Haier LET19T3CW Instruction Manual
Haier LET19T3CW Instruction Manual

Haier LET19T3CW Instruction Manual

Digital led lcd television


Please read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and keep it
for future reference.


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  • Page 1 DIGITAL LED LCD TELEVISION INSTRUCTION MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Shortcut menu display ........... 17 04 Using the features Teletext functions ............. 19 USB mode ................20 Using external USB disk for recording ...... 21 05 Reference Sections Troubleshooting ............... 22 Specification ..............23 Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual...
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    Safety Warningss WELCOME Thanks for buying this 19"/22" HD Ready Digital LED LCD TV. This guide will help you set up and begin using your TV. First, check the contents of your box with the parts checklist below: • 19"/22" HD Ready Digital LED LCD TV •...
  • Page 4: Safety Notice

    Place the set on a level surface to prevent it from tipping and potential damage. ❏ Do not remove the cover of the set or try to service your TV. This may result in electrical shock or fire. All service ❏...
  • Page 5: Electrical Connections

    TruSurround XT, SRS and the symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc. TruSurround XT technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc. TruSurround XT® creates a truly immersive surround sound experience with rich bass and clear dialog from only two speakers. P.04...
  • Page 6: About Your Led Lcd Tv

    About your LED LCD GET TO KNOW YOUR TV Front control panel Call the input Source menu/Confirm button 4 CH+ TV channel down/to select the next channel. 1 SOURCE when operating menu. TV channel up/to select the last channel. 2 MENU Press to select the main menu.
  • Page 7: Back Panel

    2 EARPHONE output 8 SCART input 3 USB 9 AUDIO IN input input 4 Digital output input > AV IN input 5 HDMI IN input A COMPONENT IN input 6 PC IN input P.06 Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual...
  • Page 8: Get To Know Your Remote Control

    GET TO KNOW YOUR REMOTE CONTROL When using the remote control, aim it towards the remote sensor on the TV. 1 Stand By 2 DVD Menu / REC 3 DVD open / close 4 Picture Mode 5 Sound Mode 6 Call Screen Display...
  • Page 9: Connecting Your Tv

    YOUR TV CONNECT YOUR PC TO THE TV This is the way for connectting a DVD player or VCR to your TV. Make sure that both the TV and DVD player or You can use your TV as a monitor for your personal VCR are switched off before you connect them.
  • Page 10: Preparation Of Your Remote Control

    If you have attached a DVD player or similar external device the remote control. to the TV, you will need to tell the TV to display the content from it. Simply press SOURCE which will bring up the source Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual...
  • Page 11: Tuning Your Tv

    5 and Menu Tuning  button to highlight the required source and press OK select. Current CH Select Country United Kingdom For details of how to plug in other equipment see Get to...
  • Page 12 Download menu. The data for various units are transferred consecutively on a special receiving channel. Turn on the TV and it will display the below message if the CA module is detected. Wait for few moments • You need to search the channel with updating code until the card is activated.
  • Page 13: Using Your Tv

    Press V+/V- button on the remote control or the side of button to enter. the TV to adjust the volume level. Press 5 button to select Software Upgrade option. Press 34 button to set it as On. (The default is...
  • Page 14: Adjusting Sound Settings

    This will control the Woofer output. Press 5 button to select SRS TS XT. Colour temp ❖ Press 34 button to set SRS TS XT as OFF, ON. This will increase or decrease Warm (red) and Cool Equalizer ❖ (blue) colours to suit personal preferences.
  • Page 15: Channel Management

    0005 five Sleep ❖ 0015 Ch15 0016 0017 UK Gold To set how long you want to turn off the TV after a 0023 bid-up.tv 0025 preset time (from 5 to 240 minutes). United Kingdom/514000KHZ/8M United Kingdom/618000KHz/8M Lock ❖ Skip...
  • Page 16: Time Settings

    Press 5 button to select the Time item you be prompted to enter it again. want to set, and press 34 or digit button to set Your new password will then be automatically the time mode you need. Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual...
  • Page 17: Child Lock

    Press 5 button to select Child Lock. Clear Lock ❖ Press 34 button to set On or Off mode. If lock on mode is set, Child Lock is in activated automatically. Press 5 button to select clear lock mode. Press...
  • Page 18: Shortcut Menu Display

    Press GUIDE button on the remote control, will English display Program Guide menu, press 534button to select the program. You can press the EXIT button to cancel the changes Move at anytime. Press 34 button to set the item ON or OFF, and press OK button to enter.
  • Page 19: Using The Features

    (cable networks, “Mute” type face will display on the lower part of satellite channels, etc.). the screen. At this Time, the sound of the TV set is turned off. Note MUTE...
  • Page 20: Teletext Functions

    Pressing the button will reveal hidden text. This or use the P+ or P- buttons, or the coloured Fast text feature is used to reveal information such as answers buttons. to Teletext on-line interactive puzzles.
  • Page 21: Usb Mode

    Photo USB Devices Recorder Connect the USB device to the USB IN jack on the side Do you want to select background music? of TV (or on the back of TV). Move...
  • Page 22: Using External Usb Disk For Recording

    “ to achieve the REV (fast back) and FWD   (fast forward) of the music being played. Time shift Press “PREV/NEXT “ to select the last or next music. To return to the main menu, just press “ BACK” repeatedly. Timeshifting...
  • Page 23: Reference Sections

    Check out of picture and sound Press 5 button to select the Reminder. program systems. Press the 4 button to enter , then set the (black and Refer to relative instructions appointment of recording. white) in the Manual for color adjustment.
  • Page 24: Specification

    Make fine adjustment of channel. * The part specifications of this TV set provided here Disconnect the television from are for reference only. power supply and 10 seconds Differences may occur as product technology is later, connect the television updated.
  • Page 25 0090509580C...

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