggested Word Choices 42 Share see ASR and Voice Control Photo & Video Places 110 Taking Pictures 107 Shortcuts Speed Dialing Text Creating 27 Favorites 40 Selecting on Web Page 145 Deleting 28 Sprint Football Live Text Entry Draft 168 Via Add to Home screen 28...
  • Page 223 Changing the Pattern 62 Updating 142 Voicemail Configuring Settings 62 Notification 127 Creating 61 Vibrate 52 Retrieving 128 Forgotten Your Pattern 62 Haptic feedback 52 Setting Up 5 Require pattern 62 Videos Volume Use visible pattern 62 Recording 111 Media 51 Unlocking Your Device 60 Settings 113 Ringer 51...
  • Page 224 Wi-Fi Opening 158 Connecting to a Network Receive tab 162 Replying 160 Manually Scanning 151 Send tab 162 Settings 151 Viewer scale 162 Status Indicators 151 Write Protection 104 Turning Off 150 Turning On 149 YouTube 173 Window Animation 53 Wireless Networks 56 Work Email 110, 157 ActiveSync 160...

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