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2 Setting up your computer

Arranging a comfortable work area
Positioning your PC
Take note of the following when selecting a location for your computer:
Do not put your computer near any equipment that might cause electromagnetic or radio frequency
interference, such as radio transmitters, televisions, copy machines or heating and air-conditioning
Avoid dusty areas and extremes of temperature and humidity.
You may place your computer beside your desk or under your table, as long as it does not block the
space you need for working and moving.
Warning: Do not cover the top mesh to prevent overheating.
Your computer comes with a stand that can be easily installed or removed with a coin. Use the stand if
you want to place your computer vertically.
CAUTION: Please use the foot stand when placing your PC in the upright position.
To place your PC in a vertical position(for selected models) :
Rotate the plastic stabilizers on the side of your computer.
Ensure the plastic stabilizers are extended completely.
Connecting peripherals
Setting up your computer is easy. For the most part, you only have four things to connect: the
mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, and the power cable.
Note: The peripherals shown in the connections below are for your reference only. Actual
device models may vary in select countries.
Connecting your mouse and keyboard
(for selected models)
Plug your USB mouse or keyboard cable into any of the USB ports
and rear panels of your computer.

Connecting a monitor

To connect a monitor, simply plug the monitor cable into the monitor port
DVI port located on the rear panel of your computer. Refer to the monitor manual for
additional instructions and information.

Connecting the power cable

Make sure that the AC adapter is properly plugged into the computer and to the power
outlet. Plug the power cable in tightly to avoid accidental shutdown.
located on the front
(blue port) or

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents