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Haier HLP22P - 06-03 User Manual


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What The World Comes Home To

Washing Machine

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Summary of Contents for Haier HLP22P - 06-03

  • Page 1: Washing Machine

    ® What The World Comes Home To Automatic Washing Machine Lave-Linge Automatique Lavarropas Automático User Manual- Model # Manuel d’utilisation- HLP22P Modèle # Manual de uso- Modelo #...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    12. Do not add or mix any flammable or explosive substances to the wash. 13. Do not try to remove clothes while the tub is moving. Allow it come to a complete stop before reaching in.
  • Page 3: Save These Instructions

    The wall receptacle MUST be properly grounded. 22. Hydrogen gas may be produced if the water heater has not been used in more then 2 weeks. This may be explosive under certain circumstances. If this is the case, before using this appliance turn on all the hot faucets and let the hot water run for a few minutes.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

  • Page 5: Understanding Your Washer

    The fins on the wall of the inner tub enhance the force of the water flow and prevent laundry from twisting and knotting. The turning of the pulsator makes the water spiral in an upward direction around the washtub in a manner that removes soil and residue from clothes for the ultimate clean.
  • Page 6: Parts And Features

    7. Inner Tub 2. Control Panel 8. Lint Filter 3. Washer Cabinet 9. Inner Cover 4. Front Leveling Legs 10. Detergent Dispenser (not shown) 5. Cabinet Handle (located on both 11. Liquid Bleach Inlet sides of the washer) 6. Pulsator...
  • Page 7 English 1. Cold Water Inlet Valve 4. Drain Hose Connection 2. Hot Water Inlet Valve (not shown) 3. Rear Leveling Legs 5. Power Cord (115V/ 60Hz) 6. Power Cord Holder Clip...
  • Page 8: Operating Your Washer

    Silk. Delay Start Button: (4) • This feature allows you to delay the start of the wash cycle from 2 and 24 hours. Press the "Delay Start" button to choose the number of hours you would like to delay the start of the cycle. The time delayed will increase by 1 hour for each time the button is pressed.
  • Page 9 • Push this button to select the number of minutes (0-9) in the spin cycle. The spinning of the drum at the end of the cycle, extracts excess water from clothing so that they are not as damp when taken for drying. The spin time varies for each program.
  • Page 10: Loading The Washer

    • Separate the white from the colored clothing. Separate heavy fabrics from light fabrics. • Carefully check all pockets and cuffs for small items. They can easily slide in to the tub and cause damage to the tub. • Pre-treat all stains and heavily soiled areas for best results.
  • Page 11: Proper Use Of Detergent

    Proper Use of Detergent: • The amount of detergent used depends on the size of the load, the water type (hard or soft) and whether the clothes are heavily soiled or lightly soiled. Besides the performance of the washing machine, the quality of the detergent also affects the washing result.
  • Page 12: Lint Filter

    Lint Filter • The filter is located inside the washer at the upper part of the drum. A small nylon bag collects lint and residue from clothes during the wash cycle. • You must clean the filter after every load for the best results. Pull up the filter to remove.
  • Page 13 • Total time includes the normal water intake and drain time. Total washing time may be influenced by the water inlet pressure and the water level needed. • Spin time is from the time the intermittent spinning starts to the moment it stops running.
  • Page 14 Light Cycle: • In this cycle, the wash/rinse temperature and water level can be adjusted. The wash time is preset at 6 minutes, rinse is set at 1 time, and spin cycle is set at 1 minute. Quick Cycle: •...
  • Page 15 Closing the Top Lid For safety purposes, the top lid must always be closed during the wash process. If you open the top lid while the wash cycle is in progress, you will observe the following: • An alarm will sound.
  • Page 16: Unpacking And Accessories Inventory

    • Tumbling sounds can be heard as heavy wet clothes in the Washer are tossed around continuously. • Air rushing noise is the result of the washtub spinning at a very high RPM. • Clicking sounds are caused by the wash and rinse cycles turning ON and OFF.
  • Page 17: Proper Location

    English Proper Location General • Select a suitable location for the washer on a hard even surface away from direct sunlight and heat sources (e.g., radiators, baseboard heaters, cooking appliances, etc.) • Any floor unevenness should be corrected with the leveling legs located on the bottom corners of the washer.
  • Page 18: Installation Instructions

    2. Place the panel against the bottom of the machine. Align the holes in the panel with the holes in the washer. 3. Insert the screws through the holes of the panel into the bottom of the washer and tighten. (8 screws are supplied) 4.
  • Page 19: Leveling The Washer

    Installing Inner Plate A. Open the top lid of the washing machine. B. Install the inner plate on the outer tub by aligning the plate shafts to the tub cover groves. C. To install, insert on one side first and then snap in on the other side.
  • Page 20: Installing Quick Sink Adapter

    D. Attach faucet connector with water inlet hose by making sure that rubber washer goes in between. E. Attach the other end of the water inlet hose to the washer water inlet by making sure that the rubber washer goes in between.
  • Page 21: Unit Dimensions

    English Unit Dimensions ” (depth) 1 /2 ” (width) 3 /4 ” (height) 1 /2 ” (depth)
  • Page 22: Electrical Connections

    This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounded plug. The plug must be inserted into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.
  • Page 23: Proper Care And Cleaning

    General Cleaning and Maintenance Use only damp or sudsy cloth for cleaning the control panel. • To avoid any kind of damage to the cabinet finish, wipe the appliance cabinet as needed. If liquid/powdered softener, bleach or detergent is spilled onto the cabinet, wipe the cabinet immediately because it may cause damage to the finish.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Guide

    • Check if the electrical wall receptacle is of proper voltage. • Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced. • Check if the washer is overloaded. The load may need to be re-balanced and clothing may need to be redistributed.
  • Page 25: Error Codes

    E6 – Water sensor is defective. The washer needs servicing. Call for service. E8 – The power voltage is too low. Unplug the unit and wait for the voltage to return to normal. E9 – The power voltage is too high. Unplug the unit and wait for the voltage to return to normal.
  • Page 26 (before you load your clothes) to avoid soap residue on clothes. • Spots or stains on your clothing – This may be due to an incorrect use of fabric softener. Read the instructions on the container and follow the directions for using softener.
  • Page 27: Warranty

    Haier will provide a part at hours. no cost, as indicated below, to replace said Damage to clothing. part as a result of a defect in materials or Damage incurred in shipping. workmanship. Haier is solely responsible for Damage caused by improper installation or the cost of the part.
  • Page 28 IMPORTANT Ne pas renvoyer cet appareil au magasin. Si vous avez un problème avec cet appareil, veuillez contacter le service à la clientèle de Haier au 1-877-337-3639. IL EST OBLIGATOIRE DE FOURNIR UNE PREUVE D'ACHAT DATÉE, LE NUMÉRO DU MODÈLE ET SON NUMÉRO DE SÉRIE AFIN DE BÉNÉFICIER DE LA COUVERTURE DE LA GARANTIE.

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