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Motorola MOTONAV TN555 User Manual

Motorola MOTONAV TN555 User Manual

Motorola motonav tn555: user guide
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TN500/TN700 Series
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 MOTONAV TN500/TN700 Series User’s Guide...
  • Page 3: More Information

    HELLOMOTO more information Download the user’s guide: welcome Check for software updates, purchase new maps and other Your MOTONAV™ TN500 or TN700 Series Personal connected services, and more: Navigator helps you find the best route with GPS accuracy.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    contents TN500 Series personal TN700 Series voice commands 20 make calls ....37 navigation device ... . . 4 make calls using contacts .
  • Page 5 troubleshooting ... . . 47 support ....47 Bluetooth® support ..47 memory cards.
  • Page 6: Tn500 Series Personal Navigation Device

    TN500 Series personal navigation device the important buttons and connectors Map/Menu Button Lock Power Return to the map or open the menu Power Switch Turn it on & off Rear Buttons: Volume Up Rear Buttons: Volume Down Zoom In Mute Zoom Out Shortcut Button Choose the function...
  • Page 7: Tn700 Series Personal Navigation Device

    TN700 Series personal navigation device the important buttons and connectors Map/Menu Button Lock Return to the map or open the menu Power Power Switch Turn it on & off Rear Buttons: Volume Up Volume Down Rear Buttons: Zoom In Mute Zoom Out Shortcut Button Choose the function...
  • Page 8: Mount Your Device

    mount your device put your device in your vehicle...or you can carry it when you leave your wheels behind windshield dashboard Note: Before you mount the device on the dashboard, clean the surface first. Put your device in a secure place. Do not cover an airbag.
  • Page 9: Charge Up

    charge up plug in to power up Note: Your battery is designed to last the life of the product. It should be removed only by a recycling facility. ANY ATTEMPT TO REMOVE OR REPLACE YOUR BATTERY WILL DAMAGE THE PRODUCT. charge up...
  • Page 10: Going On Foot

    going on foot? Take your MOTONAV device with you. While holding the Press the Release Button (on Release Button, lean bottom) to remove device the device forward. from charging cradle. Lift the device up from the charging cradle. Note: When you take your MOTONAV device out of the charging cradle, you have three options. Tap Enter pedestrian mode if you are going on foot and you need directions.
  • Page 11: Set It Up

    set it up change system settings When you first turn on your device, follow the prompts to let’s get you going set it up. (See your Quick Start Guide for details.) You can turn it on & off change these device system settings later: •...
  • Page 12: Change Audio Settings

    customize the buttons You can change these audio settings: You can change the function of the buttons on the rear of Audio Levels Set volume level for voice prompts and the device. For button locations, see pages 4 or 5. phone (when connected via Bluetooth®).
  • Page 13: Adjust Display Settings

    adjust display settings You can change the brightness of the display. Find it: tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Settings > Display > Brightness Note: When using MotoExtras, you will not hear audio and voice guidance. To adjust the volume during a call, press Volume Up or Volume Down (see pages 4 or 5 for key location).
  • Page 14: Zoom In/Out

    zoom in/out use the keyboard Find it: press Zoom Buttons (see pages 4 or 5 for location) You can type on the full screen keyboard. Your MOTONAV software also provides Smart Zoom, an Start voice recognition. Delete characters. automatic zoom feature: •...
  • Page 15: Explore The Map & Multiview

    explore the map & MultiView map view The map view shows your current location. Tap anywhere Your MOTONAV display has expandable left and right on the map to enter a destination or to access the menus: views. You can use these panels without ever leaving the map.
  • Page 16 map view—in a route to change the view. When you’re in a route, you may see status information on the map: back Direction of travel Direction & distance Status Zoom of next turn indicators map. (Tap to hear again.) Switch between 2D, 2D Turn SmartZoom Compass needle on or off.
  • Page 17 right panel—main menu From the main menu, you can access: Tap anywhere on the map, then tap Main Menu to expand the Calling Make and receive phone calls when right panel. connected via Bluetooth® (see page 34). Contacts Access the contact list of your mobile phone when connected via Bluetooth®...
  • Page 18 left panel—not in a route Flight Status Search for flight information and select the Tap on the bar on the left side of the display to open the left airport as a destination (see page 42). panel and see information about your route. Tap the bar Weather Receive weather reports and forecasts for again to close the left panel.
  • Page 19 • Aerial View—Shows a 2D map for the overview of left panel—in a route your area. The center of the map is your current When you are in a route, the bar on the left shows your trip position. progress with the estimated remaining time to the destination.
  • Page 20 • Aerial View—Shows a 2D map for the overview of • Nearby POIs—Lists the points of interest near your your area. The center of the map is your current current location along with their direction and position. Tap the map to zoom in or out to see an distances from you.
  • Page 21: Speak & Go

