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MOTOROLA 7500 User Manual Page 13

Gsm cellular telephone.
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Attaching and Using Batteries
Charging a New Battery
To ensure maximum battery performance, it is recommended
that a new battery (or battery that has not been used for
several months) be charged for at least 14 hours before use,
but not for more than 24 hours.
A new battery, or a battery that has not been used for
several months, may cause a premature fully charged
indication on the charger. Ignore this indication and let the
battery charge for several more hours, remove and re-insert
the battery into the charger, and charge for an additional
14 hours.
A new battery will require two to three full charge/
discharge cycles in order to achieve the stated
Important Charging Information
To ensure that you enjoy maximum battery life and use your
battery to it's fullest capacity:
Always use Motorola approved battery chargers.
The battery should be at or near room temperature when
Once a week, allow your battery to discharge completely
before recharging ( to fully discharge, leave your phone on
until it turns itself off).
Do not leave the battery in the charger for longer than 24
Fitting Your Battery
Place the battery onto the rear of the phone just below the
marked arrow indicators. Next, slide the battery upwards on
the phone's moulded runners, until it locks into place.
Removing Your Battery
Press the release catch inwards and simultaneously slide the
battery downwards, until it reaches the end of it's travel. Next,
pull the battery away from the rear of the phone.
Low Battery Warning
When the battery level becomes too low for normal operation,
a warning signal (two double beeps) will sound. The battery
symbol q will begin to flash rapidly.
When the battery is completely discharged, your phone will
turn off.
Using Your Phone


Table of Contents

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