Motorola MOTONAV TN20 User Manual
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motorola TN20/TN30
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Summary of Contents for Motorola MOTONAV TN20

  • Page 1 TN20/TN30 User’s Guide...
  • Page 2 welcome Your MOTONAV™ TN20/TN30 Personal Navigation • Find what you need—Locate your favorite Device (PND) helps you find the best route with GPS restaurant, nearest ATM, or see what is accuracy. Features and benefits with your PND available along your route. Search over a include: million of points of interests to find destinations while in-town or away.
  • Page 3 Map View Screen Map Control Icons Here’s a quick guide for using the map view screen icons to control TN20/TN30 PND operation. 10 10...
  • Page 4 Tap to view a larger area in less detail. Tap to view a smaller area in greater detail. Tap to change map view display: • 3D view with forward direction at top of map • 2D view with forward direction at top of map •...
  • Page 5: Route Screen

    Route Screen Here’s a quick guide for using the map view screen to view and control route information. route current location next street next turn route status bar...
  • Page 6 Tap the route status bar to switch between viewing: • travel distance, time remaining, and estimated time of arrival, • current street name, or • current speed and altitude. To manage the route, tap the next street name bar to: •...
  • Page 7: Contents

    Furthermore, the purchase of the 1-800-461-4575 (Canada) Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or The use of wireless devices and their accessories may be by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the prohibited or restricted in certain areas.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    contents Map View Screen ..2 settings ....25 Warranty ....35 set your language .
  • Page 9: Map View Screen

    getting started initial setup map view screen Before you navigate with your PND, you need to Upon powering on your PND, you always see the map perform the following initial setup steps: view screen. Charge PND battery. Mount PND in your car. Configure initial PND device settings.
  • Page 10: Main Menu Screen

    main menu screen From the main menu, you can access all PND operations via the following icons: From the map view screen, press the Menu button to Let’s you create and manage destination access the main menu screen. routes on your PND. TN30 Displays map view screen with route and map control options.
  • Page 11: Routes

    routes create a route Note: To change state of destination, press Change button and select new state. See “search and select item” on page 18 for details go to an address on searching for a selecting items using the To create a route to an address, do the following: keyboard screen.
  • Page 12 go to an intersection details on searching for and selecting items using the keyboard screen. To create a route to an intersection, do the following: Press Go button to generate route. A route From the main menu: screen is displayed. Press the Go! button.
  • Page 13 go to home location Press Go button to generate route. A route screen is displayed. To create a route to your home location, do the following: go to favorite location Note: To set your home location, see “select home To create a route to a favorite location, do the location”...
  • Page 14 Press the Go! icon. Once location is selected, you see: Press the Food, Fuel, Lodging... icon. You see: Search for and select point of interest (POI): Select location to search near: • To search for a POI by category, press a •...
  • Page 15: Manage A Route

    manage a route Select desired route type and press right arrow. You see: select route options To select route type (quickest, shortest), and road types to avoid when generating a route, do the following: From the main menu: Press the Settings icon. Press road types to avoid and press OK.
  • Page 16 From the route screen: Press Directions List icon. You see: Press next street bar. Press Create Detour. You see: To view detail about a specific route step, select the step and do the following: • Select Turns button to view turn on map. Select Next/Prior button to view next or Press a detour distance button.
  • Page 17 view route map overview • Travel distance, time remaining, and estimated time of arrival To view a map of the complete route, do the following: From the route screen: • Current street location Press next street bar. • Current speed and altitudelocation Press Route Overview icon.
  • Page 18: Cancel A Route

    save a route Do one of the following: • Search for and select an address (city, street, To save a route, do the following: and address number) by pressing Go To This From the route screen: Address and Set Address buttons. Press on map.
  • Page 19: Use The Keyboard

    use the keyboard • Using keyboard, begin entering item name. As you select characters, matching items are A keyboard screen is provided to search and select listed like shown: items as well as enter text with your PND. Press an item to select it then press OK button. search and select item To redisplay keyboard, press Show Keyboard button.
  • Page 20: Text Entry

    text entry To enter text (such as when saving a location), press keys to define entry. Press OK to save entry. routes...

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