    Speak & Go global “Read Out” commands “Repeat” use your voice & keep your hands on the wheel (say these at “Exit” any time) TN500 Series voice commands VoiceSearch Say “Main Menu, ” then say “Voice . Wait until you hear the chime and the icon turns powered by Search.
  • Page 22: Tn700 Series Voice Commands

    TN700 Series voice commands global “Read Out” commands . Wait until you hear the chime and the icon turns “Repeat” (say these at green, then you can say these commands: “Exit” any time) voice “Call Contact” “Main Menu” Speak & Go While using Search, tap to use your commands...
  • Page 23: Map A Route

    map a route current location or near the city name or zip code you entered. go from point A to B With the cursor in the left search field, start entering a place name, a keyword or the street number and street find your destination with EasySearch name.
  • Page 24 Matching points of interest and addresses appear in a list in what you selected). The category tab sorts the results the right panel. by category. Enter address or POI. Enter city or zip code. Search result list Category results Tap on a suggested match.
  • Page 25: Add Waypoints To Your Route

    New Route to cancel the old route and use the new one When a small map appears showing the new location, instead. tap Go! Tap Waypoint to add the new location as a waypoint in add waypoints to your route your current route.
  • Page 26: Adjust Navigation Settings

    adjust navigation settings Route Options Choose from different route types: Quickest time—least time to travel Hate highways or love them? Or maybe you’re going by Shortest distance—least distance to travel bike today? Specify how to calculate your routes. Mostly highways— use as many highways as Find it: tap the map, then tap Main Menu >...
  • Page 27: Cancel Your Trip

    cancel your trip set your home address You can delete an active route. Find it: tap the map, then tap Tap the map. Tap the map. Tap Main Menu > Favorites > Set Home. Tap Current location if you are at home, or tap Enter location to enter your home address.
  • Page 28: Set Favorite Addresses

    set favorite addresses rename or assign names to favorites Assign names to your favorite addresses. To save an address as a favorite, tap the name of the address or point of interest, then tap Make Favorite. Tap the map. Tap Main Menu > Favorites. Select the favorite address you want to give a name to.
  • Page 29: Safety Cameras

    Cameras appear as red icons on the map. Your device includes a 3-month free subscription, which you can renew online. Visit to purchase a subscription for the safety camera service or to get updates for your device.
  • Page 30: Traffic

    If traffic is detected on your route, your device offers you alternate routes to save you time. Visit for details. If your MOTONAV device finds a route that may be faster, an icon appears along the left side indicating the new estimated time to destination.
  • Page 31 adjust traffic settings You can adjust these settings: Find it: tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Settings > Traffic and TRAFFIC DATA Turn Traffic service on or off. then scroll down AUTOMATIC Set whether to automatically avoid AVOID traffic problems.
  • Page 32 see alternate routes When traffic service is on, ads pop up on the map. You can When there is a traffic event ahead on your route, the left also access these ads by tapping the map, then tapping panel status bar shows red, and you hear an Main Menu >...
  • Page 33 access Traffic—not in a route access Traffic—in a route Turn on your MOTONAV device. Turn on your MOTONAV device. Tap on the bar on the Tap the trip progress bar to left side of the display open the left panel to see to open the left panel more information about your and see information...
  • Page 34 Tap Avoid to avoid an event on your route. Tap the bar on the left to close the panel. map a route...
  • Page 35: Tips & Tricks

    tips & tricks To... access ads Tap the right panel, then tap Main Menu a few things to make you a pro (if you have > Offer Inbox to view special offers. To... ad-supported Traffic service) pick a Press and hold the location on the destination map.
  • Page 36: Calls

    calls Tap On to turn Bluetooth on (if it is not already on) and to put your device in discoverable mode. it’s good 2 talk First, connect your MOTONAV with your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone. Note: Using a mobile device while driving may cause distraction.
  • Page 37 MOTONAV will optimize the connection to your phone and determine what Bluetooth features it supports. When prompted, tap Optimize and follow the prompts. Watch for Bluetooth notifications on your phone. This may take a few minutes. Note: For more help connecting, visit calls...
  • Page 38: Sync Your Contacts

    A phone call will interrupt supports these features, go to the sync process. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can download, however only the first 300 contacts are displayed in the Contact list. You can search for a contact name by typing part of the name.
  • Page 39: Receive Calls

    receive calls make calls Note: To use voice recognition, tap To make a call using voice recognition, tap , then say “Dial Number, ” and follow the prompts. Or, you can touch When your phone is connected and you receive a call, your the screen to dial a number: device plays a ringtone and says, “Incoming call.
  • Page 40: While On A Call

