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Haier LET40T3 Instruction Manual

Digital led lcd television
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Please read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and keep it
for future reference.



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  • Page 1 DIGITAL LED LCD TELEVISION INSTRUCTION MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONNECT YOUR PC TO THE TV ......... 8 CONNECT A DVD PLAYER TO YOUR TV ......8 TELETEXT FUNCTIONS........22 CONNECT A DVD PLAYER OR VCR TO YOUR TV ..8 Teletext..................22 Connection Option 1 ............8 USB MODE ............23 Connection Option 2 ............
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    Safety Warnings WELCOME Thanks for buying this 40" 1080p Digital LED LCD TV. This guide will help you set up and begin using your TV. First, check the contents of your box with the parts checklist below: 40" 1080p Digital LED LCD TV Remote control AAA battery ×2...
  • Page 4 Safety Warningss If fixing TV to the wall please make sure unit is securely fixed. or close to any heat sources. EN-3 Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual...
  • Page 5 Always make sure the TV is securely plugged in, as a poor electrical connection may cause a fire. Unplug the TV, if you are going to clean the product, use soft fabric, never chemicals, make sure that no water drops are in the product.
  • Page 6: About Your Led Lcd Tv

    About your LED LCD TV INSTALLING THE STAND 1.Carefully place the TV screen face down on a table. We suggest that you place the wrapping material from the TV package on the table top to protect the screen from damage.
  • Page 7: Get To Know Your Tv

    Press to change channels. 1 SOURCE sources 5 POWER Press to turn the TV on and off. Press to see an on-screen menu of your TV’s 2 MENU features. 3 VOL-/+ Press to increase or decrease the volume . Rear Terminals Control...
  • Page 8: Get To Know Your Remote Control

    About your LED LCD TV GET TO KNOW YOUR REMOTE CONTROL When using the remote control, aim it towards the remote sensor on the TV. 1 POWER 2 DVD Menu / REC 3 DVD open / close 4 Picture Mode...
  • Page 9: Connecting Your Tv

    CONNECT YOUR PC TO THE TV There are two ways in which you can connect a DVD player or VCR to your TV. Make sure that both the TV and You can use your TV as a monitor for your personal...
  • Page 10: Hdmi Input

    In this situation turn the TV set to avoid the direct light source. You can mount your TV onto the wall by using a wall Do not put the remote control in direct heat or in a bracket (not supplied).
  • Page 11: Switching Your Tv On

    SOURCE OTHER THAN THE TV If you have attached a DVD player or similar external device to the TV, you will need to tell the TV to display the content from it. Simply press SOURCE which will bring up the source menu in the left corner of the screen,...
  • Page 12: Analog Manual Search

    Analog Manual Search Press button to select “Sound System”, then press button to select the correct sound system. Follow the below steps when you need to have a manual Current CH search. Press button to select the channel number to Press MENU button.
  • Page 13: Rename

    Press button to select TUNING menu, press button to enter. You can press the red button to cancel the changes at anytime. Press button to select CHANNEL EDIT item. Press button to enter the sub-menu.
  • Page 14: Common Interface

    Note Only DTV mode. COMMON INTERFACE Turn on the TV and it will display the below message if the CA module is detected. Wait for few moments The common interface (CI) slot is designed to accept the until the card is activated.
  • Page 15: Operation

    After the download has finished, your TV set will enter configuration state and the indicator light is shining. The menu 4 of right appears. The set will be back the DTV source when the update is completed. Press button to select TUNING menu, press USING YOUR TV button to enter.
  • Page 16: Ch.list Function

    Getting Started Colour CH.LIST function This will adjust the saturation level of the colours to suit your personal preference. Press CH.LIST button on the remote control will display Channel List menu, and then press button to enter. Sharpness Press button to select the channel, and then press This will adjust the sharpness of fine details in the OK button to enter.
  • Page 17: Function Settings

    EXIT button to return to normal viewing or press to close it. MENU button to return to the previous menu. Balance This will adjust the output of the right and left speakers to obtain the best stereo reproduction for your listening position. Mode This will select the sound mode.
  • Page 18 The item does not work. EXIT button to return to normal viewing or press OSD Time Out MENU button to return to the previous menu. To set how long you want the menus to appear Language on-screen. Each press of button repeatedly to To select the menu language.
  • Page 19: Time Settings

    Clock and Date are not able to be changed. When you are satisfied with your choice, press If you want to change the time, turn off the TV in MENU button to return to the previous menu or Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual EN-18...
  • Page 20: Lock Menu Setting

    On/Off. control, press button to select Lock menu, press (To set On, some operation such as search will be not button to enter the sub-menu, and you will be required available. When enter the Tuning menu, Tuner Lock to enter the password.
  • Page 21: Shortcut Menu Display

    Initial Volume The TV will remember it after your setting, that will be the volume when turning back on the TV the next time. Parental Lock Press...
  • Page 22 MUTE button on the remote control and “Mute” type face will display on the lower part of the screen. At this Time, the sound of the TV set is turned off. If you want to recover the sound, press the...
  • Page 23: Using The Features

    To select a Teletext page, enter the page number to Teletext on-line interactive puzzles. using the numeric key pad on the remote control, or use the P+ or P- buttons, or the coloured Fast text buttons. Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual EN-22...
  • Page 24: Usb Mode

    USB patch that you may want to choose next. Press the same cord, in case of using the cord, make sure that its coloured button on the remote control as the length is not over 1m;...
  • Page 25: Operating The Usb Device

    Press ”ZOOM“ to magnify the picture. When the files or the USB storage may become damaged. picture is enlarged, press “ / “ and “ / “ to move the picture. Press “PREV/NEXT“ to select the last or next picture.
  • Page 26: Playing A Movie

    “BACK” repeatedly. Playing a Movie Note “ / “ to After entering USB main interface, press You can enjoy the music and the text at the same select “Movie”. time. Press “ OK” to confirm the selection and enter the movie file list.
  • Page 27: Time Shift

    USB device should be formatted as FAT32 format The system will format the whole device and if your by your PC before inserting into the USB Port. device size is bigger than 1GB, you can set the size which is used for time shift. TIME SHIFT Format may take several minutes and the time is depending on the memory size.
  • Page 28: Reference Sections

    TROUBLESHOOTING authorized after-sales service for technical assistance. To assist in location of possible faults use the help Note guide below: If the fault can not be repaired using the above guide consult with your local authorized service Verify if the television is centre.
  • Page 29: Specification

    Reference Sections 8W+8W Digital LED LCD Television Instruction Manual EN-28...
  • Page 31 0090504932T...