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MOTOROLA 7500 User Manual Page 6

Gsm cellular telephone.
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Table of Contents
Understanding this Manual
The Phone Operation and Menu System
Your phone has been designed to be used in as simple and
consistent a manner as possible. We have made the next,
most obvious, action selectable by pressing the O key.
Many of your phone options are accessed by a simple, three
key, menu system. A full description of the menus and how to
move around them is covered in the later section Menu
Navigation. When the manual describes the use of each menu
item, it will be assumed that you are familiar with the menu
The Keys
The key press features of your phone are represented in this
manual using symbols, so that you may locate and use the
required sequence quickly. A sequence of key presses may be
shown as follows:
This means that you should press the M key followed by the
O key and then the C key, in sequence, not
Multiple Key Presses
Symbols, such as the following, will appear in this manual.
They are not keys on the phone, but they represent multiple
key presses. For example:
C - enter the required telephone number.
A - enter your Personal Identification Number.
B - enter your unlock code.
G - enter the location number.
The Display
The LCD display of your phone is also represented graphically
within this manual, either as a full screen display such as this:
or as a line of text or symbols such as this:
PIN, q,
Other Symbols
You will find the following symbols used throughout this
A Note contains additional information which is
relevant to the feature/item.
A Caution contains important additional information
which is relevant to the efficient and/or safe usage of
your phone.
This symbol indicates that the feature is a
feature that can be customised to meet
your requirements.
This symbol indicates a quick access key sequence for
the feature.


Table of Contents

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