    To return to the phone controls, models in use in the US support this feature. To determine tap the phone bar. whether your phone supports this feature, go to Here’s what else you can do while you’re on a call: Note: Using a mobile device while driving may cause distraction.
  • Page 41: Send Text Messages

    send text messages reply to messages Note: To use voice recognition, tap and when Find it: tap the map, then tap Main Menu > Messaging prompted, say “Messaging. ” Then, say “Create Message” Select the message to reply to. and follow the prompts. Tap or say “Reply.
  • Page 42: Receive Messages

    receive messages Tip: No time right now? To read your messages later, tap Main Menu > Messaging. When you receive a new text message, your device shows Tap or say a new message notification. Tap Open to read the message “Reply”...
  • Page 43: Send Your Location

    send your location trusted contacts You can send your current location in a text message. There are some people who always want to know where you are. With trusted contacts, you can let them know Tap the map, then tap or say “Main Menu“ > ”Messaging“ > automatically.
  • Page 44: Cool Stuff

    Tap or say “Main Menu. ” you can renew online after your trial period is over. To purchase MotoExtras for your device, visit Note: Use a USB cable to connect to a PC for updating your device from the MotoExtras Web site.
  • Page 45 Tap or say one of these options: or Weather. Download Fuel Prices current information. Sort by price. Tap to view a 5-day Sort by forecast. distance from Add a new weather location. your Tip: Want Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? Want to see or location.
  • Page 46 Type what you are looking for and the location in the search field. (Example: “pizza, Gilbert, AZ”). After you find what you’re looking for, click “Send. ” Click “GPS, ” then select “Motorola” in the Brand pull-down box. From the Include drop-down menu, select the address you want and click “Send”...
  • Page 47: Use Voicesearch Powered By Bing

    use VoiceSearch powered by • stock quotes Bing™ • entertainment (such as, “horoscopes” or “blackjack”) Note: VoiceSearch is a free service. Your standard network charges still apply. • travel (such as, “taxi, ” “airlines, ” “hotels, ” “rental cars, ” or “local time”) Use the voice prompted search service to find just about anything.
  • Page 48: Power & Charging Tips

    • The included car charger will not power Motorola USB cable. Wait a few minutes before turning the mobile phones. power on.
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Because we're always working to make things better, some To register your device, visit of your MOTONAV screens may be different from the images in this guide. Visit for the Bluetooth® support latest information. If you need more help, visit
  • Page 50 R&TTE Directive) at . To find your DoC, enter the Product manner to the extent allowed by law. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products Approval Number from your product’ s label in the “Search” bar on the Web site. shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents, or patent applications of Motorola or any The MOTONAV TN700/TN500 Series is also listed as the GC550/GC450.
  • Page 51 These products are not toys and may be hazardous to small children. For example: Use of accessories not approved by Motorola, including but not limited to batteries, antennas, and convertible covers, may cause your mobile device to exceed RF energy •...
  • Page 52: Smart Practices While Driving

    Products (“Accessories”) and Motorola software contained on CD-ROMs or Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Any other tangible media and sold for use with these Products (“Software”) to be free from changes or modifications could void the user’...
  • Page 53 Use of Non-Motorola Products and Accessories. Defects or damage that result from the use of non-Motorola branded or certified Products, Accessories, Software or Decorative Accessories and Limited lifetime warranty for the other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage.
  • Page 54 REFUND AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE EXCLUSIVE Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER, AND IS PROVIDED IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty.
  • Page 55: Product Registration

    REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER, AND IS PROVIDED IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, workmanship under normal consumer use for 1 year from the date of purchase. Motorola, at its EXPRESS OF IMPLIED. IN NO EVENT SHALL MOTOROLA BE LIABLE, WHETHER IN CONTRACT...
  • Page 56 Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Caring for the Environment by Recycling This symbol on a Motorola product means the product should not be disposed of with household waste. Disposal of your Mobile Device & Accessories Please do not dispose of mobile devices or electrical accessories (such as chargers, headsets, or batteries) with your household waste.
  • Page 57: Index

    index connect with Bluetooth 34 contacts addresses from Web 44 help 16, 47 sync 36 adjust volume 10 hints 16 trusted 41 ads 33 home 25 content, added 47 alerts, traffic 29 cradle 6 customizable buttons 4, 5 keyboard 12 customize buttons 10 battery 46 keys 4, 5, 10, 17...
  • Page 58 microphone 4, 5 quieter, make 10 sync contacts 36 microSD memory cards 47 MotoExtras 42 mount device 6 rear buttons 4, 5, 10, 17 text messages 39 multi-point routes 22 receive calls 37 tips & tricks 33, 47 MultiView 13 recent calls 38 traffic alerts 29 mute 4, 5...
  • Page 59 weather 42 Web links 44 windshield 6 zoom in & out 4, 5, 12 index...
  • Page 60 DAMAGES FOR PERSONAL INJURY AND DEATH. information and are believed to be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves Laws in some areas prohibit the use of a cellular phone and other devices when driving the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or a motor vehicle.
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