Haier DW12-BFE SS Manual

Domestic dishwasher
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Domestic Dishwasher
Code: 0120503532


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  • Page 1 Domestic Dishwasher DW12-BFE SS Code: 0120503532...
  • Page 2: Safety Is A Good Habit To Get Into

    - 8 9 / 3 3 6 / E E C o f 0 3 / 0 5 / 8 9 ( E l e c t r o m a g n e t i c the door lock.
  • Page 3: Close-Up View (Interior)

    Close-up View (Interior) Upper Rack Washing Filter Rack Height Adjustor Turbo Dry-fan Top Sprayer Arm Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser Lower Rack Salt Container Cap Bottom Sprayer Arm Third Sprayer Technical characteristics Width 60cm Depth 60cm Height 85cm Capacity 12 standard place settings 0.03-0.6MPa...
  • Page 4 To adjust salt consumption, proceed as follows: - Unscrew the cap from the salt container; - There is a ring on the container with an arrow on it (see figure to the side), If necessary, rotate the ring in the anticlockwise direction from the "-"...
  • Page 5: Detergent And Rinse Aid

    To open the dispenser, turn the "C" cap in the anti-clockwise The detergent for the wash cycle should be poured into the "C" direction and then pour in the rinse aid, making sure you do not compartment. overfill. The amount of rinse aid used for each cycle can be regu- After the detergent has been placed in the dispenser, close the lated by turning the "F"...
  • Page 6: Loading The Dishwasher

    Load for 12 Standard Settings the figure on the right. It is preferable to place serving dishes and lids on the sides of the racks in order to avoid blocking the rotation of the top spray arm. - Pots, serving bowls, etc. must always be placed face down.
  • Page 7: Turning On The Appliance

    OFF button (A) located on the control panel. The "B" indicator time can be set. light will come on. At this point, the appliance is on but you must wait a few seconds before programming the setting for the cycle.
  • Page 8: Energy Saving Tips

    Energy Saving Tips - Use the right amount of detergent: if you use too much detergent, It is important to try and run the dishwasher when it is fully the result will not be cleaner dishes, but a greater negative im- loaded to save on energy.
  • Page 9: Wash Cycle Table

    Normal dirty dishes, pots Extended wash at 50 and pans without dried on Rinse with hot water residue. N o r m a l w a s h Drying. (IEC-EN50242) Pre-wash with cold water Very dirty dishes, pots and Extended wash at 70 pans.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    The filter efficiently removes food particles from the wash water, allowing it to be recirculated during the cycle. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove the larger food particles trapped in the filter after each wash cycle by rinsing the "A" semi-circular filter and cup under running water.
  • Page 11: Installation

    Once the appliance is positioned, adjust the feet (screw them in or out) to level the dishwasher. In any case, the appliance should not be inclined more than 2 . If the appliance is level, it will help Fig.1 ensure proper performance.
  • Page 12 Installation Diagram 3(1) 1(2) Power indicator 4(2) 2(1) CnL1 IAQS D-ED CnP3 CnP2 Rinsing agent missing SCHEDA DI POTENZA Temperature spy-lamp limiter Salt CnP1 CONTROLLO missing spy-lamp Heater Temperature SENSORE Rejector TEMPERATURA limiter RELE’...

Table of Contents